Test results are in, stable but not good

Let’s start with the good news…at the very least the folks who are working on keeping yours truly alive to see another day/week/month/year are doing better than their jobs. Case in point, Wai the rhematologist who I saw on Tuesday. Like Nick, Steve and Todd he is like another brother I did not have growing up, meaning that he is wise, direct and honest. In the course of his exam, it seems that the legs looked normal but that there was a little snap crackle and pop in the right knee. No I did not eat any cereal that morning nor do I in any case…but it was there. But at the very least, I can still walk even with my cane….just like House [only I am not a useless pill popping, acerbic creep with a high IQ…..I do have the high IQ though]

There was an xray that was taken of the knee in question and it was then the day had its high point of levity. When going into the room the tech was asking the usual questions: birthdate, who ordered the xray, reason for same etc. We then got to the question that was one of those ‘you have arrived’ type of deals. ‘Any risk of of you getting pregnant?’ was the question. No I am not kidding and it took a little more than basic composure to keep my ‘Leah Remini’ [see the Flickr page as to what that ref is or early episodes of ‘The King of Queens’] visage from breaking out into a full laughter. I said ‘no’ and smiled….then it was off to get a pic that would best be suited for a Rodney Dangerfield routine.  And I should, at some poin t get the results of that soon enough…after all the other consultants look at it.

Now we proceed to the bad news: the other test results. The numbers are not good in the least, the kidneys are still at the 30% level as before and now there is a new complication of leeching of Vitamin D. Now granted the cloudy weather in this part of thw world can cause a few problems with D in that it mainly comes from the sun but it also can be supplemented in the diet through dairy products and others. Lord knows I eat more than my share of cheddar and swiss, as well as veggies that I have put into the diet due to going to something bland to keep the other gout and BP issues at bay. In effect doing the right thing, which is what one I guess is supposed to do in order to insure a long, healthy life [Darn I have got to stop watching those Purina ads for the cat food that I give the furry ones]. Now I wait for Todd to prescribe the new pills for D and any other ones that are needed.

All of this is rather odd because I do not look like I need the high maintenance…..after all I am not a FORD [Fix Or Repair Daily]. But now the reality that some of the irreplaceable parts are now starting to show either excessive or accelerated wear is getting to be a worry. No it does not mean I am not able to navigate through this burg, I do….and have to. Nor does it mean I cannot still fix PC’s on occassion either. It does place a premium on what one can do otherwise in life and not many will see that point for a while….if that. Which, by way of example explains all those letters and posts otherwise to the one I am smitten with. There is the need to communicate to someone that while there are all these sickening problems that the heart and the mind were not effected by all of this.

If anything an illness tends to sharpen ones ability to see and place items in the proper persepctive. What is important and what is not, as has been stated before. And those feelings about that or those about this person or my cats have not changed one iota. Granted there is one wish here in that one day I can tell that one person, my crush the same things that I tell the cats….as in  how much love is from here for that party. Yes I tell my cats that but it is different in that uh I love them and they also know my passwords on the net

Well that is it for now….there wil be another post next week as soon as I hear from Todd and the others about what is the next step. Here is hoping they say I will be around for a while, there are a couple trips I want to make down the road.


About rheapdx1

Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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