Another good inbetween report and now 18 off the end goal…

Although I had mentioned before that there would be a post around the time of the next scheduled ‘oilchange’, there were results that came back from a bloodtest that was done that has me very, very happy. Which also showed that doing the right thing here, even if it is against ‘conventional wisdom’ [check a couple of posts back and you will see a somewhat more detailed explanation] it is working out rather well.

For one; all of the renal or kidney functions are stable. Not bad for what is technically a stage 3 failure, but is still quite good considering where items have been. It also goes to show that the diet has worked in a way that has had very little in the way of drawbacks.  This is a rather interesting feat, considering too that the neighborhood I live in would [if the definition used in ‘Fast Food Nation’, ‘Supersize Me’ and ‘The Weight of The Nation’ was applied] be called a ‘food desert’. That means that what is available in the way of food is not really fresh, but is highly processed. As in… food joints being in more supply, vis a vis supermarkets within easy reach. Well, I do have to ammend that….if one is not so averse to walking, there is a somewhat more diverse and large Safeway about 3/4’s of a mile away from here. But still….we have way too many fast food establishments for this section of town. The end results of the advertising of same can be seen on a daily basis, so much so that at the risk of being crude, if the Seattle Seahawks were looking for replacements for their ‘O’ line, there are more than enough folks to fill the bill. Of course it will not include this person, which leads into the next part of this…

The drop in lbs has been down to 218 and I am as proud of that fact as I am of the numbers of the basic blood and renal chemistries. When Steve the Cardio read me the ‘riot act’ , that was taken to heart.  And this has been part of the overall modus operandi since. Even when my client comes down, I have become hyper-careful about what I get when we go out to dinner after an afternoon of ‘tax evasion’ …I mean shopping [Oregon does not have any sales or VAT tax, so we have quite a few folks who love coming here for the express purpose of raids on Target, Nordstrom’s and Costco].  This has paid dividends, as in I am running more [knees being what they are] or walking a lot more. While the body will occassionally remind me of the disabled status, the weight drop makes all of these easier to deal with.  The goal for the end of the year is to be at 200…and something says it will happen.

In the meantime, to keep me busy and the mind off of food…aside from the cat-staffing duties, there has been quite a bit of off and on research for others that has come in, copyrighting and the variable PC repairs.  On the second item, there is still that charge that comes from helping folks with items for a class and then the marks after being really great.  There is also the fact that in some corners of the world, classes are being taught in a way that in a sense are very much like what we had when I was their age [yes several folks know I am  a half century + 3, but the attitude is not there in the vein of being crotchety or in the arena of a ‘mid-life crisis’]. Granted, the technology used is different and more progressive, but the fundamentals have not really changed. Which makes the case for the argument I use about if my cats were my human daughters, if I were not able to enroll them in those good schools out in the burbs,  we would be overseas.  While I may have said that here before, it is one of those thoughts that has become an article of faith here due to the chats I have with my online friends and what I observe around here. Be it on the bus, LRT or in the stores.

By the by, I am not knocking all of what is going on in  the US. However it seems that whatever was tresured in the way of literacy, math and science seems to now be the exclusive province of those of means, or the lucky few who are friends of those with means.  The rest seem to see success as being something associated with getting 15 minutes or so of televised or online fame and then try to milk things when the clock reaches 14:59.  If they were human, I would insure that Rae and Marty would not be headed that way.

Speaking of things heading in a somewhat undesireable position, one of the items that I have lectured the cats about is that just because someone is ‘X’ that they do not have to play down to that. This is true, be it based on race, creed and gender. And it still amazes me that what is practically encoded and rewarded is that when it comes down to the gender issue, there is still this idea that those who are considered to be positive are those who look like they are from Minot. Those who are relagated to something much less positive are those who look like they are from the bad section of Philadelphia. While that sounds mean, it is rather true…and in some of my emails to ****, I have mentioned this in rather graphic detail. [while she may think it may seem a little odd, the letters about what goes on in that regard are much like object lessons so that she does not fall into the same traps that others have…or for that matter, feel rather oddly comfortable about being trapped in the malaise] There are a few others who  have picked up on this disturbing phenomena, but the rest seem to feel as though this will not affect them.  Then again, to paraphrase a line from Poe via the Alan Parsons Project:

‘you who are rich and whose troubles are few…may come around to see my point of view’

For those wondering, ‘rich’ in this case means oblivious to what is going on around them or getting misinformation about the world, from sources within a community that tend to not be as direct or as honest as they should be. Makes one wonder…

Well it is that time….to close this one out, til after the next time…be that the next ‘oilchange’ or after I get news about sis’s trip to the EU. So until then…..from the land of the coloutini…..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…


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