Of mental health days, progress with work and of course hope for….

Every once in a while there is a need to just take a ay away from work…be it in an office or working from home,  the latter of which is the case here. And it was good to do so, seeing that the front page of the site and some new pages of the specialty tube section of the site have been done. So on Monday of this week, I just decided to take a little time for some extra nap time with the cats, get more pics with the Chiefs Red [besides, they are my oldest’s fave NFL team and they will be back playing seeing the CBA issues are settled], go on an errand run and of course chat online. Yes it was needed and now I have a little bit more of a perspective on the time that this project will be up and running.

Due to a few other issues that I am not at liberty to go into detail about, we now have more time to get this right. There is a major difference between let’s say getting the site to market, mistakes be damned and have it up there to say it is up there and getting the kinks worked out, in such a way that it minimizes the possible problems in searching and ordering the product makes sense. Which is going to be dealt with next after this new section is done. Seeing that a shopping cart has been put aside for the time being, a simple order form will be used….until traffic warrants it. And this will be of course, after the hosting issue is taken care of. I see that as just one of those little gremlins in the woodwork for the site. However with all said, I am happy with the progress of the coding….it can be tedious and is not for those who are into instant, blatant gratification. But this is something that one does if there is a goal in mind and they want to get the best possible job done….as in full personal oversight of same.

One of the other things about the day is it allowed me to hang out, online…with folks who I have come to care about a great deal, as well as get into some pretty damn decent conversations about a plethora of items. While many of these folks who are in twitter are younger than I am….by a few years at least….there is something to be said about the maturity and connection with life of same vis a vis in other places. Amazing as well as encouraging and I would not trade this ‘family’ of mine there for anything on the planet. Which is why  I am spending more time on twitter due to the fact that in one place, there was a conversation that showed there is such a severe disconnect from society, as well as a myopic view of history that it was disgusting. This was one of those which makes me think ‘why in the hell are we as a society supposed to go to bat for a marginalized group which had succeeded in many ways not only via stepping on the rights of others and now that some are in transition want to usurp the same rights they wanted to deny others?’ Yes I know it is a long question, but it is a more than fair one considering there has been the comparison bet the civil rights movement and those who are LGBT…and the comparison is not even close. Plus in recent years, the true colours of same have been coming through, which are not pretty. Hence it makes the case for being in a place where true diversity actually does exist, not through some disengenous proclaimation of same. Put another way, if I wanted to be treated to hype and dishonesty, I can always go to yon friendly neighborhood used car dealer several blocks south of here.

Oh yes, about hope. I have made the offer to **** about working on the project as an open ended one, not that it was not before. In addition to hoping that she and I do get together at some point in this life, I hope that she takes me up on this and get a chance to show the skills. To some this may seem like it is a ‘line’, which my friends…as well as my cats  can assure and attest to it is not. Yes, I know there is a problem with sincerity and there is an image out there that some are not capable of it…this person is. If I were not, well my docs would have dismissed me as a patient, my cats would hate me and the work project would not be there. [Oh yes…my cats are the ones who are most insistent that **** be here because they want their mom to be with the human who THEY like *S*]


So that is it for now…til another time…and from the land of the colourtini…enjoy the words as the pic fly through the air……


About rheapdx1

Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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