Sweet 16 my __________

At the risk of being dated in this post…wow, this was a bad weekend…college basketball-wise. it is almost like that ‘awesome’ movie everyone wants to see and when one finally sees it the best words that can be applied to a review are ‘it stinks’.

Yours truly camped in for the most of the past few days to watch what we here in the US refer to as March Madness. The annual festival of basketball insanity sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA. 64 teams constest each other in a single game elimination tourney to vie for the cron of Division 1 basketball supremacy. And while those last couple of sentences sounded like I had swallowed the Brent Musburger-Dick Enberg-John Facenda thesaurus, that is basically what it comes down to. Plus it is another time when the hearts of those who follow such schools like Villanova, Kansas, Minnesota, Marquette and Gonzaga get their hearts broken. Being a fan of couple of those schools…it was painful to watch.

Painful may not be the operative word…but it is the one I will use seeing this is a family operation here. But to see the Minnesota Golden Gophers go down in flames was one thing, But, their offense going missing like Jerry Lundergaard’s wife in ‘Fargo’ was harsh. Then Gonzaga broke the heart again. If you look at the pics here on MS, you will see what those boys looked like praciticing for last years 1-2 rounds that were held here in Portland. They were loose, cool, happy [not to be confused with REM’s ‘Shiny Happy People’] acting as though ‘we own this joint’. But when they got to the round of 16….they folded and this year…well they did not even make it that far. It was one of those second round games that made me wonder why I woke up this early…on a Spring Sunday to watch a massacre.  So the mantra around their campus in Spokane would best be summed up as ‘wait til next year’.

Not that the weekend was a total loss. The first day of Spring around here was gorgeous and I went out early on the errand run to get some more ‘mun-chies’ [I know, I have seen that ‘Simpsons’ episode way too many times] and to take advantage of some free Vitamin D c/o that funny little yellow-white disc in the sky. Many other folks had the same idea which was nice to see in town. But it also pointed out there being a major difference bet this part of Portland and what could be referred to as the more ‘civil’ section of the region. One of them being that in the city core, there is a more diverse population, a slightly better mannered group where one can be what one is; from street musicians to a group of cheerleaders who were dressed in outfits that were like a goth can-can line protesting in front of one particular fast food establishment [the one whose mascot a while back was a rip-off of a song from the ‘Three Penny Opera’]. Still it was a little more civil than this at times this portion of ‘rive gauche’.

Also the diet is working…dressed in the same outfit like in the main ID pic here which yielded some unexpected compliments. Including one about the eyes from the cashier over at the Stadium Kroger. They are already used to me being the crazy redhead playing air-guitar Rickenbacker bass in the dairy aisle listening to a live Renaissance CD. However this was kinda like wow ‘you have nice eyes’, which are the product of the contacts lenses. And it seems that this is the case whether I wear the jade ones or the green pair [reasons for which have been given in previous postings here and on Blogger]. Of course, the other reason for having these color eyes is to establish that the ‘strike zone’ is above the 38D parallel *S*

So now it is on to this week where I still have to do battle with the folks at the SSA and keep a diary of the diet, as well as write more mad letters to my crush. Here is hoping she has picked up on the fact that in the pics, the diet is working and that yours truly is still loyal, true blue, love her deeply and will always be there. Hmm sounds like I have something in common with the Gonzaga Bulldogs, but unlike them


the blues here do not run and choke at the round of 16. [As well as improve each chance I get *S*]

And that is the news for now and in the words of that famous grad from Marquette – Tom Snyder – enjoy the blog and the colorcast as the pics fly through the air *S*

3/22 11:52PM Very fast update….perhaps someone out there heard me because well and maybe the heavens will see that this carbon unit can use a little good fortune. Stay tuned as I will!!


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