And the good news comes in slowly, but surely…

Let’s start out with the fact that the diet is still working. YAY..and this of course means that walking and yes even running is becoming much easier. So are those oh so lovely walks to catch the ‘Springer’….oops I mean the #72 bus. The same one which is still living up to it’s rep for in addition to us regular folks transporting the strange, sick and profane on same. But I am digressing here. Fact is, the diet is working and that makes me happy….

Ok that and something else happening is making me happy. That being work. As you read this…[and my crush was notified about this fact earlier today] that website project is not only moving ahead, but barring any unforseen circumstances….it should go ‘LIVE’ in mid April. Yes I said it would and…to paraphrase Penn and Teller…..’damn straight it goes live’.  After getting a few ideas as to how to do the site from the client and several back and forth emails about the style, how it would come down on systems still running dialup…and then spending the past two mornings running the page edits with Renaissance and the Moody Blues concert DVD’s in the background to keep myself and the cats happy…the end results were that the page setups are golden. They are a go..and as promised to a couple other folks….here is a screenshot of what the second page looks like:

Granted….this is not the best representation of same….but I can assure you that the product looks damn good on not just this screen, but also the 19″ which I have on the main PC here. That was what sold my client on moving further with this the other week, when she saw that the presentation of same was killer. Plus in getting this done way ahead of time…and on budget if not  UNDER BUDGET is that when the time comes take from the database and put that into the pages in question….this will be easy. A few Ren or Moody DVD’s or CD’s on the player, catnip for the kitties and that day will go by rather quickly [a lot of this is dependent though on the site registration and a few other technicalities, but still]. Plus this should be a longterm thing due to the updates that will happen [oh yes, the day this goes live, the address will be posted here….after a certain someone gets a copy of it in her email].

This is not bad for someone who for the most part has not done coding work in a while. However with that said…there are certain things that once or a few times exposed to same, one will not forget how to do them. Seeing also there are tutorials which can easily get someone back in the game….it was somewhat fast to relearn the codes to make the work flow all that easier.

By the by before I close this one out, two items: For one I did not mean to insult anyone who is in Minot, North Dakota or the entire state of same. The point being made was to compare the overall lack of TG diversity with the overall diversity numbers of the state of ND overall, which are sadly comparable. But I was not in any way slamming the state….after all when one lives in Minnesota for a while, one gets to know their neighbors on the other side of the Red River Valley. That and the fact that one of my favorite movies is named after a town in ND…that being ‘Fargo’ [and it is a lovely place as it is….even though it is grouped with the town of Moorehead, MN in terms of SMSA statistics]. So if anyone took the post the wrong way, my apologies.

However, with that said…the lack of a broader palette has a nasty habit of showing up on programs about the community, even when produced by folks at PBS/NPR.  Case in point…a program called ‘Out in America’ . Yes there was some diversity but again the TG community seems to be there in another version of a snowstorm, if you see the point. Then again, PBS/NPR has a reputation of being somewhat elitist, a group of psuedo-liberal intellectuals who tend to patronize the rest of the country, but outside of the sight of the camera see others as being worse then ants, which also accounts for their own level of NIMBY-ism .Hence the news today that they are in turmoil as well as about to lose their funding does not sadden me. It will if NOVA or even reruns of MisterRogers Neighborhood [Ok yes even programs which feature the NY Philharmonic as well as Frontline] go away, for example….but I am not exactly crying about in my Snapple tea over the fact that I will not see any of the pledge drives which happen every 90 days. As well as not be told that their mission is to be diverse about the community and then not really act like it. [That one goes for others as well…if you are claiming to be it, then act like it and do not lie.Otherwise, you can gain more respect for being honest by saying ‘We do not support or even want in our fold XY or Z’]Folks, there is a concept called ‘truth in adverstising’ by all means….damnit, learn it.

Did not meant to let that bit of vitriol there…this is a time truly to be happy about the fact that not only am I back working (off the books) on something I like, but that it, like the diet is coming along. And that ain’t bad. So til next time….from the land of the colortini….enjoy the words as they and the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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