Friday worked…so at least the right notes are being hit

The last of the oil changes is in the books. Yep, saw the optometrist Friday and now we wait for a couple days for the contacts to arrive. Arrive, you may ask…after all they are just in little boxes…and cannot POSSIBLY take up that much space in the store? Well read on, because while in a business context this make sense, for the consumer it makes about as logic as a screendoor on a submarine.

For one, I had to get this done due to the fact that the previous exam which was done in January sadly left a lot to be desired. No I will not mention the name of the doctors or firm in question; that would be mean, rotten, underhanded and would be stooping to the level of a ranting and raving lunatic. But I will say I was disappointed in that the operation was very much an assembly line, which is not how paitients should be treated. Edsels, Studebakers and Vauxhalls are and were  made in this fashion, people should not be placed in the position where they it seems they are getting a windshield installed vis a vis having their vision checked. Adding insult to injury, they were pushing the issue of getting me fitted for GLASSES which was NOT what I was there for. [Yes, you see me with the glasses in the video pic and yes that was the one pair I have had down through the years that actually looked good…but I digress]. So I took my script after a little haggling [gee I thought I would only have to do that if I was buying a Taurus] and went on my way.

Fast forward to now and with money from my tax refund in hand and I had the oil change done on Friday for the eyes by a nationwide chain, While their name will not be revealed here, suffice it to say that every other person and their brother has heard of them and their ads for glasses that would be akin to those of the late lamented ‘Crazy Eddie’  [no Eddie is not dead, he is currently overseas languishing in a prison due to tax fraud]. Well I got to their office, filled out the usual forms …name, rank, serial number, current medical conditions, allergies to X Y or Z medications…the usual and then had the exam. Here is where things got REALLY interesting. The exam from these folks was IDENTICAL to what I had from the ophalmologist. Yep, I was a little on the amazed side as well. But they did not try to sell me on GETTING GLASSES.

With that said, I did place my order for the contacts, only to be informed that they would arrive in their store on Wednesday of this week. Now while I have more than enough here to last til then [oh the humanity if I did not] I thought that seeing they were contacts, they would be in stock, in house. But apparently since they do not have a glasses lab on the premises, they do not do this with contacts either. My theory on this has to do with a funny little thing called a ‘Just in Time’ inventory system . If you have heard this term before, this is what UPS was mentioning in their ads over the years and Boeing’s nemesis, Airbus Industry operates in a similar way.

So now there is this little wait. Heck, I do not mind…after all..all it means is another chance to go over to Target afterwards and ply my air guitar trade after getting the contacts while wiating for my scripts. By the by I did order green contacts, seeing that I have experience with jade and well, the makeup is now keyed towards either green/jade or brown. Plus it helps in feeling and looking younger than my years.

Before it is said here, there are several reasons as to why there is that spirit. One is that the friends I have made through MS and other places are keeping me and my emotional state from feeling that at 40 something I am heading to the boneyard. It is amazing that this is happening, but perhaps it is doing so at the right time…with all the other things that happened considered. It says that life does not have to iether be curtailed or be left in a state of limbo or stasis, let alone the dreams of one’s life either.

Secondly, the other reason has to do with the heart having someplace to go [as in the person  who I have a major, major crush on who is mentioned on the blog links in previous posts]. Granted there are a few minor hurdles involved  in  same, but when the heart finds someone even across the pond whose very presence brings back something that was lost of sorts down through the years [oddly enough not in my relationships with my cats, but those with Rae, Marty and Margie are for another time as well], that keeps one young. Keeps the heart flowing in a better manner than let’s say all of the coreg and pravastatin on the planet can. It is my hope in some way, shape, form or fashion that we can be in the same place at the same time down the road speak in person. If that does not happen, then perhaps the lyrics from either Renaissance’s ‘I Think Of You’  or the Moody Blues ‘New Horizons’ will be appropo.

Well all in all the evolution still goes on and I am still a work in progress New pictures of same coming up as soon as I can get them done…which more than likely will be in about a week and a half. No I am not perfect, far far from it as my cats remind me. But there are those who do inspire me to try to do so. Let’s hope that never ever goes away…..because without that, then life becomes about as interesting as let’s say flying from NYC to Rochester, NY. [And if you have been on that run, you know what I mean]

Til later on….!


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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