6 years post and still the Owner of an Only Heart….

RFLKRNEW1074This August marks one heck of a milestone. While for some be ‘6 years post’ can and more often than not means the after time for what, in some cases was an elective procedure [which is not to knock those who did, that was their call, we are talking about something that helps the OEM equipment the body has in the first place], here it’s about what was needed.  What had to be done and as Steve the Cardio would have said, ‘if you did not engage in this, you would not be here now’.  And this does go hand in hand with what he said about that 3-letter cocktail, in that if that was done, I REALLY could have and would have insured that I would not be here, due to the insult to the heart, kidneys and other organs which would have been caused, all in the name of keeping up with the ‘jonses’…or in some other corners…to ‘legitimize’ an existence. Hence, following his advice, I can celebrate and embrace the fact that it’s 6 years post the Congestive Heart Failure diagnosis.

Granted in this day and age, survival and a long life after such an event is not a big deal. But years ago, this was considered about as close to telling someone that their days were numbered and to make arrangements otherwise. However, these days, that is not the case. In addition to the myriad positive medications that can be used to take care of same. So now this is not something to be worried about per se, it’s a matter of the treatment, as well as what one has around them to make the time after better.

That is what I have on this end. Not an overnight thing, that was not going to beRFLKRNEW1079 the case. This was a long time coming, changing and the modification of the diet, attitude…even those who I was around in the way of companionship. On the latter point, we are not talking about what some think that word means. In this case, it has to do with those who are there via the fact they are sincere…even if the ‘being there’ is in a virtual vein…as in a connection via various and sundry sites. While in previous generations, this would have happened via the overall face to face…this is the new frontier of the meeting place. Those have helped with not just the keeping of the sanity, but also with the waking up the next day and the days after making a certain amount of logical sense *S*.

Of course, to list all of those would take more space than I have here and any list would start with the home version of the support, those being TheRoyalBadnesses….Rachel and Marissa.

Catfishing16NewMarty3While the new Marissa is and has inherited the mantle of the previous Marty, her presence has been nothing short of wonderful. From both I get the morning meows….the arguments for food and then their rather strident stares when I talk about the activities of the bipeds around us, as well as the attentive looks while I lecture them on different subjects, ranging from history to science to sports.[in particular baseball and seeing that time will be upon us, football in the names of the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers] to music and in that case…progressive rock and jazz. With the lead mention here under the progressive banner ….Renaissance. More so than any other band or musicians I listen to, it’s their music and musicianship that ….when I put them on the portable CD player or the ones here at home…the troubles of that time or that day tend to go away. Even if for a short while. That is a major source of comfort.

As for the humans who I call a part of the large extended family that has been there…the list begins with someone I really dig, whose initials are connected to a special type of record called an extEnded Play and then the others who I have become friends with, via those aforementioned sites above: Grace H., Wendy, FS, Lissette, Simone, Claudia, Ally, Linden, Max, Kristen, Rubi, Christine, Rachael, Lily, Annie, Jon, Janet, Terry, Clare, Mickey, Tom, Jason, Kath, Maria, Ana, Mira, Anastasia, Alyson, Alyona,Romany, Katie, Jessica, Elena, Anastacia, Artemis, Gabriela, Kim, Kimberly, Kyra, Mercedes, Graxia, Cherry, Elena, Petra, Daria, Fahr, Nathalie, Re Ni, Jenny, Seruki, Don, Michaela, Sarah G.,  Rita, Kirsty, Stephanie, Kaylee, Hirakii, Elly, Shani, Rika, Angrikka, Mika, Claudia, Naya, Sugar, Tamara, MaryAnna, Sofia, Val, Saija, Jessie, Hope, Angela, Paul, Ophelia, Karen, Sara, Alice, Kimby, Destiny, VS, Darlia, Motoko, Marie, Lolo, Natalie, Sadie, Terri, Vanessa, Tartan,  Sophie, Aki, Daria, Amy, Justine, Andrea, Rachel,  Catherine, Ella_Ro, Marika, Ryche, Sonia, Katsumi, Tina, Chad, Bella, Beth, Dallas, Rod, Ria, Karen, Candy, Rosaline, Dian Ayu, Evi, Catharina, Kamikaze, Loli J., Nana C., Tokki, Zolie, Paige, Sky, Margarita, Pippy, Valkyrie …along with those whose names may not translate well here due to formatting character issues….but they are just as cool and just as important on this list.


Before closing this one out…one other thought and take this for what it’s worth: in the 6 years post, it also means that I am able to live as I see fit. No, this is not meant to be egocentric, far from it.  It is that even if one is not able to proceed with medications otherwise, there is still an issue of having a good quality of life…be it with that or not.  Here it was a ‘no’ on this and it also meant that life goes on, sans the fog that could surround following others and the quality has not been bad at all, all things considered. Saying that could be seen as a revolutionary act, in a sense like as others I know have seen with changing the diet, making sure the muscles….legs, arms and mind….do not atrophy, etc.  It could be a revolutionary act to some, but gee it does beat the heck out of being stagnant.




So that is it for now…and here’s hoping that the next 6 years and the multiples
of same are good ones, too. And from the land of the colourtini….til next
time….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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We have a new MoMo Mojo in the house *S*


Before we get back to the regular postings on the blog [and I promised **** and my cats I would], I can say that the MoMo Mojo is back. Roughly about 4 weeks ago I did adopt another black cat. Another one to inherit Marty’s legacy.

Our new arrival came from the same shelter, the Cat Adoption Team…where the previous MoMo and Rachel are alums. What is so cool about the place now is, they have expanded, more room for not just the cats, but also their care. A very far cry from over 15 years ago. Well lit and the room where one can go to look at a prospective new member of the family is amazing. And it was there that the new Marty and I met.

What needs to be mentioned is that she was at CAT due to her human no longer being ableNewMarty2 to take care of her. Gracie Lou, as her former human called her has a legacy at the shelter because her human volunteered a great deal of time there. Hence she was in great hands no matter what….and when I mentioned that I wanted a little black cat who would not have a problem with living with others, that is when I was pointed to GL. Possibly one of the best decisions I have made in this life.

Since she came home, she has gotten along very well with Rachel. Outside of the first few hours when there was a bit of a standoff, they are now the best of buds. Sharing the bed together, playfighting and I am sure plotting to take over the world. As has been mentioned to others, the balance of terror has been restored….and I am very very thankful for same.Come to think of it…..Rae has already started the planning :)

Catfishing17There is something else that needs to be mentioned here, although it’s a minor footnote. This, like the trips to the ‘gang of five’ and other places….it’s business. And the few folks who do have a problem with certain issues, those fade into the background when there is a higher common issue that ie being dealt with. In this case, it was and is the love of cats. And when on the bus with the new Marty….it was more of…admiring the fact that yours truly is a lucky mom because of this little lady who was being brought home. Yeah….home.

So til next month, when the regular program is in effect….from the land of the colourtini…enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.

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Marty has made the passage over…And we are happy for the time she was here


This past May 16th, at 8:35am…..this family lost it’s junior member. That being my youngest cat, Marissa. Or Marty or her full name:

Marissa Anne Margheta Simone Maxine Colletti

She had lost her strong and ferocious fight against what looked like what was water and fluid poisoning. Although the vet said an autopsy would have rendered an inconclusive set of results, there was something unsaid but understood by she and I that what happened to Marty was something that could not have been just a regular illness over time.

During that visit and the time leading up to same, Marty was being as much her old self as possible. As in from day one, she was playful, inquisitive, which many cats are, But there was something more to her nature. She took an interest in what was going on and what her human was into. Be it music, working on the computer, photography, science [and 'hard' science fiction] music and sports. On the latter two, this was a major comfort.

She, like Rachel my oldest were fans of the bands and artists I am a fan of. In particular, Renaissance. She even had her fave era of their work…..which was from their last few albums and concert discs. There were nights when I would be working on the PC, have a concert from the post ‘Time-Line’ era on and she would walk out into the living room with that look in her eyes. That look of joy for the sound, of wonder as to ask ‘how are these folks doing this?’ and ‘mom, when are they going to come here so we can see them???’.

Marty liked the other music that I had on disc as well…from the Moody Blues to Yes to Emerson, Lake and Palmer to Pink Floyd…and of course the patron saint of this flat…Charlie Parker. It is a little odd to say that my cats loved Bird…..but Marty and Rae liked the complex chord structures. Listening to same was like being surrounded by aromatherapy candles for others.

She also shared a love of sports. In particular football, the US variety. While Rae loves the Chiefs, Marty was for the Chargers. So when the season was in session, I would tell her stories about watching them in the last years of the old AFL…being a fan during the days of ‘Air Coryell’, or when they played the Dolphins in what was called one of the greatest playoff games ever and Kellen Winslow showed he was a latter day iron man playing through pain to inspire the rest of the Bolts, to the days of ‘MartyBall’…when the team was run by Marty Schottenheimer.

Marty was also one of the most loving and concerned of cats….or humans with four legs and Catfishing14fur. Each night she knew there were pics of folks I would look at before signing off because they are people I really do dig [and if you follow the blog, you know of who is on that list], so it was not uncommon for her to jump up on my lap and give the look of ‘mom, I want to meet _____ because she means so much to you!!’ While that meeting will not happen, I know that every night, Marty will at least in a spiritual vein….still be there, looking at me and asking that question.

We were blessed to have her around for 12 years. Happy to know that she was happy being here…..fortunate to have known someone who was a truly loving soul, without qualification. Lucky to have had those little yellowish eyes and that friendly meow to be seen and heard. Grateful to have someone, along with Rachel to share what was here…and knowing that she took those to heart.

Before closing…two little items to think about: this was from the card we received from the vet a few days after Marty passed on:

‘Grieve not, nor
speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you
I loved you so

Twas Heaven
here with you’

- Jsla Paschal Richardson


It’s from ‘A Song For All Seasons’ by Renaissance. And it’s rather fitting seeing that there was not a harsh, mean spirited bone in Marty’s spirit. Not in the least. And again….that is something that not many humans can get to….or ever will.


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The Dude Delivers…….and other references that are a little apt.

RFLKRNEW1067I realize the title here may be a tad on the strange side, as well as the fact that unless one is familiar with a ‘cult’ movie called ‘The Big Lebowski’, not many will get the reference. That is ok, in that why this and others soon to be used will become apparent soon.

Well today or rather 5/13 was the yearly visit to my Iowa Bro, Steve the Cardio. Ok, before it’s said….no we are not related. Far from it, Steve and myself are about as different as night and day, so to speak. That said, he is very important around here, because he was the one, along with his team to notice that the reason for the shortness of breath, the lack of being able to walk longer than a few feet was rooted in congestive heart failure. A rather scary illness/affliction/condition, which has connections to fluid in the lungs, as well as causing the kidneys to either not function as they should.My thinking has been that if he or others did not pick up on this, perhaps these words would not be read. If only due to me not being here. But being the Dude he is, Steve came up with the right diagnosis. Hence….the Dude abides, or abided.


As those who have been reading these posts know, there was a ‘riot act’ that Steve alsoRFLKRNEW1066 enacted towards me due to a weight issue. In the nicest of terms, because I had more mass in the system than needed, it caused the heart and other damaged organs to do more work, which resulted in more stress. More stress also meant that the budy could not function as it should, let alone the mind. Even if I were to appear to be lucid, this was more like the body overcompensating for the fact that there was some distress in same. This is not a ‘poor poor pitiful me’ statement, it’s just how things work. Thanks to Steve, members of is staff and other folks in the ‘gang of five’ circle, we were able to get these under control. Not completely perfect, but with a level of being at bay which is progresss. And now we are on the ballpark of where I only will see Steve once a year. Something says I should schedule this during March Madness, so that we can compare notes about why the Hawkeyes and the Golden Gophers cannot get out of the first round.

There is another item in having these journeys, in that they bear a little bit of like ‘A Trip To The Fair’ by Renaissance. There is a major difference between the song and what is out there in 3D. While the song is about an abandones amusement park, what exists on the bus runs are a bemusement park. Just as scary too, but in a jugular vein. The overall saving grace is that there is some scenery long the way which takes the edge off from that odd, strange and profane. Freud would have had a major field day…..as for myself, it’s great training if I wanted to go back for a master’s/PhD degree in advanced abnormal psychology, connected to tribalism groupthink. Assuming of course, the little ones here are ok with that.

RFLKRNEW1068On the little furry family front, Rae and I have been acting like parents to Marty, due to her being a tad ill. While she has a slight personal resemblance to the original ‘That Darn Cat’ [in the first version, the cat...also nicknamed 'D.C.' was a Siamese...which Marty is, although the movie cat was male. There are some traits in that are common in both genders of Siamese cats...and Marty has those on board]…she has been back on the mend. We went through this before a couple years ago….and in the case here, her recovery has included her sleeping a little more than usual, eating tuna, jumping on the couch to keep me company while typing and the rather forceful entry into the shower Tuesday morning. As I was getting myself ready for the cosmetics to paint the epiphelial canvas, she was yelling at me. Rae normally does this and the language used there is forceful for a Maine Coon/Tabby Mix. In Marty’s case, the growl had the typical Siamese emphasis of ‘You are supposed to be here with me: flling my dishm cutting out the weird stray fur and putting on some Renaissance so I can relax in the living room!!!!’ Well I am doing that now….she is right be me and recovering on her own terms. Something like how ‘Citizen Kane’ dealt with how he saw love. That being on his own terms. Not that she has a sled called ‘Rosebud’ or is planning to run for governor of a state….or even build an concert house so that our favorite bands could play for an audience of her, Rae, myself and a few of my favorite select friends [including one the kitties have decided is the main human they want me to be with.

There has been one constant or rather two constants otherwise that have been running in RFLKRNEW1072the background, like they have in the past posts. One being the issue of the shop, which in spite of the tinkering, as well as the demeaning behavior of the egg donor, bearing a passing likeness to that of Ralph Kramden’s mother in law from ‘The Honeymooners’ is still a going concern. I have to credit my sis on this one, because she is doing all the right things that were needed. The hope is…and more likely it will happen…that the business will get back to where it was before. It will take some time…and in turn some tough calls, but it will get there overall.

The other constant, is the seemingly increasing lack of maturity among th adults. I do not know what is in the water or for that matter the chemical cocktails, but it’s almost as though Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ has become more and more of a reality. At the very least, some in the book did get a conscience or the barnyard version of same. But humans it seems see consciences as being a ‘luxury item’, no different than lighted, high resolution mirrors in a car. There is always the concern if this is passed on to the younger generation, then they will continue the pattern. Thankfully, there are those who are not biting on the hook, like salmon who do not know any better.

RFLKRNEW1070One other note before closing: if one has noticed in the pics, there is something like a standard look to them. Not uniform per se…but a look….be it digital or film that is being used. This I credit those wonderful ‘kids’ who I have become friends with. The inspiration that I get from viewing how they do things, same. That makes being there for them when things happen or there is a request all the more enjoyable. A ‘Net-mom’ for. A tutor. While this in no way, shape or form makes me ‘Mrs. Cleaver’..seeing those folks, talking to them and exchanging ideas, from all corners of the planet does the heart a world of good.As well as lets Rachel and Marissa know they have a very large, extended family.


RFLKRNEW1071So there you have it……and if you did get the above references in same, congrats. This means that you, like yours truly…actually did pay attention in those courses where popular culture was used to be a metaphor/metaphors for the world around us. And til next time…..from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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Time to break the the fast[s]…and maybe take the air out of a few balloons…

RFLKRNEW1061It is that time of year. Birds return to the northern hemisphere, baseball arrives to take the mind of many off of their troubles for about 2 hours each game [as well as supplant 'March Madness'] and around here there is an annual fast. This begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday, midnight EST. In the case here, [as was mentioned to **** and a few others] it involes giving up eating red meat, soda and some other things. This year, that litany included fast food, fried foods, any snack bars that did not include dark chocolate…but what was on the acceptable list were fruits, veggies, seafood, low sugar or no sugar added food/drink. All of this under the careful supervision of TheRoyalBadnesses, Catfishing4which makes me happy that they care.[This along with encouragement from the people who I am close to via Facebook, Twitter and those who know me from the thrice weekly trips to the Kroger, Safeway and the 2x a month pilgrimages to Subway...along with the Tri-Met drivers I am a shrink for]. After all, they want their mom to be around, as opposed to being laid up in the hospital.


The other valid reason for doing this has to do with, in roughly 2 weeks after this is posted, I see Steve the cardio for the yearly. And I want to show to him…as you see in the pics here…that the diet has been held to. That the ‘riot act’ took and in spite of the conventional wisdom of some that such a thing is not being ‘authentic’, the benefits of doing so more than made sense. Granted, being in good shape means that when I do see my Iowa brother [if one lived in Minnesota for a while like I did years back, someone from Iowa is considered practically a relative :)] the conversation will be less about the numbers and more likely about the fact that the Hawkeyes did not make it out of the initial round of 64 this year. Ok, the Golden Gophers did not get close to that, but that is another issue LOL. Anyhow….if truth be told, the fact is that I enjoy the visits with him, as I do with the other members of the ‘Gang Of Five’. If for no other reason than the fact that they are on the level, honest and are not there in the office to hawk some agenda or another.

RFLKRNEW1058When the pics did get developed [yes you read that right] I was pleasantly surprised for a couple reasons. One being that while the film is somewhat old [2003 to be exact], it proved that what was mentioned in the ads, as well as the technical papers which are still up on the AGFA website, or available via the wayback machine…that the colors are still true. Amazingly true and balanced. The other was that like with the digital [AGFA as well *S*] the images showed that the work leading up to same was constant. Granted, with the digital, the color had to be saturated a little so that even the inbetween shades can show up a little better. Which is ok, the right software can help in this. But the work in before the images were taken is what I am really happy with.

Consistency is a good hallmark, especially if it means that one is doing what is in their best interests, the right reasons sans any of the rather negative influences that abound. It is those inluences that are troubling, if not downright disturbing. Not just on the visage front, there are those concerning how one is supposed to ‘think’ based on gender, race, religion…you get the idea. And if one does not do so…then one is picked on like this was back in grade school or worse is not even talked to. For example, let’s take the ‘groupthink’ issue. Orwell had mentioned in ‘1984’ how this concept can be used to control the masses, so that no one is able to think or reason for themselves. [Another example could be gleaned from the runup and the end result of what happened in Europe during the middle of the last century...but I will save that history lesson for another time, let alone those who I tutor]. When the conditions are right, this type of ‘fog of war’ is able to settle in and cause a lack of rationality, as well as a lack of respect for others. Be it the ethnic background, their religion, gender and other collections of items. Some of the biggest practicioners of this rather ugly level of discourse are those who have taken up the quixoitic cause of ‘diversity’, yet via words or other displays are doing that in name only. Now one has to give these folks credit for consistency, in that, they are consistently showing that ignorance, intellectual dishonesty along with groupthink are alive and well. The shame of this is that this is germanating from the generation that had parents from the 1960’s. Put another way, possibility along with sacrifice [the latter being akin to the social contract where everyone is interconnected, etc] have gone the way of the Plymouth division of Chrysler.

There is a cure for this, which is no different than what a cure would be for the malaise that keeps the urban core of the US in such dire straits, that keeps some rural areas in postions where not much has changed in the past 2-3 generations. Something like Scrooge’s epiphany. Before someone says that this is a mixed metaphor due to the season, actually the epiphany in this case has no time limit or expiration date. It will require some to grow up, realize that in some cases, while their progress in employment or education was based on hard work, it was at times more often based on twisted forms of privilege. It requires some not to dismiss those of us who do speak out against the hypocrisy of diversity, as much as we have listened and witnessed these said same folks sgo stroke about their toys, the notches on the bedpost while engaged in ‘horizontal enrichment’ or how they were able to ‘game’ the system to have elective items performed [while others can barely afford to get a yearly exam]. It would definitely require levels of honesty that some may not have heard in a long time, if ever. This is something where, to quote Gene Kranz, who worked for NASA all those years ago…’FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!’ Plus with more in this life to do and hopefully one day being able to meet those who mean a great deal to me, failing to be around for that courtesy of being illogical about the health is not an option.

Getting back to so good news, there has been that. For one, the family shop is still in business, even though some of the problems in terms of money would be enough for the Mets to claim a utility infielder off of waivers, it is still running. There is some media work that will happen in a few months, with the music under a couple of them thanks to Jim McCarty and Jon Camp from Renaissance. And these pieces are from the classic 5 era, which is a tribute to the musicianship then….something that still carries on, by the way. So there is that….

Also and this is not to sound like a parent [although I am beaming like one], the folks who I tutor are doing very well in their classes, projects and tests. I have never been prouder of folks in my life, due to the fact this is a legacy. What we have gone over, no one…NO ONE can ever take away from them And there will be a time when they will pay it forward. Not just to their own children…but to others. Not based on any agenda, outside of the fact that they will be passing on in a positive vein, knowledge that will help in the future and can in turn be passed on and on and on….

Before I close this out..if you have noticed in the pics there was an improvement in the image, this is a tribute to the folks I run with [To list would take the rest of my space here on WordPress, but they have, they are and they do have one hell of a style, each to their own] . Again…I cannot say enough about what does happen in the way of exchanging ideas and then seeing the end results of same. To be honest, they set a very very high bar. I am lucky if I can get within 1/256th of what I see on a daily basis when I log in. But through those inspirational pics, I try to to up the game here. It may sound a little like an odd tribute to my friends who live here in the US, as well as in the EU and Asia….but it’s a way of also saying that ‘y’all are showing how this can be done and this is to say thanks for leading the way’. No different than how things happen when I tutor.



So there You have it…..and as promised to a particular party…the new pics are here after the fast. Til next month’s ‘riot act’ *S*….from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.

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Reality, honesty and other items are not just ‘concepts’ or ‘playthings’

RFLKRNEW1053If one is wondering or in looking at the sbubject line that this is going to be some type of internet-based sermon, or even something akin to ‘______’ [fil in the blank] shaming, no that is not the case. But we are in a world where even those words, those very words are more like ‘concepts’ to be brought, uttered so some can feel as though they are doing something important. A feather in the cap that says ‘what a good person I am’, etc. But I am going to save the editorial comments about that for a little later on.

Since the last dispatch, while there has been a major upswing in the amount of business at the family shop, there has been a problem with the funds that are needed to clear things up. Conversations and chats via a circuitous route have shown that there are several, rather severe outstanding amounts. If one is wondering how much, for those of a certain age, think of how much it would have cost for a major league team to have claimed a utility infielder off of waivers and one would get the idea. Yes, it is that amount. What is scary and at the same time disappointing is how things got to this point. And there is a deep level of disappointment in that one would think that others would have done the right or the honest things to insure that a legacy would exist beyond a finite arena of time.

RFLKRNEW1046When these issues are either closer to being resolved or being same in fullthe odds are we can then move ahead with the advertising that has been waiting in the wings. In that stead, as was mentioned to **** a few nights back, I was able to secure the clearance and renew same on two songs by Renaissance. One of them is a little more than apt, considering world events. As beautiful as it is, there is a deep irony in the lyrics that the late Betty Thatcher had penned for same [if you are wondering which song, it is the second track from the Renaissance album 'Prologue'] but for what is being planned, it’s the lovely instrumental opening. John Tout showed even early on that his piano work was out of this world….and it is from there we will draw the aural imprint.

As for what is going on here, well we have been dealing with the less than honest intentions [my term here] of those who want to use some of the space the landlord has for moving out to this part of town problems the more respectable section of the city do not want to have or see. We are not the only city where this happens, hence this is not something where I am saying ‘woe is me’. Far from it, this has to so with that funny little idea of the ‘social contract’. The ‘shared burden’ of a society to be their ‘brother’s keeper’. It seems that this is something that is one of those lovely bromides that is discussed either in houses of worship during that time of the week, or at city council meetings when the cameras are on. But what is honestly happening is that those folks who would be better suited to being ‘second story men and women’[kids, ask your parents about that term] are exiled from the gentrified sections of the town to be marginalized out in the deep burbs. In this city’s case, the east side of town. Out of sight…out of mind….out of range of the cameras. Unless of course, it’s sweeps time. Then it’s time to go out and point fingers in the name of a few ratings points or even sicker, try to get votes. What a city…then again too, what a country.

RFLKRNEW1055And that in it’s own way get into something that has been bothering me for quite some time. Well, myself and others who are seeing the ‘level playing field’ for what it is, with the hypocrisy in same. As what happened in Florida and Arizona. What was sad about the Florida situation is that it exposed to the rest of the planet that the US seems to feel as though that if those who are are of a different hue look ‘threatening’ then it is ok to kill them. After all, the law will protect them from being prosecuted for murder….and it will be ok to even bully those said same ones of color into being extremely afraid of just walking the streets. Or even going to the store. And there is a rather sick and ugly connection to what happened in Arizona re: a religious liberties bill . The common conduit here is that there are those activists in Arizona who want to be protected from a business refusing to do business with same due to an objection about lifestyle or other issues, are some of the same ones who see nothing wrong with someone being killed in Florida due to ‘the law being the law’.  That may seem a tad simplistic, but if this were brought down to street level, one has to look at who was involved in the activism in Arizona and those are simply wanting to be able to live without fear in Florida and they will see something rather scary. If not sickening. This has to do with that some feel their rights are to be protected above the letter of the law that others have to follow, while others who they claim to share a ‘kindred spirit’ about civil rights are to be placed back in the steerage section of the bus.

Let’s be clear here: no one…as has been said from here before is in favor of discrimination in any form. And this is something I stress to all of those who I close to, who I tutor and who I consider and call members of my extended family. Yes, if Rae and Marty were human….I would tell them the same thing. But what I am also not in favor of is blatant hypocrisy on the parts of those who claim to know better. Especially those who I have a common characteristic with, that being …a part of the same generation. Not only are the attitudes which were mentioned in the above paragraph rather common among those who have a few years or even a decade and a half beyond the half-century mark, but this has been passed on/down to others. Especially to the younger generation…no matter what the melanin level or even the gender status or who they love. Those who are impressionable and want to find a place to belong or something that says ‘gee I am just like the ones who came before me’. Again thankfully, this is not an occurance among the kids who I am around, or the adults who do know the score. Thank God for them, if only due to the fact they have a mature mindset, even while they are playful at the same time. But we seem to be in a bit of a minority, being honest enough to walk away from the clouds of myopia….not willing to blatantly deride others to fit in a group of other folks practicing derision. Then again, growing up is not something all do…which is why be it businesses or even places where those of the senior set want to gather bear a resemblance to a cross of kindergarten and high school…except no one graduated. If there is a solution or light at the end of the tunnel, it’s that maybe someday some may get a Scrooge-like epiphany. But at times, hoping for that is like asking that the Chicago Cubs actually get to a World Series and ….perish the thought……win.

RFLKRNEW1049Before closing this, if you have noticed two different hairstyles/colors used in the pics, this was part of something inspired by the folks I run with. Meaning the wine red ones.  For one, yes this color can happen naturally for those of us with built-in suntans, this has to do with that funny little thing about ‘A,T,G,C’ and Peptide bonds [Middle/High School Biology, folks]…as well as other factors. And for another, I like the color….although I will not wear it to see a member of the ‘gang of five’, but it’s something to have around in case there is something I do want to go to and try something a tad different.  Lastly, I wanted to see if I could do this as well as some of those who I hang out with online. These will get better soon enough, over time *S*


So there you have it……a little news, some pics and some food for thought til the next time. And until that next said same dispatch….from the land of the Colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…

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Back to our usual program……and other thoughts..

RFLKRNEW1037If one is wondering what the subject matter means, it has nothing to do with the current winter games that are going on and causing a little havoc with the television viewing patterns of those in the US. After all, some of us who are used to staying up late to watch movies are now getting used to watching curling and skeleton. Odd too that ‘skeleton’ is now a sport, considering kids have been doing this on sleds for years. In our neighborhood, this was considered an introduction to the ‘I want to be like Evel Knievel Club’, due to us acting foolhardy….and not having any protective gear.

So in any event let’s catch up on a few things. The family shop is for all intents, on a form of financial life support. Without deliniating the gory details, such as they are…the fact that the state has not gotten into this…even though there is a ‘grace period’ on businesses that are in flux after the passing of an owner, the fact that NYS is slow on the draw has been a minor blessing. Along with that though has been the curse of those being involved in the situation who have less than honorable or honest motives. This is not meant to be mean, per se. There are those who have brought the level of pettyness, that seems more the arena and prevue of the talk show circuit geared to the less intellectually gifted among us into the workplace. And some wonder why there are those who are openly hostile to some when it comes down to employment or education. Going into how that happened could be termed as visceral, but truth is not always a pretty thing.

RFLKRNEW1041As for the health issues, those are stable. Ironically, the cold I had a
few days ago was the first one  that happened here in close to a year. That is a record. A year….which goes to how well the diet and other items do work here. As well as understanding that if one does not want to be read a riot act or see numbers that indicate one should be making a reservation for the day when they meet St. Peter…then one does the right thing. Yes, it means not having that active a social life, but giving into that type of peer pressure can only result in this person being on her back in hospital again and as much as I love the folks who did work on getting me back to health, I do not love them that much to make a return visit.Plus the cats would be hyper-upset if I were to not be here. After all, whoever would be taking care of them does not know where the stash of pot, I mean catnip is.

Plus as was mentioned to ****, as well as the cats…I am back to tutoring again. This is sill as fun as it was before. It has less to that feeling of being needed, this is more about…passing on what is known here and also letting those know that in some cases what is being taught may or may not be the overall common parlance. For example, what is being mentioned in some cases in re: English is still based on what many of us kids heard on the radio, thanks to the BBC wireless service. Those were and STILL are fantastic courses, but how the language usage [syntax and context] has morphed can cause some problems. Which is where I come in and explain that what could be considered to be acceptable is more or less a minor colloquialism, but may not work when one is in an office setting. [Think in terms of how ‘Brooklynese’ would work in a movie about baseball, but does not operate rather well if one is in the corporate office of let’s say a Fortune 500 firm.

While doing this, I also do research on other issues, to back up my own knowledge of same and it is rather sad, if not frightening that many here in the US are using junk science, as well as ethnocentric based thought patterns to advance a social movement. Not necessarily for the right reasons, but for selfish ones.  No one, least of all yours truly is in favor of any type of discrimination [except towards those who are felons who have, to be blunt have violated society's rules and as such deserve derision] but when things are done, via using lies about government programs, etc. to justify an action, then is it any wonder why there are some who look upon those in a particular sector with anger and at times, disgust. It calls into question if people actually have read about what they are protesting for, as well as understand the possible outcome[s] of same. As for those using bad science to say their points are valid, what many are not that aware of is that some of what they are using to advance their points had been done before. But when that did happen, it was done during the middle of the last century, by folks who were using same to turn parts of the world into their [quoting Rod Serling] ‘own personal burial ground’ [see the script for 'Deathshead Revisited' ....a classic Twilight Zone episode that needs to be seen to understand that the same level of arrogance on the part of the agenda pushers is similar to that of the main character in the script]. Sadly perhaps these folks just wanted to change a couple words to feed deficient egos, as well as create a greedy level of social change for some honorable, but many purient purposes.

Now if the above sounded a tad terse, it was meant that way. Part of any honest discussion….ANY HONEST DISCUSSION of what the society is coming to is going to need that. No patronizing, no propaganda, no lying. It also requires us to openly admit that we have created, fostered and established an ugly  profit motive into an environment, where only some lives are considered valuable due to hue or melanin levels, while others can be killed without thought, conscience and in some very very sick ways….rewarded. Plus, if this is related to some level of social psychosis, the seeds for not correcting this were set in motion when the shift was from remedying these ills [which some have actually used as excuses for being racist or against a particular religion] in a somewhat more clinical setting and letting them be dealt with in places that are akin to Attica or via psychoactive medications, which in their own way, may have helped to hasten these problems. Again, this may not be nice to hear, but facts are not nice to look at, especially when they indicate that the US is looking at repeating what other ‘empires’ have done. And we know from the records the end results.

So that is it for now. The schedule needs to be adhered to again so I am awake, let alone available to tutor for the next few weeks. That schedule means I do need to keep to the diet because a visit to Steve the Cardio is on the boards soon and the last thing I want is another riot act *S*


RFLKRNEW1044So from the land of the colourtini…..and til after the next oilchange or strange incidents with humans…..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…

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