Another oilchange, retail therapy and other sports

One has to love those little shopping trips. Especially if they are breaks from the plain and mundane….and allow my cats to jump on the computer and attempt to plot the overthrow of the planet. However…my cats actually knew better this past weekend and instead were watching the late ESPN/ABC college football game *S*

However…this was one where I had more fun witnessing my friends from Seattle engaging in sales tax evasion as we hit the thrifts. And while they were cleaning these places out, yours truly was just riding shotgun. That was until we hit the large Goodwill outlet in SE PDX. I do not know if someone upstairs actually likes me, but it seemed that we got there at the right time for 2 reasons. One of them having to do with what was on the telly, that being the end of the Auburn/Georgia SEC game – where for some reason these steroid casesdecided to engage in several fights. Maybe it is just me, but if there are something along the lines of about 15 personal fouls during a fight, don’t just eject one player, but all of the idiots involved, regardless of how much time is left in the game. It was after letting out my vitriol at the screen, along with other folks watching same that the trip proved to be more than worth it.

In one of the bins [this is a kind word for it…they look like small railroad car hoppers laced with clothing, books etc] that we were looking in, I found a dress. Not just any dress either…but something that looks like a flowered version of the one worn during that wedding sequence of  ‘Forrest Gump’. This was rather ironic for a couple reasons, not the least of which is I rarely wear dresses these days, barring special occassions or pics as well as the fact I had wanted one of these for years.  Just in case the right person were to…now all that is needed is a headress. Now it was a matter of making sure it would not only fit, but to get it clean.

Which was part of where Sunday came in. At least this took my mind off the fact that Rachel’s Chiefs lost to the Broncos and that the Bengals [who are one of the other teams the kitties follow] choked to the Colts. I was lucky in that the cats did not do anything insane, aside from giving me the look of  ‘mom…we are going to let this slide, after all it happens…but this better not happen again. We know where you keep your pantihose!’ I was able to calm them down…thank goodness for organic catnip.

As for the oilchange…that happened Monday night. The reason for this one….and yes they are about once every 4-6 weeks….was to determine if the higher dosage of Pravstatin is working. I think it is , due to the fact that one of those minor side effects that is associated with it is gone. Oh yeah….there is/was a need to check the other wonderful chemistries that are floating around the system.

As has been mentioned in past posts, in a very twisted way, I do look forward to these little visits. After all this time, we have become so familiar with each other….the doc’s, staff and myself….that it is almost like the old bit about ‘Norm Peterson’ from ‘Cheers’ walking into same. Like ‘Hey, how are you?…how’s the family?, how’s the cats?’….those sorts of things. Plus when I do go to my docs either at that clinic or to see my cardio across the street…there is a Freddy Kroger nearby. Which last night was actually fun to walk into.

Once again, while doing the marketing…it allowed me to do my air guitar bass in the juice, dairy and cosmetics aisles. For the better part of the next month..what is going to be on the CD player is an old [30 + years] Christmas concert by Renaissance. As much as I liked the lineup of folks they have on the other live concert I usually listen to [‘Live in Japan, 2001’]  this one is special in that it is the classic 5 lineup: Annie, Mickey, Jon, John and Terry, which is comfort food for the soul. That plus there are two premieres [at that time] of songs from ‘Novella’ ..the latter of which has a sax solo on same that live is amazing [on the CD, it is there but not as funky] provided by a member of the band ‘Stanky Brown’ [yes that their name and they still exist]. Much like other classic concerts….this one still stands up and still sounds relatively fresh. Which is a compliment…considering how many other bands these days phone things in.

Well that is the news and sports for now. The odds are there will be some new pics featuring that dress in a couple days posted here and in other places…to show my crush not only who is waiting, but if it can be worn in ‘Forrest Gump’, why not here *S* So til next time…enjoy the colourcast as the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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