A little life lesson about transition and work thoughts

Things have picked up here , in the work vein. Having been busy over the past few evenings, not only tweaking the website project, but also doing work for one of my longtime clients. I do not mind in the least, after all this keeps the mind from straying and the cats love riding shotgun on the lap of their human mother and making sure she does not make any errors. After all, the more work that comes in, the more organic catnip that is bought for them to snarf down while there are documentaries about the NFL or NOVA on PBS or even those lovely reruns of ‘Caprica’. But there was something that happened, which was work related in its own way…which I need to relate, because it shows in this world that the fears of folks in transition [as in FT…whether or not they are Pre or Non-Op….in the latter case, possibly due to medical issues] can just be those little things which are amplified via the chatroom and other areas. which seem to like being paralyzed by fear [and yes I did mention this little story to my crush, a way of letter her know that being outside, etc is not as frightening as some make it out to be].

Last Friday evening, I took a break from staying home and working on the printer for the long term client and went out to get not only my meds from Target, but some provisions for the weekend from Freddy Kroger. This was actually a quiet evening…not many folks out per se…along with members of the local GirlScout troop selling cookies [I bought a box…after all anything that is made with cranberries can’t be all that bad *S*]. So I went about my usual….yes, that included rocking out in the aisles to Disc 2 of Renaissance’s concert in Japan  from 2001. Yep I was able to get all that I wanted…not straying from the diet [it is still on, working and damn, I am happy over that *S*], along with some cleaning supplies for the PC’s and the digital cameras.

At the checkout, I got my items out, was chatting with the checker about bribing the cats to make sure they did not tear anything apart in the flat [along with the hair collection which a friend of mine and her SO have referred to as the collection of ‘Tribbles’]. In the course of moving my stuff forward and making roon for the persons in back of me…apparently the voice carried and the family in back were the family of one of the drivers on the 72. Yes the printer client…Initially I was in shock as were they. After all….it is not everyday that a driver’s kin run into one of the folks who has made the Springer a little more tolerable.  But we had a good laugh about the previous anonmynity and I mentioned to my client’s wife and kids that we are still working on the printer problem [it was solved…but it was the cartridges that were drier than Needles, California at high noon] and in all likelihood this would be resolved soon enough. More than likely….I will run into these folks again, seeing the Gateway shopping center seems to be near them as well as myself.

If you are wondering, after meeting me…did the client stop calling? No….in fact that is where I have been the past couple evenings…going through every trick in the book and then some to cure not only the reasons why the defrag would not work on the PC in question, but also why there was so little space on the HD in the first place. At no time during the repairs…and in very few of our conversations has the transition been a consuming issue. It is more or less, let’s get this darn thing up and running. Which I felt a little odd about because when finding out WHAT caused the problem…it was some music and pic files loaded on by one of the kids. Several GB’s worth in one folder…so it looks like more job security LOL. But one would think after Friday something would be said about ‘this is who you are getting tech support from?’ Granted, Portland and other places in the US are tolerant…and in same pockets of where no one gives a rat’s*** about what is going on, but this is not a panacea. There are still folks out there who are anal retentive about the issue….and Lord knows I have run into my share. However I chalk those instances up to folks not being that quick on the uptake, not the sharpest tools in the shed, the ones who get their information about the diversity of life through the bottom feeders of talk television and radio. Fact is that over time…along with the right set of circumstances….the worries about who, what or where [no I am not talking about an ancient gameshow on NBC] seem to become about as worrisome as a cloudy day.

And yes this is in the outside or even ‘straight’ population. There are still places where folks in the TG spectrum will see someone like myself and assume that the person should be in performing or even worse. A shame really…almost like a group limitation….something that really does not bode well for those lovely, flowery speeches that come up every now and then about how the outside world likes to deny opportunity, etc which are made by folks who seem to want the limitations in place to make their own egos look good. Someone put it better than I could the other day, in that they would rather have success in the outer world than among the TG same due to the attitudes which are semi-permanent in same. On that one I concur…after all, if I were to hang my shingle in that company and expect business to really come out of same in full, I would be looking at starving as a result.

Before I close this one out….work on the other project is looking great. The new front page is set….with the exception of a few new pics that need to be added. In the other sections…that is a go as well,  just waiting now for the parts for the big data install weekend. If this times out right, I should be doing this just as Gonzaga is getting kicked out of the Elite 8 in the NCAAs *S*. Oh yes…before anyone thinks that the business end of things here is a lot of malarchy, here is a sample [phn # blurred] of the business card which has been papering this area:

Yeppers…..that is yours truly.If you click on it, the larger version will show and it is pretty neat….and a few other folks around here think same as well.

So that is it for now….and from the land of the colortini…til next time enjoy the words and pics as they fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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