Work moves ahead, Rae’s Party Pics and something to think about re:transition and what some are demanding of society

Let’s start out with the really good news. The website project is heading towards the clubhouse turn. It is now going to come down to that weekend or two day period for a data load: pics, descriptions etc. This is what I am truly looking forward to, the cats may not because while I will be in the flat, it will mean that I will have a caffiene or Powerade IV connected to the arms with maybe a pizza box [safe variety, either the Lean Cuisine ones or a cheese one from the Hut] or wrappers from eaten subs from Subway. Even with those possible hardships in the place, I really am up for this. Plus there will be the maintenance of same…and as was mentioned before, this will be job security.  That along with the fact I am doing some tutoring….which would be the formal word for it, but helping out members of my twitter family with schoolwork. When a plan works out….yeppers it is such a charge. A beautiful thing….an amazing thing.

This past weekend we had a little celebration of Rachel becoming a teenager. 13 and she is still acting like a kitten, although the curent standard joke is that she wants a cell phone, her own notebook [and one for Marty] and her own account on the net. Yes I know she wants to be spoiled and both kitties are worth it. And in the area of them being spoiled:

Yes the girls had salmon and organic catnip. Nothing but the best for them. As Rae was digging the dish, Marty decided to do her overseer

bit LOL. Her day will happen in October, the 11th to be exact. So she saw what hers will be like *S*

[Before I get to the next part here…a little sidebar to that dear friend of mine: Hon, this is what I was referring to via other means. It is meant as being advisory and questioning the motives of others, not You or I or those folks who I am close to who do not act as what is going to be mentioned]

Now we get to something here that really has me a little upset and it has to do with the issue about transition and some of the hypocrisy involved in same. When one sees a media representation of those who have gone FT and then are living as ‘productive members of  society’, invariably the image is what looks like what one would find in Fargo [not the movie, but the town….and the town actually is more liberal, but y’all get the idea]. Which as I have mentioned before is fine, if the US was a monochromatic society. But we are not and when the representation turns to those TG’s of colour, it is usually of a purient taint and then some. What is worse is that the view as to why this is the case is economics. That actually is not a good argument, due to the fact that if one were to find those who are of similar economic status, there appears to be a rather strong bias. And some do not see it as that…..hence, there is a rank and file portion that sees nothing wrong with this circumstance. But there is a lot wrong with it, in that if this division is shown in the media constantly..and with an American populace that to be kind….is getting dumber by the day, they will and do in turn see this as the way it is.

The other results of this type of influence extends to how TGs of colour are treated, be it work wise or in healthcare. As in there being a rather negative view…unless the person is on stage or is a person of the evening. Then the help and resources for same come from the POV of ‘poor poor pitiful person’, at times worse than how feral animals are treated. No this is not a universal type of circumstance, but it happens many many more times than some will admit. There is a need for some honesty about this, instead of encouraging the divide.

Dovetailing on this, there was a discussion on one site the other night about ENDA, which is the Employers Non-Discrimination Act. This was a bill in Conress that, in theory would prevent discrimination against anyone based on the same characteristics listed in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but would extend this to gender, as in TG’s etc. In theory a nice idea/bill/law..but my problem with this has to do with those who have been lobbying for same. This is not meant to sound like a scratched CD, but the sponsors of this bill again are out of the Fargo mode, but the true insidiousness of this has to do with the fact that many of these folks were the same ones who did not want to see a bill like the ’64 one. Or Affirmative Action, or equal rights for females or immigrants for whom English is a second language. Not just the sponsors, but also many of the supporters of said same legislation. In short demanding protections from the society that there were blatant, obvious and open attempts to blunt for others. If one were to even bring this up, it seems that it is dismissed quicker than a line officer would do with a non-com in the millitary.  Thankfully…at least from the view of this desk…the bill died on the congressional floor.

Granted there are those who have had the Ebenezer Scrooge epiphany and realize their previous actions were detrimental, but many others are myopic about this. So much so it is rather pathetic. With the bill dead, the best thing that can be done is at the state level, if only that seeing that gender is not one of those immutable characteristics that the ’64 law covers…it should be handled on that basis. If any of you are reading this and think that it means being discriminatory on my part, then you were not paying attention and are sorely mistaken. I am not in favor of it, I do not want to see those who have blatantly benefitted from the bigotry practices of the past try to usurp the laws which were meant to protect those who were not so lucky, be it by fate or by birth. Such as do this by merit and not by those who are ‘X more than thou’.

Let me close this out with a little story about hiring or placing people based on skills and not on other issues.  Once upon a time, in the mid-70’s, Danny Murtaugh who was the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates did something one night in a game against their crosstate  rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies which no one thought would happen. At the beginning of the game, he and the Phillies manager brought out their lineup cards to the home plate umpire. Routine. They started the game. Routine. Then in the middle of the first inning, one of the umps walked over to Danny and mentioned to him ‘Do you know you put an all black lineup on the field?’, to which Danny said ‘I did not see race, all I saw was they had Pirates uniforms on’. History. For the first time…..Murtaugh and the Pirates crossed a line, made history just because the guys on the field were out there because of their skills, not because of race. One would hope that folks in the TG community would act in a similar fashion like Danny. Such as employing their own, as well as not having a mindset that sees some others as not being worthy of consideration.

So that is all for now. And from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the thought provoking words as the pics fly through the air.


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