A partial set of results in….and in a little over 72 hours….

More or less this was a dull, uninteresting week….but one piece of mail actually made parts of the trip a little more worthwhile. Part two of the settlement came in [see the previous posts dealing with the battle with those lovely folks at the SSA] and in mentioning this to my crush, the cats and a few select others, yours truly was a bit numb. It was in a sense an afterthought …plus after a while, this little family has learned to be on an austere budget of sorts [slight exceptions were for cosmetics and provisions fot the cats] So that news helped….along with…

My cardio’s office called and the initial results were not out of the range of what was to be expected. So yes I am still the ‘Owner of an Only Heart’, but one that is still acting a little on the funky side [odd, almost like the song that was parodied in this sentence *S*]. But there is still this feeling that this is ‘good news……..however’. To quash this, after taking care of that little check…I went out to pick up a few items to stock up not just the larder, but also to top off the tank for the cosmetics and otherwise. Which is not a bad state of affairs, but the boxes are now overflowing to the point that the cats are thinking ‘more toys from mom!!’

There was something that happened during this particular evening which put another issue into perspective. And those who know me also know that I do not make a big deal or wear my ‘status’ as it were on my sleeve. I am just human…the rest is just a set of adjectives…but at times, those one is reminded there is a need to distance themselves from those self limiters. Suring the latter part of the trip, I was in one of my fave markets doing my usual thing…picking up food and playing air guitar bass to the CD, when roughly about 50 yards away was someone who I could tell could have some of those same adjectives I had alluded to before apply to them. With a couple exceptions…those being the person did not look like they were well kept together, as well as having the visage of some major screwups in the ingestion of endocrine warping chemicals. It was the kind of thing that made me shake my head, not that this has not happened before….it would seem that there are quite a few who frequent this one market and part of town [more than likely because of the low rents] and they all have this look of not really caring about their outward visual cues to the outside world. There have been times when I have come back home to the cats and literally have fired off a stream of expletives, if only because there is a sense of ‘guilt by association’. It is the equal of watching the news, seeing someone who has committed a rather heinous act and feeling even worse and then shaking the head because I share a similar level of skin pigmentation. What needs to be said here is that the friends I have here in town, they know me and for all intents, over the past  X, Y & Z + years have gotten used to the image and the persona and I fit in like those who live by the local motto of ‘Keep Portland Weird’. Hell, even my docs put up with me so there has to be something shining through *S*

By the by this was not meant to be a long diatribe, but as was mentioned…the cats are a little sick of hearing me rip into the above issues like Jon Camp does his bass during his ‘seldom imitated, never duplicated’ solo on ‘Ashes Are Burning’ . Nor do I intend to wallow in the malaise that others do, if only because not only does it cause stomach aches, but gee whiz it also raises the BP numbers [and by BP I mean ‘blood pressure’ and not ‘British Petroleum’].

Oh yeah one other thing to consider: those who may/do have a problem with the different haircolors etc. that are shown in the pics, that is me folks and the last time it was checked there ain;t nothing wrong with that in the least.. The look here is not confined to what is supposed to be ‘appropropriate’ to the background. One would be amazed at the level of myopia or bigotry, even in some places where there is supposedly levels of ‘diversity’ there are those who attempt, through other verbal and communicative means to say that the wider tableau of expression is only for some people and the ‘rest of you’ are to be confined to a canvas which is about as thick as either a postage stamp or one hair. In my book, anyone who sees life in those terms, y’all really do have a major problem.

So that is it til about a little over 72 hours when I go into Todd the kidney guy’s office and discuss the issue of getting on the transplant list. Not that this is immediately needed to be done, but better to do so at this time, vis a vis it being done at the last minute when things are at stage 4 and we are then looking at morphine cocktails.

So that is the latest from the desk and home of The Royal Badnesses [aka Rachel and Marissa]. Til after the doc’s visit and from the colortini…..enjoy the colourcast as the pics and words fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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