New doc, same path which works here, in spite of the myopia and shortsigthedness of others..

If one is wondering why the initial image here is a springtime outfit, this had to do with a couple changes here. Part inspired by a post a friend of mine made on another site about hoping the weather would warm up for same, the other part having to do with me being able to do so on my part and feel good about same c/o the work of those docs of mine. That along with somewhat strict adherance to a recommended diet. Not bad, eh? Nope…not bad at all…

As those who have been following the recent dispatches on this blog know, there has been a change in the lineup among those who are a part of the ‘gang of five who keep me alive’ and I could not be happier. Yes, Nick is on to other things, but Courtney has now come into his place …and her doing so is no different than when the Mets in the 80’s could interchange Wally Backman with Mookie Wilson in the lineup as part of the 1-2 punch behind Lenny Dykstra. During the first visit it was obvious I was dealing with someone who knows her stuff  COLD and that is wonderful. Right off the bat, it was less a session of  ‘just the facts, ma’am’ a la Joe Friday and more like we were talking medical issues over iced teas and designer pizza in downtown. And we had a laid out a continuation of the path that Nick and the rest had charted ti make sure that I would be around for a good while.

Although the ‘oilchange’ after the first visit was a little bit on the shocking side re: a somewhat high creatinine score…this past draw proved that this was not only a blip, but that the rec’s from Courtney as well as from Wai  had paid off. With the numbers trending the way they should, the chances of there ever going back to a level 2 failure for the kidneys is unlikely…HOWEVER the chances of keeping things where they are now and not getting worse is doable for the long forseeable future.  It helps too that I am just a tad north of 220lbs at this point. Way down from where I was last year…..if I can only get down to my former cycling weight [which I mentioned in a letter to **** Is the goal for the end of the year] Which would not be such a bad thing in the least…..Plus more of the clothes I have will look better….as will the rest of yours truly *S*

By the by one of the other items that did come out during the visit with Courtney was that the CHF which is on the jacket will dissalow ever going on the HRT. Ok I can deal with that…after all…there have been recent reports about how bad this can be longterm for post menopausal females [yes this came out on CNN and has been backed up by other articles and reports to the same effect.] And it is known that longterm usage of any type of hormone or steroid has effects that far outweigh any benefits in same. But there are those who are a part of this ‘by any means necessary generation’ who see this as being well more bull durham from a nanny state. After all [sic] these folks were mentally destined to do this and who is anyone else to tell them they are wrong?

Well using another example here, one can see that the nannies, or for that matter the docs who are wanting to ask for caution may be on to something. The example here is about smoking. There are those who will smoke in spite of the warnings which are ever present because it is or was ‘cool’ to do so.  Well it may have been cool, but the longterm result of this is where someone is struggling for their next breath, while other organs are fighting to operate as they were intended. Rather sad but this it does make one wonder though….

Now the fact that I cannot get on the HRT is not a bad thing…and there are others who are in my position. There is however this rather myopic view among many in the TG community that one is not legitimate if they have not or are not on the HRT [goes along with going to the ‘right’ clubs, the ‘right’ doctors…as in the HRT cabal…y’all get the idea]. Which is a rather mean spirited view, almost kindergarten like in that respect. Worse is if someone wants to go beyond the ‘gender ghetto’ to have a life.  While each of us has an opinion of how one should deal with life, the thinking at least from this flightdeck is that one should not limit themselves in order to get a blessing from a community which bullies it’s own in ways that would even some punks look around and say ‘Whoa!!’ [the internal bullying gets a little worse if one were to throw ethnicity into the mix.The community as mentioned before has a rather abysmal track record in this regard and is only now trying to act like it is being decent seeing that the POTUS has endorsed gay marriage and other PC causes. But should he lose his office this year…then things will revert back to it’s normal state of  ‘vanilla’ being the flavour of choice over at Baskin Robbins and the rest are seen as being much like the sewage that is in the Hudson River.Oooops I should ammend that one….not so much sewage as long as the person is an ‘entertainer’…use your imagination on that last one….or someone who is walking the Minnesota Strip]  Dickens if he were to see this would wonder why these adults, like others did not learn the lesson from ‘A Christmas Carol’, where in the voice of Jacob Marley…was said that man should go about his bretheren  to be benevolent and that mankind should have been his business.

Speaking of getting back to the original programming, that should be happening here as well.  New work should be coming down from the client, I am still tutoring ‘my kids’ online which is still an absolute trip in itself because the payoff is the good grades, the graduations, the furthering of life with the CV’s…all those sorts of things.That as well as being a ‘twittermom’. While it is true I may not have a family of my own, per se….being around these kids, soon to be adults more than compensates for that and they make me damn proud to know them.  Of course the cats are still getting those daily lectures, be they about sports, politics or the fact that Renaissance is on tour again later this year. The kitties know that if Ren shows up here or in Seattle I am going. Plus I want to catch up with one of their keyboardists who I have been talking to online over the years. Rave is a good guy….plus I do want to pick his mind about the keyboard setup he uses. In several ways, his reminds me of what Ren’s original keyboardist John Tout [who is an online buddy as well….and one hell of a damn good person as well] had or what Mick Taylor [who was there during the ‘Time-Line’ period] were using. Plus by that time, another ‘oilchange’ with Courtney [as well as one with Todd] will be on the books.

And with that… is time to close this out. So til next time…..from the land of the colourtini…….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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