Time Marches on ….Rae is a teenager and other thoughts….

If you are wondering why I am leading this one off with a pic of the senior partner here [the same one who rides shotgun on the repair work as well as makes sure I get the emails out to **** because she sees her as the human mom should be with…like I am going to argue with the momcat on this *S*] , it is because as one friend reminded me…yeppers…the oldest cat has hit a milestone. If she were human, this would mean she can officially go to the mall, get an upgrade on the cell phone…and it would mean also that me being mom would be given some gray hairs.

Not that I would mind, very far from it. Both cats, as has been mentioned here are hyperbright, as well as the fact that they do listen to the little lectures here. So in some way, they have been prepared well.  But it is the fact that all this time has passed which does put a lot of things in perspective. Such as that the little ones here are not just pets or accessories….but companions who have their own rythm of life. Be that to the tune of Renassiance on the CD player or when they are engaged in a game of ‘Queen of the Kitty Condo’. And they do not give a damn about yours truly’s status here, either. After all there are no known words in the vocabulary of cats for TG/TS etc. Then again….cats tend to be a little more liberal than other animals, be they the wilder variety or domestic [watch the films about lynx and you will see what I mean]. Speaking of the wilder of the 2…..

Marty will be there Saturday. Seeing the menu is going to be salmon, catnip and water, yeah *S* She is the one here who seems to keep Rae and I young…and that is priceless.

By the by just as a change of gears, heard from one of my friends that her SO got her name change done the other day in court. Took less than the time it takes to order my fave sub from Subway [Oven Roasted Chicken Breast on 7 Grain Whole Wheat with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers and Jalepenos] and just as painless. Granted this was done in Washington State, like mine was about 20 years ago…but the rules have not changed all that much, even with the interference of the fed. And from there it is just a hop skip and a jump to get the other papers taken care of, that being Social Security etc. What does need to be said here is that while there are complaints about how each state does deal with the name change issue, it has to do with that funny little thing about autonomy on how the states handle their own issues. Outside of those where there is federal jurisdiction…like rights issues re: race or religion, if you see what I mean.

There are ways to navigate this, or at the very least finding a friendly county clerk [registrar] who can walk one through the process. If it means waiting to get the op for the rest of the papers to be done…folks be patient. At the risk of sounding like a parent, like I am with the cats….immediacy like a fast food mentality about this does not really serve the person, in that there is going to be stress and that this will in turn lead to other things. Keep in mind too that while one is waiting on that paperwork to eventually get completed….ok fine, still work on the other things to …pardon the term….integrate oneself into the system. This can still be done, it is not like there is a door there made of thick lucite or lexan to prevent one from doing so. It may not be easy, but nothing worth having in this life ever is. If it were, gee everyone would be able to do this as easy as ordering that aforementioned sub.

Not that my example is perfect, far from it. But after the name change in Washington State, the rest of the papers fell into place. Driver’s licence, SSA cards…you get the idea. Even a security clearance when I was working over at the airport here doing computer tech support. And when it came time to renew the ID….what the state of Oregon does now is that they will create a secondary record with the old info, but the PRIMARY info with the current name and gender marker is the one that is immediately referred to and looked at when the a person goes to the DMV. I know, not the most liberal of the government offices no matter which country, but some folks there are willing to work with folks..assuming both are cool on things [sadly too this is also dependant on the state, but it can be done].

Before closing this one out….there is a friend of mine on Twitter who every now and then sends over pics in her posts that are not ust cute [because they include cats *S*] but say a little something. So in that spirit, just to end this on warm fuzzy note [as well as a somewhat subtle message to a certain someone]

So from the land of the colortini [Yes I am aware Marquette is not in the Final Four, goshdarnitall] ….enjoy the words and the pics as they fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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