Pics up and Now we root for VIllanova

The sweet 16 was not as sweet as it could have been. It was cool in that I was able to get my errands run  in less than 2 hours   [thank goodness for Tri-Met actually running on time] and was able to get home in time to see Gonzaga hold a lead for all of 40 seconds. 40 freaking seconds. I know I should not get angry…they did make it to the round of 16 and around here, in its own twisted way…that is a triumph. So we now root for Villanova….and they are of course the ‘Wildcats’.With Rae and Marty being who they are….I had better root for them …or else.

Yeppers there are new pics up which were done on a day when the sun was out. AMAZIN’ to paraphrase Casey Stengel.  What were equally amazing was :
– the digital did not kill off the batteries like in the past
– the current makeup scheme under those conditions worked wonders. Put another way, this is a little more natural [the pic to the left to the contrary] than in  the past.

Of course that second part was something of another attempt to show that friend of mine who is waiting here. If it is said we gain inspiration from those around us who are positive in what they do in life, then yes I have gained  from  this friendship more in a sense than many others. [I will include the Rick Sanchez possee here because when things rock on Rick’s site we are as on as any group of people can be]. Even my oldest cat has noticed that when I speak of my unrequited love, that I am even happy. Moreso than when I find out that there is another Renaissance live disc coming out, moreso than when I chat with my sister about business and other things, even moreso than when one of my bids on Ebay comes through. While I am trying my best to put these emotions into words, I am finding that it is a little more difficult, due to the fact that someone oes not w ant to open themselves up to derision or ridicule in this fashion. Humans being what they are…well some humans being what they are. [It is interesting that the human race has not really progressed any since Mark Twain’s day as far as overall maturity is concerned…and Twain at times was about as cynical over the improvements in people as I am LOL]

Well I had better run and get a few other things done. There is another ‘oil change’ coming up on Tuesday and if Nick and Steve give a good report on the health of yours truly, as I promised my crush…there w ould be a  major announcement here. OK and maybe a little celebration here with some aged cheddar, grapes, low fat Wheat Thins and cranberry juice. What can  I tell ya, I am trying to keep myself in good shape  so that when the time comes, someone will see that in person I am as good as the written and graphic representation.


About rheapdx1

Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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