Post PT and other notes from the front…

Well it is post PT Day One and it is not a bad thing. Then again, the visit there was actually as cool as my other trips to the folks who work for the Providence Hospital Chain. Meaning they are aces…and my physical therapist is n honorary member, part of that ‘gang of 5 that keeps me alive’.

But let’s go back to the visit itself. I was amazed at how much more like a working gym this place is vis a vis the image of it looking like a poorly constructed gym room out of middle school/junior high. Add to this the fact that once one walks in, they are treated like a human being as opposed to someone getting a set of F78-14 whitewall radials for the Dodge at Sears and it makes for a really cool atmosphere. To say the least this was incredibly impressive.

My PT person, Michael and I went over the medical history, tooth and nail. This helped in that we needed to have everything on the table…from the meds to what my activities are to what led up to the issues of the back. Like WOW….again each doc I have dealt with or specialist has been aces. Really that and then some. So after this long backgrounder, we went over some initial basic excercises that can be employed here so that the lower back muscles would not feel as tense and constricted [which I tried out today and there is a world of difference but more on that later]. Now it looks as though there will be 3 more sessions with Michael to get things really rolling as far as not having any further back problems.

One side benefit to going to this particular therapy office was there is a speech therapist on duty. And even though the voice here is good, I have been dinged on it a few times. So as long as I am going over to have the back worked on, gee why not the pipes? And if it works…yay….I think several people will be happy [even my crush who I made a little voice vid for, more like a little joke playing on a current ad for The Gecko, I mean GEICO]. And in a sense this will be better in that it is working with real world type of voice issues..which sort of leads into a little social commentary here…

Some who know me…and I mean really know me understand that I am a little outside of the realm of what one would expect. In short I do not do the usual things, hang out in the usual places of entertainment and talk in terms of  ‘the world does not understand me due to X,Y and Z’. Folks…while X,Y and Z are a part of life here, that is not the whole deal. One need not confine themselves to what could be at times considered to be a ‘ghetto’ of stores, bars, conventions and the like to show that they are genuine. Ok, there is a need for being around similar others, but even corn when it is confined to a narrow plot of land, with a limited amount of nutrients does not grow to its full potential as a crop. [No I do not want to sound like I was insulting people or even corn farmers there]. And if in the outside world if things happen and one gets dinged or have people say some stuff, it is something that will happen and a little cause for worry …but the type of worry one has over a minimally cloudy day. And again was has been said in those copious emails to my crush, if the world cannot handle or deal with you….fine …that is their loss. Sure as hell it is not yours. Besides people who are miserable have to live with that misery 24/7/365…you do not need to.

Well enough of the Dennis Miller type rant there LOL. I did get a chance to pass out several of the business cards not just at the therapist’s office, but also at the Kroger. They now know there is more to their ‘friendly neighborhood geekette’ than the person who is playing an air guitar Rickenbacker Bass in the 12 items or less aisle. Plus they know whether it is the regular avatar here or:

which is how I look when out at the doc’s that while I may be a tad on the creatively crazy side, there is a method to the madness. That and the fact I am still deciding what I will be when I grow up *S*

Before I close this one out….a special shout out to my family over on Twitter and here on MS. I am flattered that I am in some very select and special company…even listed as a hero to a good friend here on Myspace. These folks, like my cats have done more than yeoman’s work in putting up with the moods, talking about my love for one particular party and other items [and to those who are new ….if you have any questions, please ask….I am open and honest] here and have been excellent friends as a result. This means a lot, in a world where people are seen as disposable like contact lenses.

And with that…enjoy the colourcast as the pictures fly through the air….


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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