Of great ‘oilchanges’, ‘rock-stars’ and getting by with a little help from my friends *S*

Something says that some of you may be wondering what the title here means. Well, as I would tell ****, make a pot of tea, have a plate of scones nearby because there are some interesting tales here which are to be spun and unwound.

For one, the new month began with an ‘oilchange’ with Todd the nephrologist.  Recently,  due to the fact that the numbers and other items have shown either improvement or stability, these chats have been more about keeping this trend going, as well as how the respective colleges my docs went to are doing this season. Which also means I have to tred lightly because if one school is, shall we say…in the tank, then I keep things a little bit light.  On 11/1 though, this was not the case because Todd was over the moon about how good the numbers were. As was I. With the exception of a very, very slight uptick in the creatinine level, as well as a concern with the parathyroid numbers, all is great. Heck he even noticed that the weight loss has been great [thanks to Steve the Cardio for the ‘riot act’ and yes that has been mentioned here a few posts back *S*], as well as the blood pressure being low and stable. Not so low that I am an apparition, but low enough to not worry.  As such, we had a great visit and I am now on a semi-annual schedule with him. Plus he did confirm an issue about if one in this condition should be on the HRT. He said no…and with good reason. If something is going to affect the heart, one of it’s easiest routes is via the kidneys. Of course, the other phrasing of this of this statement is true as well.  While some may be unhappy, or throw a major tantrum over this, I did not. After all, when one is doing the right thing and is living to see another day, something cosmetic or ancillary that could cause damage is not going to be used or needed.

After this was over, I called my sis who has been on a major good ride in her life right now. My news actually pales in comparisson to what she and her business partner were able to do in Dusseldorf  in late October. The conference they went to for energy efficiency techs and companies along those lines had the house rocked by my sis and her firm’s presentation.  Not only was their presentation now a published article, but the founder was even asked for an autograph. Yep…they are now ‘MAJOR ROCK STARS’  and this is pretty darn great. Even though my sis looked to her left and right and understood the maginitude of what was going on, the fact that they went and for all intents, were victorious in spreading the word about building glass which will when installed, help lower the overall costs of heating or cooling a structure makes the day [for those wondering, without going all ‘Dr. Sheldon Cooper’ here, yes there are other companies which make similar items. PPG being one of them and photochromic glass has been used for many applications for years. My sis’s company has come up with a patented method of etching onto the glass a material which will be not only decorative, but will be productive as far as heating and cooling is concerend. If you are wondering what this is, drop me a line and I will send a link to the company’s site for the info]. And in addition to improving the product, she is now getting ready for a coming out party for the product sometime in the next year *S*

With those who I am close to online, my sis is now a bit of a cool legend.  Practically has a fanclub with them and to me this is fantastic. After all these years, this is something that is a major blessing.

The blessing being that these are all wonderful people….and as much as my cats mean here, with their unwavering, unconditional love….there is so much in the way of love and support and being able to bounce ideas off of, that this more than makes up for the crap or insensitve attitudes which are prevelant with other humans in other corners of the net and elsewhere.  In fact, these folks have even helped me, via observation…become a little more relaxed in the visage. Even this tunic that I bought [shown in the pic to the left] …which could be a minidress for some….is inspired by those who I chat with, as well as tutor [by the by before one says it, no I did not try to copy one person in particular, it was just by irony that the color of this outfit bears a striking resembelance to what she has *S*]. No I am not trying to get in on their action LOL, far from it. This has to do with the fact that this is about being happy, comfortable in not going for the lowest common denominator. Not many get to that until it is a little late in the ballgame.

Yes I even get this from ****, even though the chats there look as though they may be a Socratic dialog.  But there is something I am learning from those said same kids I tutor which applies here too. That being about basing a friendship [or even a crush] on items that are not just to put another notch on the post, but rather to be a longterm,  unconditional and unrequited love of the person. This along with the fact that my cats have seen her pics and have given me the look of  ‘Mom, we know you love this human, we hope she knows it and feels the same about you’. And I know better than to argue with Rae and Marissa,  seeing that they know me better than anyone else does.

Well it is that time….and the next post, well hopefully will be around the beginning of the year, when I should be at another weight goal, close to another ‘oilchange’…as well as see more successes with those who I tutor, those who I am a shoulder for and maybe some kind words from the person I am smitten with.

So from the land of the coloutini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air….


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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