Not bad for going against conventional wisdom…..

‘Conventional Wisdom’ you may be wondering when looking at the title of this from the desk of Yours Truly. Well it depends on what the arena is that the ‘CW’ comes from [no I am not referring to a bottom feeding over-the -air television network here in the US] . In this case, the CW would have to do with this idea of staying the course of not doing anything which would interfere with the ongoing recovery from the illnesses that have been mentioned here before.

This past week, I had an appointment with Wai, the rheumatologist and in the course of same, it was mentioned that the treatments I am on…including using Uloric [which was an experimental med to lower the uric acid level, but is now available as a regular prescription drug] has not only helped things become more stable [see a couple posts back about the numbers as read by Todd the nephrologist], but seemed to be normal or below same. Yes I find the irony in using the word ‘normal’ and myself in the same sentence, let alone the same paragraph a little odd but that was the case.  This extends to the blood pressure, the chemistries and even the weight. [the last one is not to brag, but it seems that I have dropped about 4 dress sizes…so I am now swimming in those sweaters that used to give the impression I could either be a tight end/flanker back or a small level enforcer for the Minnesota Wild NHL team] . Which was even odder in this is because things are going so well, the majority of our conversaton during the exam was spent talking PC repairs as well as also trying to get another primary doc at the clinic Nick was at. For some reason, he had left for newer horizons and I want to continue seeing someone at the same practice. After all…they know me and they put up with the ‘crazy redhead’ and my tales of the latest antics of TheRoyalBadnesses. CW here would say go look for someone else, expecially if they had openly suggested several other clinics within earshot. But no….me being stubborn I am insisting on going to the same place where after if the news is good, all I have to do is walk across the parking lot to yon friendly neighborhood Freddy Kroger.

Another bit of going against the CW of some places is that even with the good medical news I did not ask for nor insist on being put on the HRT. Oh yes…this is something which could be considered a bit on the heretical side because after all, no one who is transgender is legitimately unless they are on the HRT or is heading towards the SRS.  Which is rather short sighted thinking to this mind, but also does not make sense. When there are close to 100 folks who have recently seen your medical records, have consulted on the medications and know that anything which will tinker with the progress in getting back to a healthy state of mind is counterproductive, one does listen to the professionals and not to those who would best be called ‘bullies’. Frightening that there is this bullying which does go on unchecked…and it does not make for better people as a result. But others who are a little more experienced in the overall after-effects/results of this type of hazing crap can explain much better than I why the armtwisting does not help the individual in the least.

The good medical news also led to another nice bit of counter CW while at the store after. Instead of celebrating by picking up some heels that would probably screw up the feet, I got another pair of mocs and then it was off to Freddy’ for another session of air guitar bass in the deli aisle. That AG session was enhanced by the fact that the Ren disc I was listening to was their concert with the Royal Philharmonic from over 40 years back. Something needs to be said here: classical rock is killer, it is even more so when it is done live with a full orchestra. And when it is loud….then it is all the more fantastic [There was a mention of this when Emerson, Lake and Palmer had an orchestra with them during their ‘Works’ tour back in the 1970’s. Time magazine had mentioned the sound was such that it could core an apple at 100 feet from the stage]. Which is what I had this at, volume wise and WOW…a song like ‘Can You Understand’ [one of the lyric gems from the mind and pen of the late Betty Thatcher] becomes all the more impressive.

When the trip was over, I got online to share the good news with **** and my online family over on Twitter. In the name of disclosure, **** has been let in on practically everything that has happened here medically and the great progress that has been made c/o ‘the gang of 5’. But it is those kids who I tutor…that part of the twitterfamily….which was equally as great to share this with. It has been mentioned here before that I am very happy that the relationship with them has become closer, no different than if we were in person. Each of them knows that no matter what happens that the help and love will be and always shall be unconditional. I know, it is against the CW to say this online because well, there are those who tend to pretend while being in back of the keyboard. But the relationships here run way counter to that convention…..including a couple folks who are amazingly wise beyond their years. They are people who I would give the eye teeth to have run to after the doc’s visit because of the amazing minds  and hearts. And even though they are in classes or busy with other items, they are always in the heart here because there is just something really, really special going on that one hopes never goes away. That in turn has helped me turn back the clock on my odometer…a real life version of let’s say the old Twilight Zone episode ‘Kick The Can’.

One last bit of going against the CW. There is that particular day coming up in February which some celebrate by being around those they love….some in Chicago in the last century did so by ‘discussing’ with their business competitors the meaning of ‘respect’ However I would love to be able to celebrate that day either with **** or with those kids who I am connected to. Heck, I would even expand on the dinner that was mentioned in a post around that time last year.But if home cooking and an evening of classical rock featuring Renaissance and the Moody Blues…via DVD and CD would not be doable…perhaps going out to one of the more expressive gourmet pizza places would do. Nothing overt…..just good food, good conversation and sharing in the fact that there are some really special people in my life.


So there it is for now……Til next time…..from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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