A reaffirmation that the right thing is being done…

Well the latest oilchange is in the books. And it’s a comfort now that I am a known quantity in the place.  Which is a rather interesting way [or as one of the folks I like and respect, Jon Camp of Renaissance  has been known to call it a ‘Cliff Richard Cue’] of saying one does belong here.  Just more or less the standard of I walk in, the usual is asked and answered and then I wait. This is in rather sharp contrast to the experience of others….ironically some at my age and in the ‘position’ I am in..who have been treated by physicians in the same way that let’s say someone wearing a Raider’s jersey at Arrowhead would be ‘dismissed’ by Kansas City Chiefs fans. But these are folks who I also run into at the store across the street…hence there is familiarity.

In any event, this oilchange repast was with Dr. Nall, who is Nick’s replacement at the clinic. Courtney is quite possibly one of the nicest folks I have met in years and is what many of us think of when one thinks of a young doctor who has years of their practice in front of them. As in….sharp, honest, friendly and willing to work with their patients. The chat today was about the last test that was done on behalf of Todd the nephrologist, which made this a wonderful, great visit. WHY? This was due to the fact that the trend, [such as it is]…is one where the chemistries, all numbers are stable. In effect, the damage to the kidneys, which is still at a level 3 [or high level 2 dep on who is doing the interpretation of the numbers] has not gone anywhere. It is stuck in place, which is a good thing. Plus…and the following being interrelated….the blood pressure is down and the pulse is considered normal. Well, better than normal and the weight is down. Another drop…this time in the area of 216/217 lbs. Which means that the goal of being at 200 by the beginning of the new year is in sight.

We started talking about how this is being done…on my end, which got back to the riot act read to me by Steve the Cardiologist all that time ago. Which led to cutting a great deal of crap out of the diet. Some of this may seem rather difficult seeing we have several fast food outlets within easy walking distance of here. However, this is where discipline comes in. Fighting temptation as it were. This actually has worked out pretty well, along with reading about what is in or hidden in some foods and then avoiding same. [Amazing that some of the chemicals added, when placed in the right proportions can make a rather nice little explosive device, but that would be for the mean-spirited among us.] The mental conditioning, along with just taking the right amount of mental and physical steps to walk more, run and also not spend so much time in front of the PC, such as to have a permanent mark on the couch.  As well as not doing anything else to put the good that has happened in jeopardy.

Now, we are not talking about the game show….or even the parody song that was done by ‘Weird Al’. But we are talking in terms of placing the good health that has taken so long to get to in trouble. So in addition to the fast food, it also means not taking any meds or injesting other chemicals which can throw things away. Those chemicals include the HRT. If those of you following are wondering why I would say that, the best way of describing this would be to say that, if I were to follow the crowd [especially if the constant bullying and ego game crap was unrelenting] and take the HRT to prove I was ‘legitimate’, then those chemicals would then reverse the weight loss, increase the blood pressure and cause so many other problems, I would be looking at more time in the ER, Urgent Care or even have a permanent seat at the clinics run by the ‘Gang of 5’.  If that sounds a little dire, it is not so much that, as it is the reality. Not to rehash what has been said here before, but the fact is that once someone has CHF or a Renal Failure level of 2 or worse or their record/jacket, it does not make sense to ‘voluntarily’ go on a protocol like the HRT, unless it is absolutely, positively necessary. Courtney has said as much, Nick said as much….Steve, Todd, Wai, Valerie have all said the same thing.  With different verbage, but the definition and intent have all been the same. All in all this is a good thing.

Will what was said above cause some folks to call me or the professionals who know my record heretics? Perhaps. But this is not something where one should be playing games or doing this to fit in. At the risk of being somewhat cold, the market across from the doc’s…especially on the weekends seems to be …uh….laced with folks who have done that and it proves to be an object lesson while one is picking up salsa and Snapple Tea. It seems the eastern portion of town has a lot of those who did not heed any advice and are in positions where they are doing things that [if this was based on let’s say mode of dress] are nerfarious to justify their existence and to afford the HRT.  [In a frightening sense, no different than junkies doing weird crap to afford the next fix]. Oddly enough, doing the wrong thing to get those three letters into the pipes is more acceptable among some in the t-world, as opposed to those who have done what their doc told them to and as such, are safe and sane. [Heck, even Courtney has seen the same thing and concurred].

The upshot here is that as long as things keep going the way they are, the OEM parts here are going to be around for a good long while. And this is great, because of another item that has come into play as far as the good numbers are concerned. That being the mental lift of being around some good folks. That is just as important as keeping to the schedule of the meds, the doc visits and the tests. This goes from writing to **** each night to let her know what is going on ….good, bad or indifferent [as well as letting her know that the heart here has not changed one iota*S*]…the sharing of plans on the upswing etc, but in addition to her, the friends I do have. Which brings up  something that I have to say here: if it were not for the group of folks I know online [some who are overseas, including ****] being there as well, a lot of the good could not have happened. I have been blessed with those who have helped with the visage [amazing what tipes we share about clothing, hair etc *S*], those who I help with classwork [it is school season, after all]  and all who, we share what is going on.  This is sans the filters or the background noise that seems to interfere with those  [age indifferent] who I know who, rather that treat people with respect tend to want to seperate them out like this is still the sandlot. But in a somewhat more visceral, myopic form [‘myopic’ being based on things such as race, religion, political persuasion or the HRT/GRS issue referenced above]. It needs to be said again that if these folks were not here….something says sanity and the positive vibrations would have taken a permanent vacation.

Back to the results of the ‘oilchange’: I am now on the semi-anual visit plan. WOW…it took a while to get to this point….which is now one less item to have working in the background. If I can get to that with ALL of the Gang of 5, this would be fantastic.  Quite possibly, even a miracle. Not on the order of the first moon landing or the Mets winning their first World Series…but still *S* The mind can also get back to work on some projects, one of which I am very proud of [this in addition to helping my sis with her business] because it will include my writing…as well as some music from some buds of mine. [It’s a shame Betty is no longer around, because we could use her words too in this little effort that is going on!]. All of this, as well as extra cat staffing because it is that season. Which also means that depending on  who wins on Sundays it’s either

Chiefs Red if Arrowhead Pride shows up and makes a major effort for Rachel or….to be fair…….

Charger Powder Blue if Marty’s team wins *S* It’s a good thing I do not have a split colour top because gee….what if they were to play each other and tie????*S*

So that is it for now……and til the next dispatch….From the land of the colourtini, enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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