Xrays do not make good album pics…

Ah, you are probably wondering what the heck the title of this disptach means. Well…pull up a chair, grab a Gatorade or Snapple and read on..

If you have been following along, you know that I am still [and will be til Gabriel blows his horn] dealing with that ugly issue of gout…along with a whole roster of other connected illnesses. And for the past couple weeks, there has been this flareup….not a biggie, but one that makes walking a little difficult Sort of like walking on broken glass and well there was a need to head over to where my PCP’s office is and see the folks at urgent care for xrays. This was at the insistence of my rheumatologist to see if there was more to what was going on. After getting inspected, neglected and rejected [ok not exactly that LOL and hope y’all got the ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ reference] and waiting enough time to go through a few CD’s on the player, I did get to see the urgent care doc. Of all things, of all the crazy things he and I had seen each other before a couple years ago…it was like being with a longtime friend. And we talked about the current malady that was plaguing the legs…which led to the Phillips-created xrays  [I was hoping for GE, but that is just me *S*]

After getting those done, there was another waiting period for them to be read. The doc walked back into the examination room and he had that look. No not like the one Rachel has….this was one that was scary. Think of Dr. Wilson’s look on ‘House’ when he has to deliver news about an agreesive form of cancer to a patient….although this is not that serious. HOWEVER the news was no less devastating. There is damage to the inner portion of the left foot, the upper ankle has some degeneration and then the really scary news….a spot which appears to be a cyst. This was the moment that the doc and I looked at each other..’not another issue on top of all the others’. But, there it was in black, white and multiple gradations of gray. It was then that a temporary course of action was employed….Vicodin and no unnecessary walks etc for the weekend and then on Monday check in with my other docs to see what is next.

So the rest of the night was spent getting that script filled and then over to the Kroger to get provisions for a long stay in the house. That part of the trip was ok, rocking out to Renaissance again while in the fruit juice aisle [with people wondering what ‘Moonlight Shadow’ is *S*], even running into another person who was at the docs to get xrays. We had a good laugh about the wait time for those and wished each other luck on our respective recoveries. And upon getting back here, got online to mention to a few friends that Iw as at the doc, but saved the multiple details for not only my sis, but my crush and here. Then maintaining the sanity over this with music, Law and Order and reading. 

The cats of course rode shotgun over me and well that made this a little more tolerable. It is amazing that they tend to be a lot more concerned about what is going on here than some of my relatives…but then again, they do act more human than those relatives as well.

Before I run here and changing gears, there was something I had forgotten to post to my crush related to her current work situation. Yeah, bosses at times and the current economic crisis is a breeding ground for this….will act very much like non-benevolent despots, ruining their employees with tactics that even thr lowest form of snake would utilize. There is an old quote that comes into play here:

‘A tyrant will will always find a pretext for their tyranny’

I have forgotten who that is credited to. But it does apply to those business owners who see their stores, shops, etc as being an extended-modern day version of the feudal system. So much for progressing over the centuries….

Anyhow….that is the news sports and weather from here


Til later on all…..

[3/09/10 – An update….yep got callbacks from the primary and the arth doc and they confirmed that there was and is a sizeable amount of damage to the left foot. More or less attributable to the gout. However the methods for dealing with same were different…

Nick, my primary wants me to use prednisone if and when there is a flareup, which works well - if one takes into consideration there are some rather ugly side effects….weight gain, slight changes in mood…fun things. Wai, the arth doc wants me to continue with the vicodin/Oxy Contin, which actually is allowing me to walk around sans any pain. That as well as have some rather vivid dreams, which at times could bear a resembelance to what one saw in parts of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’. To be honest, I will take the second of the two if only because this allows me to become more active and I do feel better as a result.Plus there has been no call for the ‘mun-chies’ [although I am looking at getting a cortisone shot in a couple weeks in the left foot….fun fun fun…..which in this case means either hobbling home on the bus from the doc or getting a taxi.

However, this is good news…..barring something else turns up]


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