Once upon an afternoon not so dreary, with an ‘oilchange’ that was more than cheery

Some of you are probably wondering why would I want to paraphrase in the title of this post a line from Poe’s ‘The Raven’ . Well as **** will attest to in the emails that I do send out, the sense of humour here tends to be a little on the warped side. And yes it was another ‘oilchange’ that went surprisingly well.

First off, in comparisson to last week, the folks at Tri-Met actually got me there on time. Well more ahead of time. Like by about an hour, which was ok. This allowed me to people watch, was going to save the listening of the portable CD player and the airguitar sessions  for the market after. And when I was seen by Dr. Nick, it was nice to know that this was 99.99% positive. Here is why….

He reviewed the last test results and in his estimation, things are stable and working out as they should. YAY…that was nice to hear, not just from him…but it did confirm that the work that has been going on since Dr. Riley read me the riot act. In fact it was mentioning that which got a little bit of a laugh in the room because Dr. Riley is, as was mentioned here before a really decent, mild mannered person…so when he did get upset with me, it was time to pay attention. As a result, the weight is down, I feel much better as a result and the improvements are noticeable to everyone.

I also thanked Nick and by extention the other docs for, well keeping me off the HRT due to the heart and other issues. In recent months I have seen more cases of folks who were passed on to same c/o a cadre of doctors in the TG world who seem to be ignoring the warning signs to not pass someone on to the protocol. Signs such as heart problems – such as CHF, liver or kidney problems etc. This is not to say someone cannot do what they want, but one would think that a medical professional, no matter what the specialty would see that someone taking steroids/hormones when the body is already in distress due to other reasons is a recipe for disaster. Not just before the SRS, but after the fact in healing as well as other issues. So while it is not PC among some folks to be in the fulltime mode sans any hormone treatment, better to be alive without there being any other hinderances, than for one’s life to be limited due to the body being hindered. Again, not that all folks who do go through with the HRT, etc. are in that boat – saying so would be mean spirited and that is not something being implied here….but gee…it seems to be going around like a bad virus, if not worse in some circles.

By the by there were two other items that made this a good visit. Nick suggested a little workaround the issue that there are some eye docs who are reluctant to issue a script for color contacts if there is insurance involved. Yes, it seems that in some places, the state insurance plan [which I am on] will cover contacts, but not the color ones. No worries…either I can pay out of pocket for the contacts script or Nick will refer me to someone who may be able to do this, sans additional paperwork hassles. And the second item was a little more pertinent. That being if heaven forbid if the Fed were to truly default and Oregon was not able to get their portion of the funding from the fed…I will still be able to see him and the other members of the ‘gang of 5 that keeps me alive’. This means the world, as I told my sister as well as **** before, that this means it has been right place, right time all along. While it was not apparent at the time the illnesses started, wow it has been made clear ever since.



Well so much for the ‘oilchange’. The site project is moving along, which is another thing I could not be happier about. In fact it is ahead of time on this end, which is good thing in itself, due to the fact it allows me to the time to fine tune its overall look and get feedback about additions to same. As of now, this is on target for being up and running by the end of August, give or take a few days. It is not something I worry about…so far every step of the way has worked out as it should.

So now with all of the above news being what it is, time to get a few things back to life here at Chez RoyalBadnesses. And with that….from the land of the colourtini…..enjoy the words as the pictures fly through the air.




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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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