Random Thoughts and hope for a little magical amore….


Seeing that in the title of the last post, I sorta placed where my heart is…meaning with regards to football..it is time to press on to other things. And gee, there are so many *S*

For one..if there was ever a possible final nail in the coffin with regard to ever getting on the HRT[aside from Steve the cardio reading me the riot act about same several months ago] it was the new dietary guidelines that your fiends and mine at the FDA came down with a few days ago. Yes, every few years these folks try to convince the public here in the US that these recommendations will help to people to have long, healthy productive lives. And of course while these are applauded and given their 15 seconds of airtime…the rest of the vox populi tend to ignore them. This more recent announcement….with the calorie intake guidelines, salt ingestion reduction figures and which groups are most at risk for severe medical outcomes[in the release of these new guidelines, african americans were mentioned as being the high risk group of record] if these are not followed…basically make it clear that the HRT cannot be done in the case here, barring some overhaul of the DNA. And that is not a bad state of affairs.

Yeah I know there are those who say someone is not genuine in the whole gender scheme of things if they are not on the HRT [among other items which have been referenced to before], but there are some things which are a little more important than ingesting items which may or may not work rather well with someone’s endocrine system. Such as being able to keep the pipes working, which let’s say the HRT may not help with if there are some predestinations to items like renal failure or an increased risk of heart attacks. It brings into question those medical and mental health professionals who would prescribe the protocols to those who have these roadblocks, unless these folks are those who are part of a ‘cheerleading’ contingent who will say consequences be damned. And those who are not a part of the bandwagon are equally damned…which is a shame. In its own way, is no different than those who cheer on the folks who engage in drinking contests at bars and those who are not taking part are thought of as being ‘unpersons’ [borrowed from Orwell, but y’all get the idea]. Then again many of those unpersons can and do have productive and satisfactory lives in transition without having to run the risk of the litany of other issues the HRT can create, especially if heaven forbid they are in a high risk population.

Well that is the serious end of things…so let’s get onto the fun portion of this. Usually on Super Bowl Sunday, there has been a tendency in the past….be it with the ex or with other folks…to overdo it food wise. Especially if the game has all the suspense of watching ‘Citizen Kane’ and knowing what ‘Rosebud’ is.But this year, because of the diet I am on, things are going to be toned down. Which more or less is going to be a preview of what would be waiting for my crush if let’s say there is a miracle and we can be in the same place etc on Valentine’s Day…so hence this is a dress rehearsal. The first item on the list would be a Red Onion Focaccia…the recipe for which was published in The Oregonian a couple of weeks ago. For those who think I am being too highbrow or stole this idea from ‘Frasier’. a ‘focaccia’ is akin to a pizza without the tomato sauce….baked dough squares with veggie or other toppings along with a dusting of Romano cheese. Next on the menu would be a mix of shrimp, salmon, chicken with veggies in a tomato sauce on top of some wild rice. I know….a slightly odd combo…but as I told the cats, I am not going to make any chilli and would like to keep this healthy. The desert would be brownies or chocolate chip cookies Not too extravagant and do not worry about the cats….they will be preoccupied with some fish and catnip. [Oh yes…the muscial and movie accompianing same will be the same was was mentioned in a previous post…seeing now there is ‘Time Enough at Last’ *S*]

Now if it sounds like in the above paragraph that I want to spoil the one I am smitten with….yes, by golly that is the case. And unlike some folks I know, I would rather wait and hope for something to happen longetem than treat relationships and people as disposable as the batteries I put into the digital cameras I run here. I do not believe in that type of tude…there is something to be said about friendship and unconditional love, which the way our society is going [especially in some corners] looks askew at. And that is a damned shame.

So there is the news and other top 10 hits for now. From the land of the colortini….enjoy the words and pics as they fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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