An ‘E’ ticket oilchange and the power of good influences…

Let’s start out with the initial reference in the title, which is borrowed from Disney. Once upon a time, the top ticket at either Disneyland or Disneyworld was called the ‘E’ ticket. That meant ‘wow’ the best rides, with a killer experience as a result.  And while my visit with Todd the nephrologist did not sent the mind to stratospheric heights, it was for the soul a confirmation that the right thing has and IS being done here.

The test numbers that I mentioned in the last dispatch had another interpretation and this is what made him estatic.  WHY? This is due to the fact that the numbers are back to where they were one year ago, if not a major improvement.  So while it is still a technical level three failure, the improvements in all the chemistries say that as long as the diet stays where it is, the activities are constant….this will be the case for a while. Hence, that fear of going south of the level 3 is no longer, barring something truly catastrophic. This is a major comfort, in that it goes to say that the right thing has been done all along since Steve the cardiologist ripped into me about my numbers over a year ago.

And to be honest, there has been some help in keeping this the case from other corners, be it in the diet or being kept out of the HRT loop. While I am not going to try to sound mean or go all Bill Maher here…the help I am referring to is when one looks at others in 3-D or even 2-D and see the end results of buying into the excess that some food purveyors want us to because it is ‘our right to do so’ .  Ok, fine…..I get that one, there is however….as I have found out over the past few years, nature or God [however one wants to phrase the powers that be] has a nasty habit of catching up on this.  When one walks into not just the internist’s, cardiologist’s, nephrologist’s office that is or can be the wake up call. The complimentary wake up can happen either on the bus or at yon friendly neighborhood grocery.  Put another way here, when those who are your age look as though they are closer to that meeting with St. Peter than you are because of some other activities…that should stir someone to thinking that they may want to be around for a while to take advantage of the good things in life.

By the by, this is also something I have noticed with those who were passed on for the HRT as well. Barring good genetics  [which not all of us were blessed with and I was not, which I will freely admit to] this can really mess with the visage of the person.  The last two visits I had with my new primary, Courtney …this came out in the discussion. After all, the meds for the HRT have the same warnings about side effects as let’s say what is used to take care of inflamations [prednisone] …with one of the main side effects being an uptick in the weight. This only gets worse if there are high salt or sugar foods in the diet [not a doctor here, folks…but what I am saying the average physician who is worth his or her degree can confirm this]. And as much as the public relations machine in the trans community wants to spin that the HRT does good, etc, if one wants to see the end result of the presurring into this [after all, to some this is how one is considered to be ‘legitimate’….as well as the end result of ‘damn the warnings’], they should go to the market or the complexes of same I go to on the east side of town near one of the interstates and observe for a few hours. Before it is said that I am being crass in saying this, the sad fact is that a close ‘read’ can be done via either mode of dress, gait, speech pattern or even weight distribution. And this is something that is more or less, buried in the name of ‘the right to be ______’.  In that regard, this is no different than the bullying that is done by cults of personality, in order to make others fit in. [Part of why with a few exceptions,  there is a little bit of what is being done here as ‘maintaining distance’ for a while. In doing so one can see the inanity of what is going on and then understand that not only should they seek their own path in this, but also see that this type of behavior, when it happens with children, it is bad nough…but they have time to grow out of it. When it happens with ADULTS, then it gets to be rather ugly…and could very well be passed on. Not the type of legacy many of us would like to leave, if one thinks about it] Which also makes the case for appreciating those who I am close to [including ****, even if that is currently based in the form of a Socratic dialog] because of the good influences in same. The pics being used here and over the last few posts one of the results of that association.

What I mean is that I have learned from them, be it those who I tutor..those who I am a second mom for or just plain chat with in other corners has been incorporated in what goes on here. And this is even from those where the words have not been spoken in a long while….there is something to be said about seeing what works, what is good and utilizing same.  So it just means that the friendly neighborhood geekette looks more like a relaxed  friendly neighborhood geekette, even in dresses [see a couple posts back]. Although I wish some of these folks lived closer to here because as my cats would tell anyone…..their mom can use the company [plus if and when Renaissance comes to town at some point, it would be killer diller to buy a bunch of tickets for my kids to take them to see the band that has kept their mom happy for all those years since she first heard them on WNEW-FM in NYC all those years ago]

Speaking of NYC I saw this one a few days ago while doing research otherwise:

Many years ago, I lived not too far from where the train in question is headed. This was in Brooklyn, the Kensington section…hard by Church Avenue and south of Prospect Park. But here is what was so amazing about the place: It was one of those neighborhoods that was diverse on it’s own, not by decree or proclaimation. Living on the block I was on was like listening to an old progressive rock or jazz radion station….and of all the crazy things, we all got along. Heck…there was even a practically all-white cat on the block named Louis who was the unofficial greeter. But it was something that in some ways, has disappeared over time, like the sunlight one sees as the ‘F’ train heads down the Culver Ramp. Still for a while, this gave me the chance to share a memory with the cats.


So that is the post for now.  The next ‘oilchange’ with Todd is at the end of the year. By that time, the pounds [or for those in the UK, stones…or otherwise kilos] should be south of the 220 or so, the cats will still be after me about why their Chiefs and Chargers have not clinched a playoff spot and hopefully we’ll know if Ren will be here or in Seattle on their tour.  And with that….from the land of the colourtini…..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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