Agony over…and back to abby-something

Well that little problem with the feet is practically over. The operative term in this being ‘practically’. After several days flat on the back, as well as walking like a crab with a suntan a friend of mine picked up my meds from Target and well, I am back on the mend. As long as there are no more food triggers. Which does bring up a little side note for those who are reading this and may have a similar condition: beware of products that tend to have an overabundance of sugar, like sugar cookie dough. For some reason something as innocent as that has a rather high overload of sweetners, which as such can cause major problems as far as the body processing them is concerned. If they are not dealt with properly, they can remain in the body, along with other little chemicals that collide and fuse which can lead to the creation of the crystals that result in gout [there is also the fact that a buildup of uric acid will lead to this, a process that is Bio 101 or Middle Schoo/HS Bio].

As things have it, the cure or the calmative for this tends to be prednisone. A while back,  I had mentioned to my crush in a post about medications along these lines [HRT, Steriods, etc] that this is one of the worst medications anyone can be on. Yes it does kill off inflamations like those mentioned on ‘House’ [by the by, they do gloss over some of the problems with it, but for the illnesses described on the program, it does work wonders] but it has a list of side effects that would read like the problems which existed with either the Ford Pinto or the McDonnell-Douglas DC-10. One particular effect is so bad, these days it should be at the top of the litany. This has to do with a minor disabling of the immune system during the time one is on the medication. Which of course, leaves one vulnerable to all sorts of interesting and ammusing bugs which inhabit this planet. Perhaps a doctor should tell their patients if one is on this to avoid people at all costs….unless the avoidance cannot be avoided. But of course, this is assuming that the doc in question is like my gang of 5 who are logical, concerned and at the very least tell the patient that ‘this is what X will do if you are taking Y at the same time’.

So with the medical issues currently almost abated, it is on to a couple more items on the list. The SSA case may be going to a judge soon enough, within the next couple weeks, thank goodness. For this I am getting some of the best legal help I can, which is not to brag. It has more or less to do with in one case building a good relationship locallly and in the other, well the fact that we went to competing [another weird term because the college I went to in the SUNY system was blown out of the water, on every measure] schools in upstate NY. Another way of putting this is that this is in good hands and the advice, which it may and does cause some discomfort for some involved actually is the most logical course.

Speaking of logic, I am hoping all of this can come to some logical conclusion soon. Not that the mental stamina is not there to deal with this. far from it. There is a need to get this and the stress connected with same out of the way, so that life can move forward….fixing PC’s,  taking pics and of course….the obvious, if you have been a follower of all these lovely posts over the past few months.  When one’s oldest cat gives the look of ‘that human you keep talking about….you need her here because you are driving both us cats nuts by being alone. Not that we do not mind watching football or documentaries and we adore Renaissance and the Moody Blues just as much as you do but you need her here’. Cats can be that way, but they ahve this uncanny ability to know exactly what their human is going through. And Rachel, my oldest knows me better than anyone else does.

Well time to close this one out and get ready to have another fun day in paradise. Eventually things will clear up…much like the clouds that at some point leave the valley and allow for that funny orange disc to bring the warmth the countryside needs [not to forget the Vitamin D rush many of us need and crave. And yes….

I can use as much of the D as possible……inspite of how good I look here LOL


About rheapdx1

Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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