Another milepost gone by…and maybe another 30 good years and other musings…

Of all things…..during the hoopla on this end dealing with Rachel becoming a teenager…which I am still amazed and happy about….as well as the website project, which as you read this the official data input, as well as the coding, recoding and re-re-re coding will be this coming weekend, there was something else I had forgotten. I had passed a major medical milestone and it really slipped the mind. This has to do with the issue of the heart problems and to be honest, I would not have paid that much attention to this marker if it had not been for celebrating Rae’s passage to her next phase in the 9 lives.

What I mean in my case is that I am beyond that 2-3 year extreme monitorring period for congestive heart failure. While I have had a little bit of a debate with Steve, my midwest brother as well as my cardiologist about this time period, it is generally accepted that once one gets beyond gray zone, then the rest of life is wide open. Assuming one takes their meds, is on a good diet, gets the right and proper amount of excercise and does not abuse the body…they will not have to worry about an expiration date for a while. Which in my book can mean 20 maybe even 30 more years. Not that I am setting my own ‘use by’ date LOL…I am crazy but not insane. However the way I figure it….let’s set the upper limit on the time and look at 30.

Now it is an issue of what to do with the time. it goes without saying that the cats will be around for a sizeable portion of the trip. As I have mentioned to others that if the kitties were not here, if Rae and Marty were not around to look after me in their own way….I probably would not be here, mentally. There is something to be said about the mothering or the nurturing instinct of animals, in particular cats. And these two just brought that to another level. Keeping their eyes on me, practically staring me down if it looked like I was going to do something stupid. So I know they or their latter day representatives will be around….

Two aspects of work come to mind as far as what to do with the time in a positive vein. I do know that there will be more coding work coming in, as well as repairs. The coding I did not think I would actually enjoy as I have but it is something of a twisted creative outlet… sort of like baking cookies for a novice cook [which is what I am, in spite of my culinary efforts as mentioned before LOL] But there will be more work coming up after word about the site gets around. And the repairs…well those will always be there, as long as some manufacturers continue on the path of planned obsolesence, where machines are made to last about as long as the Edsel.  [LOL I know I am dating myself by bringing that one up  *S*…but I was only …oh nevermind how old when it was taken off the market *S*] But as folks keep theirs around longer due to the fact that the economy has not really recovered means there will be work.

Plus I am still going to tutor. It is a great thing to share what I do know with the cats, but darnitall, they are not in school or uni and hence, they are not tested on it. When the folks I know who I do help and tutor do get tested on XY or Z,  they do well. I guess that comes with the territory when one puts on their Twitter profile they the ‘cool mom’ to some folks there. That in itself is a blast and puts a major smile on the face.

Oh yeah seeing a lot of those folks are my friends, I would love to spend the bulk of the time nurturing those friendships. Like the cats, many of these people are the ones who have helped me to maintain the sanity. Plus I am finding that the energy that comes out of these relationships keeps me feeing happy and young. Not like what was mentioned in the classic Twilight Zone episode called ‘Kick The Can’, but you get the idea.  And with that of course I want to get to know better my crush, who is as important to what goes on here as anyone else, actually moreso. What I want to share there is more than what I do with anyone else, outside of the cats….and hey in 30 years there is a lot to be shown, discussed, shared, laughed over and commiserate with. Plus because we do have photography in common…it would be so great if we could pool what we have in the way of equipment and skills…after all, I would love to share the fact I bridge both film [Yashica SLR’s] as well as digital [AGFA for digital cameras as well as scanners/software] eras LOL. [Again folks I am mature but not that old!!!]  But it would so much for this to happen….that along with those crazy specialty dinners I try to create. [The cats like them, but they are bribed with catnip *S*] And if my oldest cat says this is the human she wants me to be with…gee what does that tell you????*S*

If you are wondering  if because of my TG status if I am going to get i nvolved in the politics of it during this time period, the answer it in the following way. It would be nice to get involved in the political process, but as one looks around, it is no longer something which is done for the common good, but for the egotistical rewards of those who are claiming to be ‘leaders’ in same. Not all, however an overwhelming majority.  This along with what has been mentioned in this space before and on other occassions about the lack of overall awareness that the community encompasses more than would look like what one sees on the ground in International Falls, Minnesota in the middle of winter [nothing against the falls, remember folks I used to live in MN and it is a nice place, just those 10 months of winter followed by 2 of summer, I mean road construction *S*].And with all of the damage that has been done by what was mentioned [along with at times the subculture which makes a mockery at times of the behavior of females in particular which I will not detail here….it is shown more often than not in many other places], it does not seem to be logical, let alone make sense to want to deal with all that stress to gain very little. That is not meant to be vicious or sound selfish, it is a realistic assesment …and in my own view the best way to get things done is to work with people in the vein of not making the status the prime motivator, but what is in common way beyond that. 

Well enough of that for now….there should be another post up after this weekend when I am done with the site construction….as well as drained the caffiene IV and the frozen diet pizzas and Chinese food. Yes it will all be safe and good for the diet….or else I will hear about it from my ‘gang of 5’ as well as the cats. So til then…from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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