A Christmas Wish and a Holiday Hope…..

This post is going to be a little different, if only due to the fact that it is that time of year, when parts of the world take on a Dickensian air in their atmosphere…where mankind takes a short, albeit…far too short resite from the inanity and insanity that tends to rule it for the rest of the year. And where many of us make wishes for toys, peace, good fortune and love. It is on the latter that this is meant…and the one person who this is meant for…hopefully she will understand the reason for this dispatch….

For one:

Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!

by Judy Burnette

Merry Christmas, Sweetheart
with you is where I want to be
Yet it seems our lives are complicated
for I am the one not free,

Yet the very best present
is the gift of one’s self
I have given you a part of me
that has never belonged to anyone else.

So we can’t be together this Christmas
yet our souls are not apart
for I have given you the best part of me
I have given you my heart.

[I did not write the above poem, my style is not even close to being that great *S* As for the pic below:

sometimes in families, a placesetting is made at dinner to honor or hope that a member would come home soon. In this case, my little family here of myself, Rachel and Marissa – the cats are hoping the one I am smitten will one day be in the same place with us. However a plate is no good without a menu, so one is submitted below]

A special progressive evening featuring:

Chicken with a fruit, nut and whole grain dressing
Wild Rice or Yams

Acoompanied by the music of:

The Moody Blues

And for desert, the bio-pic about Charlie ‘Yardbird’ Parker

From the land of the colortini….enjoy the pics and words as they fly through the air and may your holiday season be one of peace and joy.


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