A rookie does the ‘oilchange’ and the news from there was good….

Well after a few months, I was able to secure a followup ‘oilchange’ with the new doc, hence the title of this dispatch. And by new I mean that Courtney is fresh out of her residency and is now a part of the ‘Gang of 5’, which means she is taking Nick’s place. I may have mentioned this before, but he had left the practice here. I do not know why, nor did I pry the folks at the clinic. After all, that was and is his call on this and for that it is to be respected. However, with that said, it was a bit of a change in that,  now I am being seen in the Family Health division of the clinic.  Which is a slightly different animal in itself, if what I have seen is any indication. It is a little more of a specialized practice…which I am cool with.  And after the little ‘discussion’ with them where I had to ‘go all Brooklyn on their hides’ because of an insurance issue, we are on the same page. [This led to a posting in twitter of  ‘NEVER EVER **** WITH A BROOKLYN KID!!!!’]

Where was I? Oh yes….Courtney is an amazing doc and it was as though from the first few min we had known each other for a while. We went over the medical background…which included not only a discussion about …the obvious [more on that one later] but also about the diet I am on, how the heck I ended up with Dr. House’s  favortite go to, catch all illness…sarcoidosis [in the case here, the pulmonary variety, which had an optical component], what I do to keep the sanity here, seeing that the combined illnesses that I do have placed me on the disability list and other items.  It was a blast, we were joking at times about what was going on, which is a plus. After all that has gone on, it makes a great deal of sense to have a sense of humour about this, even if it is in a jugular vein. To be honest,  I was sad that this visit had to end.

Now we did talk about the obvious….and she confirmed what has been mentioned by my Iowa Brother, Steve the cardio. And that was that the HRT is a complete and total no-no if anyone has Congestive Heart Faliure or the initials of same, CHF on their medical jacket.  Where this got even more interesting is that there is now a body of thought or rather a growing consensus that even prescribing the HRT as freely as it had been in the past for females is no longer such a great idea, if only due to the side effects in same.   Yes, with natal females, this can be done but seeing that the body has had a lifetime to get used to the effects of same, there is …at least in theory and practice, less of a severe reaction. But for those who are TG folks, barring that there is one hell of a good genetic background, the side effects can cause problems which would be akin to what happens when one is given prednisone. Just a little history lesson here: prednisone is a medication that is indicated as a very effective treatment for many inflamatory illnesses, including…surprise, surprise…sarcoidosis. It works like gangbusters, but it has at least 32 different side effects to same…some of which are rooted in circulatory problems, as well as mental changes which could even result via long term use in ‘roid rage’. So it, along with it’s cousins who also are …again, surprise surprise….those medications in the HRT like estradiol are medications that need to be carefully prescribed, much like any other whose benefits are outnumbered by its detractions. 

This leads back to the fact that Courtney followed in Steve’s and Nick’s stead in this and put the keibasch on the HRT and I am happy with that. After all, if I did take it, due to one of it’s other effects could have nulified the weight loss, as well as other improvements to the overall visage [which again, I do credit part of that to being around those folks I tutor and rap with, who even though they are online and a ways away from here, have been wonderful for the soul. This includes **** as well, for whom there are nightly dispatches from this version of the Western Front].  Considering where I was 4 years ago [and if my cats could talk, they would tell anyone their mom was in really bad shape at the time the multiple maladies started]

Seeing that this exam went as well as it did, this sets the stage for the next exam with Wai in the upcoming week. The way things are going, something says that this will be just another one where the chat will center more on what is going on outside of the illness. If this tells you anything about what the level of the relationship with Wai is, consider that he mentioned that I should insist that I keep seeing the docs over at Nick’s former office if only due to the fact that the law is on the side of the patient. Meaning that the patient does have the right to be seen at the same facility they have established a track record through. Plus one of the clinics that was mentioned bore a resemblance to the one I went to when I was younger…which was the same one that blew the diagnosis at the time which led to the one for …..ta-da……sarcoidosis.  And to think, there is something to be said about the serendipidyof circumstances.

Before I close this one out, I do need to post something here about what else gets the mind in a state to deal with the world. I initially posted this to Pinterest and Facebook but I thought that gee, maybe my muses need to be shown here as well. The big blue book is an out of print book of sheet music of Renaissance’s best material, the box in the middle is the CD/DVD box set from their 40th Anniversary tour…the white button is a pin from the ‘Azure d’ Or’ tour [first one I saw them on] and the two CD cases…on the left ‘Novella’ and on the right ‘Land of The Rising Sun’ which was their live recording from Japan in 2001. To some, this may seem to be seem to look like part of a slight obsession…but to here this is part of what keeps the mind from going completely to blazes.

And with that, it is time to close out this tome til another time. So from the land of the colourtini, enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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