Game temporarily called and a word from our sponsor…

Sadly the game was called. The joust with the machine that has been rendered disabled by the evil empire, I mean Microsoft Vista was moved to another day. I am not upset with that, far from it. Being an indie tech means that one is going to have days where things get postponed. This is no different than when we were kids watching a Mets game or even wanting to attend one and the elements conspired against it [by the by it was courtesy of one of those when I was younger that in eventually going to a Twi-night doubleheader against the Houston Astros…which was a makeup game for ‘Banner Day’ in 1968 that my old man and I got a chance to see one of the first starts by Tug McGraw. Yeah….Tim’s old man…just a little triva there] so this happens….

The actual big news of the day came from the office of Dr. Nick. I got this early in the day and the numbers while not great, at least have me vertical. Now that is the good news….but there is some borderline bad. as in the cholesterol and a chemical called creatinine. If you are into body building and use this as a supplement, you know about its ‘somewhat questionable’ benefits, seeing it is something the body creates as it is as a result of the metabolism process. But when one has a case of stage or level 3 kidney failure, this can be a major liability. And the saving grace in this has to do with that the numbers for this amino acid have been fluctuating, which contradicts the status of this being really bad news. It is just a matter of it getting under control, lowering the protein intake, more fluids….more like my poisons of choice…and making sure that we do not discuss the ‘D’ word [see previous posts for what is meant by that and my feelings about that process].

Considering how the exams have been going, this is relatively safe news, which I communicated to my crush this afternoon. To be blunt because she is going through some rather stressful issues, I wanted to send over as much good news as possible…even if it about the sunset that we had this evening and how I wish she was here….or even about Rachel’s Chiefs winning or about the fact that everyone at the markets if they hear yours truly whistleing and doing an Air Guitar [Rickenbacker Bass]session in the dairy or seafood aisle to the song ‘Trip to the Fair’ by Renaissance know it is me. Goofy yes, but if stories of these little adventures can put a smile on my friend’s face….then I can rest easy.

Well that is it for now…the next one will be up after the meeting with Nick on Monday. And hopefully we will be working on a plan to keep me around for a good long time….if not, I live with two yutes….I mean youths who will insure Nick and the ‘gang of five’ that keeps me alive’ do the right thing. With those words….enjoy the colourcast as the pics fly through the air…..


About rheapdx1

Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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