Thankfullness, Gratitude and Rememberance…

Initially this was going to be a post, with the usual items thrown in…but this is now just something to remind many of those who read and pass this on what this time means and to also celebrate the memory of a good person who passed on this week..

That person is Michael Dunford, the lead writer for my favorite band….Renaissance. Yes…there is a notice up on Facebook:

And when I logged on this morning, I cried for a while. Hearing and seeing that Michael passed on was like a death in the family. Which it is, because since junior high and high school, the music of Renaissance [along with other progressive bands] have been a part of the soundtrack of life here. From the days of the ‘classic 5’ lineup to those of ‘Camera Camera’ and ‘Time-Line’ through to ‘Tuscany’…be it on the DVD player or the portable CD player…their music has been omnipresent. Over the years, I have introduced Michael’s music and Betty Thatcher’s words to my sis, my friends, my cats….who have been spellbound by the aural beauty of the band.  It was a major treat to take friends to see them in concert, we knew something rather special was going to happen. Even if the material may have been somewhat eclectic, as in ‘Camera Camera’…these were events to behold.

A little story about that era just to give a sense of what I am talking about: a close friend of mine at the time and I saw them in Rochester, NY on December 22, 1981 on the first leg of the ‘Camera Camera’ tour. The venue was small, which meant more or less festival seating and we got seats about 7 rows from the front. Worth the effort in doing so…we saw Annie, Jon, Michael…along with Peter Gosling on keyboards and Peter Barron on drums up close. The real treat in this was to see the ease with which Michael was ripping into his Fender Strat, as well as his 12 string Ovation acoustic [electric with pickups]. This put the concerns about the reception to the new material to rest, because Michael had that smile. That knowing look of ‘hell yes, I can rock this with the best’.  Towards the end of the show, when ‘A Song For All Seasons” was the finale, it was wild to see Jon and Michael exchange positions and like two kids plotting to take over the world, smile at each other as Jon played the acoustic and Micheal the electric.  But the shock of the show was during the encore, when Michael played his heart out on electric solo on ‘Ashes Are Burning’. Like Wow, Man…this was a ‘once in a lfetime’ moment. After all, we all thought of him as being like Clark Kent on the guitars, with composing mindset of let’s say Prokofiev or even Dave Brubeck.

While the heart is sad that he has passed….and will be heavy when listening to their material….it will also be glad that while he was around, we were blessed by his presence. We also have the DVD material from 3 eras to see him grow as a writer and as a guitarist. And as I told my cats and others…we have an amazing set of memories to keep with us going and spreading the happiness of Renaissance.

As for what the upcoming day means, in addition to the music that Renaissance gave us to share, yours truly is happy that:

– I have a dear internet friend in ****, who I love dearly and hope that one day the communications become steady and constant. She may know via  what is said in emails….but will say it again here that knowing that someone like her exists does make a difference in how one can view being able to share the heart…even at a distance…

-My cats….Rachel and Marissa who are the rocks of this flat. And of all things, they even like what their human is into: Renaissance, The Moody Blues, Yes, Rush, Charlie Parker, The Modern Jazz Quartet, science fiction, computers, sports. On the last one…yes they like football, even though their fave teams..the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers have not been all that good this year…but they still watch…But when I have been down or ill..they are there to look over me…

-My sis and her kids….I cannot say enough about them outside of how proud I am that they are making their way in this life in an impressive fashion. Each one….and my sis really did us proud with her company wowing folks at that conference in Germany this past October. This can only bode well for future business which will be so bright, even photochromic glass will not be able to contain the light…

– The ‘gang of 5 that keeps me alive’. Courtney, Steve, Wai, Todd and Valerie [and an honorary mention to Dr. Buckley at the urgent care facility near here] along with their staffs….if they were not here, I would not be here. Plain and simple….and many others are happy I see these folks…

-Lastly my online family. To a one..very very impressive people. There are several, a few in fact, who I wish I lived closer to because they are those who have helped me improve not just the visage here…but even helped show that the heart can still feel something wonderful about chatting and sharing. [Along with the fact that they see that even if there are a few differences that the society loves to turbocharge to cause divisions..those are just like ‘ok…so, did you see ‘The Hunger Games’ yet?’ Which is to say, they are down with the person, not the status] Yes even with differences that do exist, there are still those bonds that one can forge that mean the world…and that is what I have with these folks. And with a couple, a kinship that means the world…well the universe.

So that it is for now…Remember to tell those who mean the world to you ‘thanks’ for their presence in this life.  And while there are no pictures…please enjoy the words as the good vibes in same fly through the air…..


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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