A little break in the action, along with another little lesson….

We have reached that time of year. There is an actual big yellow disc in the sky, which legend has it is is the sun. The neighbors have decided to attempt BBQing, which as I type this smells like they went over to yon friendly Union76 station and mistook the premium gas for lighter fluid. Hence, what they are cooking will end up being a pure carbon product. And of course it being this late in the Spring, the winter sports of pro basketball and hockey are ending their seasons. Yep….it is the beginning of our warm season.[Also it is Memorial Day Weekend..thanks vets for your service]

On this end, we caught a minor break on the work. My client is still over the moon as to how this is working out. As of last week, I did some more minor tweaks to the look of a couple of the potential pages….’potential’ meaning that they are set, just waiting for the data to come down, in the process getting at the very least about a month or so AHEAD of what needs to be done. So while there is a little downtime due to other things that are going on with the client, I have the time to get out and enjoy the natural source of Vitamin D, watch DVD’s with the cats and get the home a little more together. That as well as make sure the home network is is good order, which it is minus a couple tweaks. So we’re having a little fun with the downtime.

Plus I am spending a little more time in Twitter and Facebook than on a couple other places, in that it is just fun to be with folks and talk over a rather diverse level of topics and not be limited to a narrow bandwidth of same in order to be considered a ‘viable party’. Yes I know this seems to be a somewhat ongoing theme, which has been mentioned to **** in letters and otherwise for a long time, however it is true. When one is limited in what is being talked about or cannot offer a POV which may run counter, but is just as valid….there is not so much growth as it is tantamount to a form of bullying. Bad enough that there are kids who are doing this in the high tech vein online, but when adults do same it, then it is not just sad, but sickening. Add to this the fact that these behaviors are passed on and well…the cycle is maintained. Ridiculous, isn’t it?[And before someone says I am calling anyone out without using names, that is not the case…this crap has been going on for quite some time..no matter who or what organization owns the site. As well as the fact that these are generalities, if I were to mention specifics about how race or religion is seen in same….this would get extremely ugly, due to there being folks who will actually defend those negative remarks. Again, it is ridiculous]

However, let’s press on to other things, more positive things. I do mention to **** each night that she is in the thoughts here…along with the fact that Rachel insists that I get these out. This time of year is also the one where there is a need to share the sun being on display, the people in downtown actually being friendly [well NW PDX and the Hawthorne, Belmont, NE Broadway and Sellwood included] and those lovely sunsets which when looked at from parts of town on the river are killer, when one looks at their effect on the mountains…it is something to behold. The cats know about these, but they have been saying in their own way ‘you need **** here to share this, mom!!!’So the invite has been made and it is indefinitely open.

This reminds me too that there are some killer folks I would love to see out here so we can hang together. Again it is not because of narrow interests, but because of that wide pallet of what we have in common. In it’s own way, being around them is like a version of the Twilight Zone classic ‘Kick The Can’ [the original is fantastic, the movie version makes me cry it was so well done]. While it is almost an automatic that the good feelings are there, I do love these folks a great deal. Plus they are aunts and uncles to my little ones as well LOL!

One little lesson came out of last week…actually two of them. The first has to do with just going into a local Radio Shack and getting the upgrade on the cell. Now there was nothing about ‘we will not be able to do this because ______’ ,no bs like that. The main issue was getting the correct account number and then choosing a phone. That was it. Plus I gave out my business card….and we had a few laughs about how long the verification process on the phone took. At no time did the general mantra of ‘they will not help me because I am TG’ ever come to mind because that did not happen. No fraking way. This was fun.

The other one came out of left field and in a good way. One of the folks I know on twitter saw me over by Target after I had picked up my meds. We talked about this the other day and found out we have been in the proximity of each other for a while. COOL…so I promised to drop in and pass on a few cards when I am in the area next. Which I have to anyhow, there is another eye exam due. Good news….hey none of the self-limiting terms were a part of the ‘I saw you at _____’ chat. WOW.

So that is it for now….til next time from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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