Work rocked..I am happy with that …but…

Monday’s work session is now in the books and it is a comfort that yours truly is back on the map as far as her skills are concerned. This is a major feather in the cap, almost a bigtime ego boost..but not something that says I am an ‘uber-geekette’. Just that…

For one the system was made by one of those four-letter firm names which rhymes with Hell. Granted I should be a little careful in saying this because I own two of their lovely systems, a desktop and a laptop. And while both of these hum along like a finely tuned violin or Rickenbacker Bass or a classic 1969 Dodge Charger, that was due to me watching them like a momcat looks after her kittens. This system I was fixing was part of a new line the firm had come out with, containing some quirks that would even make the most hardened but liberal geek frustrated. For example, a CD player that would not open in a normal fashion, but needed to do so from the Explore option at the startup button [I forgot to mention that the OS for this beastie is Vista SP3 which is a major improvement over the previous service packs…no need to log in with a password which is a blessing]. Also the all in one printer which was included has a little quirk as far as the default font size was concerned, which I was able to override.All in all these were little things, but for the most part these two sessions with the customer was tutoring, as well as making sure the vendor gave her what was ordered for the PC. Heck even got a chance to test out Skype [gosh I need to improve my visage to get on board that again LOL] with a chat to my client’s son about the overall system. The day for the most part was a blast….

So on the way back, I was able to take care of some other little items that would insure that the wardrobe…hair wise….would be set for at least the next  two-three years [that was not to brag here, the money is somewhat scarce but when it is there, I like to get backups to two haircolors, two different hairlengths I would wear for going out to see clients…yes the off the record type or to the docs], that those lovely cosmetics were set for a while as well, which they now are as well as food to hang out here for  few days with. There was also a little trip after the client to see our local congressperson’s office about another matter which I will get into at another time. But the day was a really good one in that I was out in the environment I really do dig around here. Even felt younger than my years as a result, even if it was for a few hours, which did not mean I was speaking in Val-speak…which would have been so not so tubular, like so freaky-far from like how I like do things, ya know?*S*

Reality though is going to hit here in a few days time though…in that I go to the local nephrologist on the 28th. Now the folks I get referred to by my bro Nick have been and are aces and there is no reason to not expect that level of treatment from this person, there is a little fear on my part. Let’s say that this exam results show that the kidneys, in spite of all the care the docs and I taken in this are heading towards a level 2 or 3 failure status. As I have mentioned to my dear friend [yes I know she reads this and she knows about what is going on medically here in greater detail than I have let on in this space] this is the fear because of the treatments that would be used to remedy it. Yes there are chemicals that can be used, but there is that dreaded ‘D’ word that could come up. Now maybe I am being a tad short-sighted to some,  but I cannot realistically see how one’s quality of life improves when on is connected to a machine that bears a resembelance to the air-filtration system on the Space Station. Plus it will limit what one can do with their lives overall. Add to this that my cats would wonder why their human mom is out several more times a week and it has nothing to do with the runs to Nick’s, Steve’s, Wai’s, Kroger, Walgreen’s or even Target.  Oh yes, there is one other sweet little detail here that can make this even scarier and that had to so with…just as a trial balloon, if the term transplant comes up. Sadly, my ethnic background does cut down on the overall possibilities of there being a tissue match for such an operation, should that come to the head of the class as far as one of the treatments are concerned.

Yes I know a lot to consider, just when life in a sense is actually finding some type of postive rhyme and reason. There are a few upswings in this…a diet that has helped to keep things level [along with the meds], the cats being around - even if they do play WCW at 2am in the morning, good friends through here at MS and other places who are really cool, even if there are some disagreements and of course that one person who I have mentioned here, While I will not say the name out of discretion, the fact that I am able to post to her what is going on here as well as say what is in the heart does help to aid in the sanity level. Yes some have called this almost quixoitic, from here it is unconditional love. That may be old fashioned and alomst quaint in its own way, but that is me and to do anything else in that regard would be, to quote Mr. Spock ‘most illogical’.

Well I had better get back to the mudane here.I had promised if the weather was nice to get some new pics done tomorrow and post them either Thursday Night or Friday. They will be about as consistent as what I have done so far. As for what happens on the 28th and subsequent visits, stay tuned. The one who my heart belongs to will get that news first…..the rest will be posted here after.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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