And yet another positive oilchange outcome and other thoughts…

Granted, I did say that there may not be another post til after the beginning of the year. But seeing that there was another good result from another member of the ‘gang of 5’, I thought I would share that and a couple other items here.

Last Friday, I had an appointment with Dr. Lee and like with the other MD’s I see, this was one I was looking forward to. After all, the current medical trends here have been in a positive vein. The bloodwork shows with two exceptions, that the chemistries are in order and the ones that are a little off, fine. There are prescriptions being taken to take care of well as adjustments to the diet. So no real worries….

Dr. Lee and I have a really good relationship…which is no different than with my other docs. Honest, straightforward and even humourous at times. This is a major comfort, seeing that some have the type of situation where it is on the adversarial side. But not here. Which made the chat that particular afternoon really nice. Yes, the BP is down, yes there is no swelling in the joints. But there is a little bit of a crackling noise in the knees, something akin to scratches on a record [yes I am that ancient….something I hope that **** does not hold against me,  my cats and those I tutor do not *S*], which is a sign of osteoarthritis. This was bound to happen, part of this due to age, the other having to do with medications I was on many years ago to cure a malady [the previously mentioned on this blog sarcoidosis, that demon illness Gregory House likes to reference every 3rd program]. However, that does not stop me from walking, running, excercising and yes playing air guitar, keyboards and sax while at the Freddy Kroger. [Before anyone says it, this is one of my creative outlets…and until I do get a couple instruments around here…those sessions while attached to the portable CD player will suffice:)]  And as such, no real overall or overt concerns.

Also during the course of the exam, we did discuss what to expect down the road. As in possible treatments should the knees and the cartilidge decide to go the way of the carrier pigeon and the Atlanta Thrashers. Fine, there may be a need for a replacement of the knees…but the way things are going, that was just a thought experiment. Wai concurred with the other docs that as long as I stay on the path things are on now…that may not even be needed.  Which would be a great thing, I am not crazy about placing something in the sytem that may end up being rejected by the body as being somewhat foreign.

Speaking of which, the issue of the HRT did come up and it was agreed that there is no way we are going to subject the kidneys to that. If you are wondering what the connection here is, it has to do with that Wai put me on uloricto control the uric acid in the joints. Great medication, but it does have a slightly nasty habit of being harsh on the kidneys. Now, if that were to be compounded..meaning the renal workload…with let’s say, estradiol, then yours truly would be back to where all of this came to a head four years ago. If only due to the fact that if the kidneys screw up, that affects other organs, including the cardiac controls. And I am already the ‘owner of an only heart’ as it is. So this was again a confirmation that any talking about the HRT is to be tabled. [Oh yes I know there may be those who are part of the orthodoxy who will argue with this line of thinking…but there is something to be said about talking with those who are outside of the gender sphere of influence/medical cabal and speaking with those who are not about ready to tell someone what they want to hear, so they can be a part of the ‘in crowd’, as it were]

After this, it was time for a food run and to have a little celebration with the kitties about this good news. That as well as sharing this via email with **** and the folks on twitter, who are very very much an extended family for me. I even brought up the fact that I was carded again, which was the 3rd time in about a month. This is something of a nice boost to the ego, as well as a compliment to the fact that the people I do run with have helped to keep me young. Which makes for a rather strident contrast with folks I know in other places, where the atmosphere at times tends to be a little bit on the toxic side. No, we are not talking KCNO-3 toxic, we are speaking in terms of emotional just a plain level of viciousness toxic. While I get that this year was going to be on the sandlot-fight- on-acid side, what happened among some who one would think would know better was just plain disturbing. Put another way, without blatantly calling anyone out here….a progressive society gets that way by doing the right thing, not by bullying others, or by being hypocritical.  It may sound like I am sounding like a parent…but the end does not justify the means and even if it results in a victory, if it is tainted, then it was not a good thing overall.

Before I close this one out and while the pic to the right has been posted before, it needs to be posted again due to the fact that this is, again showing how far I have come in the weight loss and the visage. This is the beauty of being around not just my way cool docs, but also **** and those ‘kids of mine’ on twitter. Yes, they had a hand in getting me from what was on the left over to the right and now just about 6lbs off of a major goal. Diet helps as does exercise, but so does a positive mental outlook provided by those who one is close to. Even if there is a great distance or infrequent communications. As long as those bonds to exist, good things can and do happen over time.

So….that is it for now [barring other wonderful ideas from this desk]. And as always….from the land of the colourtini…enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air….


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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