Well it’s now 53 years…another turn around the helium/nitrogen fusion furnace…

Yeppers…it is that. The year has passed, which is not a bad thing in the least. For one, it means that in following the advice on the part of the ‘gang of five’ has actually worked. Ok, it did along with the fact that those folks have also shop in the same food markets I do…hence I could not get away with anything in the way of doing anything strange. Not that I want to. What has been a part of the diet has now become routine. So much so that even the body getting near anything that is not Snapple Tea or pure cranberry juice causes the pipes to stage what could at best be described as a mini revolt.  And this is coming from a person who has mellowed out somewhat over the year.  Although, I should ammend that, because there are still some things that cause another revolt, one not based on the diet…but what could best be described as the attitudes among humans. [Which makes the case for being around cats, excluding certain bipeds, but that I will get to in a bit]

Something about the past year has really started to cause the true colours of people to come out in ways that tend to be more vibrant in the least flattering sense. While leaves that are turning during this season do so as a result of the rythm of the season, the malignant vibrancy among some humans has become practically a year round thing. And in some corners…almost like a hobby or a low-grade profession. For example, the debates among those who are LGBT folks, which while they do have a basis in not seeing anyone get discriminated agains based on status, tend to also show that there are those who act straight out of ‘Animal Farm’. The reference may be lost on some, although it is somewhat appropo…some animals in the novel thought all were equal, but they were more equal than others. Makes for wonderful fiction, but when played out on a real life 24/7 stage, it shows the lack of growth or that there has been a little bit of atrophy in the frontal lobe. And I had thought that a year ago, things would improve. Like the quality of food, the processing speed of computers and the organic grade of the catnip I give the little ones. Sadly the humans did not progress, the other stuff did.

If you are wondering where the tie-in is with the passing of another year in my case, keep reading because it will show up soon enough. Over the year there were things done on my part, in cooperation with others that made for an improvement over the past year. Even the trangender issue became much less of one per se [unless it was needed to play ‘Shell Answer Person’] and things were more centered on the day to day. It was not needed to be obsessed on because it is/was ‘fine you are, now what else can you do in this life??’ And that is a great thing. But with some, it is as though progress is measured as being stuck in first and one half gear.  That is not a visceral criticism, as it is a statement of fact. Which in turn is almost encouraged and ‘rewarded’. That or at times, being the living embodiment of the opening lyrics of the America  song ‘Tin Man’ [which has been referenced before in this space,  but gee…it is such a great song when one REALLY listens to it].  Which I guess is ok…but when others see that misery and the heaping on same one way or another is considered to be a bit of  ‘personal resume enhancement’, it almost seems to fertilize derision. But that is being mean. And in this house, that need to be trapped in misery has been replaced more times than not by some work that has been coming in off and on, research on behalf of others, tutoring and when out and around [when not at the doc’s, playing air guitar bass in the tea aisle at the market. And around here it’s normal]

Professionally, in the year…the work that has been done has been off the books and is now looking at making a media splash sometime in the next few weeks. Without jinxing exactly what is going on, I will say that the odds are better than even money the words will put a place back on the map, insuring that the company will be around for a while.  It’s work, but in a sense it’s an object lesson for my cats [again the issue of ‘what if Rachel and Marissa were my human kids, what type of lesson would I provide here via this endeavour?] as well as a talking point with others about, well…the real world.

Speaking of the other bipeds….over the year I will say this: I have never been happier to be associated with the ones who I help out/tutor because to a person, they are amazing folks. And they do me proud each time they obtain a great grade or progress through their school or uni.  And in helping them I am helping to set the course [albeit in a small way because there are so many folks on the planet] of how the world is going to go. It is not a point to brag about per se, it is just something I do. With a couple other bipeds [one of whom I have given space to in here but not by name], who for various but similar reasons…the heart feels a little more involved. In it’s own way, it is that which makes waking up each day an event to look forward to. And that there is that hope, even if it seems to be unrequited and faithful without qualification that something will work out. If it does, the person in question will be spoiled  and well bragged about because hey….she is my human and I would be hers [do not blame for the terminology. that is how my cats refer to me…as their human *S*. That is of course after I provide the organic catnip and mun-chies].



Well it is that time…yes it’s the end of another dispatch from Chez RoyalBadness. I am hoping that by the next one the humans will become more civil, the availability of organic catnip is not curtailed during the current economic crisis, because that is needed for the kitties to enjoy ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ and that the ones who I am smitten with see that yours truly is not someone out of the lunatic fringe of the community. [While I may not be doing what seems to be  acceptable by others, some of those same others do not have my best interests at heart. One of which is not end up being permanently pissed off in this life]. So til next time….from the land of the colourtini……enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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