Carrying off Chiefs’ Red, work is progressing and another little thing to think about…..

Chiefs’ Red?? You are probably scratching your heads while looking at that and wondering ‘what the heck is Randi talking about???’ I am sure the one who I am smitten with is thinking the same thing….as in ‘she has gone mental or off the rails!!’ Well here is what I mean. The other evening, I treated myself to a little trip to one of the thrift shops that I have not been to in about a year. Yes they still remember me, which is a great thing *S* Anyhow this was to celebrate the new work which has come in and to continue the good feeling from that last ‘oilchange’. Ok that and check to see if they have any used road bikes.


In any event, I was able to pick up two tops and after making the purchase, it dawned on me that the colours of the tops were the main ones of the two main NFL teams Rachel and Marissa follow: Cherry Red of the Kansas City Chiefs and Powder Blue for the San Diego Chargers. Hmm, it seemed like fate, if not coincidental due to the fact that the past week c/o Netflix, I had DVDs of the two teams histories. This is in lieu of the fact that these teams, along with the rest of the NFL family are in the middle of a lockout as this is being typed, which would put a damper on the kitties rooting for them. As well as my rooting for the Green Bay Packers to repeat. But I think there was another reason for why these tops, those colours were picked up. And it is a collective irony with those teams, the original league they were a part of and what some people, in particular the gender folks can learn from


was collectively referred to as ‘The Foolish Club’ back in 1959, when the league was formed.

Here is what I mean: yes granted how the AFL did things was a little different from the NFL. They had the 2 point conversion, their teams played an offensive style that left folks turning their heads and rendered defensive statistics irrelvant and they gave older castoffs from the NFL a second and third chance. But there was something else, in particular something that was insisted on by the founder of the league, Lamar Hunt. That was there was to be no discrimination based on race in the AFL.  Which seemed to be an odd concept for a sports league which was founded by a Texan and several other folks who were thought of as being looney, if not somewhat narrow in their view of society. And while the senior NFL was mired in tradition as well as a level of stodgyness that would place them in the same arena as some Fortune 500 firms  [The Packers under Vince Lombardi did not operate like that, which made them one of the exceptions in the league during the 60’s] the AFL was much more open. It was the qualifications that spoke for the players. Which accounted for black quarterbacks [Marlin Briscoe], starting middle linebackers [Willie Lanier among others] and those who came in from Europe to play [Jan Stenerud].

If you are wondering what the hell this has to do with gender issues, or those spouted by what can at best be called at times the ‘alphabet soup’ folks, take a good look at some of the video material that was either uploaded to You Tube during ‘Pride Month’ here in the US.  Or look at support group meetings or social gatherings. Get The Picture?????Not all are like that, this is not to paint with an all encompassing brush, that would be vicious and mean and would be also without full faith and credit in doing so. But it would appear that the gender folks can learn from the AFL; while sports seems to be despised in some cases because it is not [SIC] ‘female enough’, there is something to be learned from that bunch of ‘dumb jocks’ who were in this league from1960 til its merger with the NFL in 1970 [even though papers were signed for this in 1967, the merger did not take full effect until  the AFL dissolution in 1970 after Super Bowl IV]. After  all…if these folks can look beyond something as volatile as race to create something which lasted long enough to force a merger…folks who are not engaged in such a pursuit can do the same thing and really make the ‘rainbow flag’ a reality.


So that is it for now. There was no offense intended, you can even ask **** about what I do say. In no way shape or form would I want to here say anything which would be cruel or lacking a base in reality, plus if I mention a problem, a solution would be mentioned as well. Call it balance. And with that…til next time…..from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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