Time for some drastic action re: Swine Flu

[Before I get into this, I need to say this is a rather sharp departure from what I normally post here. As you know, normally it is about life, my cats and musings on what I hope happens between the one I have a crush on and myself…the usual things that make life fun, if not an adventure. But with all that is happening right now…and on an ever-changing basis, I felt the need to post in this forum what I see could be possible solutions to an issue that had been predicted to happen for quite some time. To my friends, you know I would not post anything that would be as rash as what you are about to read, unless there was a damn good reason to do so. To that special friend, you know I love you and that what you are about to read are not the rantings of a monster, but trying to make some logical sense out of what our world has become over the past few weeks]

Folks, this planet of ours is facing a crisis the nature of which has not been seen in its potential scope since 1918 and one that could possibly do as much damage to the world populace as the plague or any other malady that man has faced. That being the Swine Flu Epidemic which has not only hit Mexico and the US but now has spread to Europe and New Zealand. The word ‘epidemic’ is being very kind…it is in the ballpark of a ‘pandemic’ which has some very ominous implications for all of mankind. While most if not 95% of the deaths and the bulk of the cases have happened in the US and Mexico…there is now the very real possiblity that this will get even worse. In spite of the World Health Organization stating that the world is better prepared to handle this, we are still short on vaccines and other preventative medications. Not enough hospital beds, not enough masks…just not enough of anything. Plus if the influenza mutates into something that is truly anti-viral resistant…we are looking at…well the mind can put together the picture.

With the above said, there is a definite need for some drastic action to not just prevent the spread of this illness, but to secure the world until it subsides or goes the way of the carrier pigeon. From this desk, some of these steps should include, but not linted to:

1. The suspension of ALL TRAVEL between the US and Mexico and the EU, South America and the rest of the planet. We have to be honest and admit that our two countires are the place where the genesis of this illness occurred. It needs to be confined so that there are no more people who have to fall ill to this.  This will amount to a quarantine of this region which is necessary.

2. The EU, and other countries and trading blocs will need to expell from their shores those who ahve come into their countries from the US and Mexico in the past 3-4 months. These persons are to be repatriated back to their respective home countries….no ifs, ands or buts. IF not, they are to be quarantined or colonized away from the general public. Each country needs to concentrate their resources, however short a supply on their own people. This is not a call for a lack of compassion, this is reality and it is not always pretty.

3. If after these steps are taken and there are still those who are trying to leave the quarantined countries via air or via sea, those vessels are to be shot and sank on site. Aircraft are to be given one warning to either return to the US or Mexico and if there is no response after that, they are to be shot down…no questions asked. As for ships, they are to be sunk after getting their one warning, if they do not heed their one warning. The loss of life in these cases while tragic is minimal compared to what is at stake.

4. If the spread of the illness in the US, Mexico and Canada is such that it truly threatens the entire western hemisphere…it is possible that the next step will need to be taken and it is not a pleasant one. This will mean [once again if the illness turns deadly and kills more than are saved] a surgical removal of the areas where the illness has concentrated itself [as in the cities, towns etc]. Yes this may mean either using the ‘daisy cutters’ which the millitary has..or even stronger methods which could mean some type of theatre type thermal-nuclear ordinance [in a previous bulletin I had mentioned this method to confine and contain this illness to Mexico…which to some would appear to be draconian as well as cruel and mean spirited, something akin to what a nazi would think of. That was not the case, it was and is an issue of thinking what would be the unthinkable in order to prevent something even more unthinkable and reprehensible. That being a world which will be sent back in time to a possible barabrian state where survival and behavior patterns may only be 1/32 of a step above the animals…if only due to the panic, short tempers and viciousness in the name of survival]. The damage in the short term will be somewhat severe, this goes without saying….but the society will in the longterm…should the disease be neutralized be able to recover.

Now I am sure that those who just read the above will think that I am off my rocker, that I am a loon or some person in a shack with computer and a wireless connection. Let me assure you I am nothing along those lines. If there was one positive lesson that came out of the 9/11 and Katrina tragedies, it is that we do need to think the unthinkable, no matter where the logical extension of same takes us. It takes going outside of our buffer zones, outside of political considerations and understanding that there is more in the balance than being politically correct and pound foolish. There is much much more in the balance here than just the next election or news cycle.


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