Rocking the ‘oilchange’, Celebrating Celebration Pt II and other thoughts…

RFLKRNEW864There is something to be said about when a New Year starts off rather quietly. Meaning of course, that there were no fireworks or the cats staging a mutiny because the Chiefs and Chargers did not make the playoffs, [hence the need for organic catnip and ‘mun-chies’]. But around here, there was something rather momentous that did happen, at least momentous seeing the medical events here and that there has been amazing progress. And the news here happened because of an oilchange from this afternoon [1/07/13], which in itself was sort borderline not planned for a while. However, when Dr. Nall’s office calls and says it’s time to come in for a followup, it is not like I am going to argue.

For one…..this was way different than the past few in that there was a new spring in the step. I had wanted to start running things here on ‘Lombardi Time’, a reference to how one of my heroes, Vince Lombardi ran the Green Bay Packers after he was hired there. Which is to say that things ran 15 minutes ahead of schedule. The pic session was ahead of time, my catching of the bus/LRT was ahead of time….and yes even getting checked in at Courtney’s office was ahead of time as well. So I was able to get my Mickey Simmonds/Rave Tesar on from Renaissance’s Live in Japan CD before going in for the exam, although my listening to ‘Ashes are Burning’ was cut short. And that was ok…due to the fact that I was called in and then the fun started.

It needs to be noted here that these days, the visits are now more like going in to see friends, very good ones and we talk about medical issues as well as other things. In this case, I let Dr. Nall know that I was not wearing red to support the University of Alabama, who were playing Notre Dame in the BCS Championship. [besides, if I wear red to support a college team, it would be like for Louisville or the University of New Mexico…but I digress]. The red is something I save for when there is something REALLY important that needs to be discussed. This afternoon…no exception to that rule. And wow was I surprised.


The last test results showed …again…that the numbers are stable. Even the issue about the parathyroid seems to be at bay. But all the chemistries, they show that the diet and all around that has worked.  Pretty damned fantastic to be blunt. When Dr. Nall asked how I did this…which has been over time…I mentioned that this was part cutting out fast food, part fruit and no sugar added juices, green tea pills with acai berry extracts, walking, running and just changing the places where I hang out, be that online or otherwise. Which means that items that could trigger some anger or vitriol [re: pissing one off] are avoided. And this seems to have worked a heck of a lot better than thought. While this means it is a change from what I used to do many years ago, or even up to 5 years ago when the CHF came up…this means that one lives to see another day and so forth, while being happy in doing so.

Before it is asked here, while everyone at the office knows my story, it is less and less of an issue. A lot of this is due to the fact that the thinking goes beyond the ‘bubble’.  Put another way….my docs are those who yes while the do have TG clientle [this is Portland after all and we are more ‘liberal’ than some other places] my ‘gang of 5’ are much, much more honest about how they will treat someone who is. And if they are the ones who put the brakes on the going for the HRT or anything else, they have damned good reasons for doing so. Especially if there is a medical track record that contains renal as well as the congestive heart failure.  No judgement calls on this either, just the ‘straight dope’ as it were. For that, I am extremely thankful.

The upshot of this visit was the fact that I am now on a semi-annual visit schedule with Dr. Nall, in the same way I am with the other docs. WOW….this is major. Nothing here is perfect and yes, there will be more and more tests that will be done to insure that the parts do not decide to crash before their time. HOWEVER, the visits will be not as constant as they once were. It will mean that I have to rock out to Renaissance, The Moody Blues, Yes, etc more in the juice aisles at the Kroger or Safeway and now less while waiting for another ‘riot act’ *S*. And there is no argument there…

RFLKRNEW869Harking a little back here to where I was talking  about being in places where there are fewer triggers which can cause an upset, this also means about emailing **** about what goes on here. While it is more or less again a little Socratic, that works too. If one can write and express what is on the mind, sans the other extraneaous items that seem to be more prevelant in the discourse these days, it helps. As much as it does to talk to Rae and Marty, although TheRoyalBadnesses have given me the look of ‘Mom, you need to tell **** this! We already know what is going on’. And I agree with them. There is the hope that at some point we do connect.  Also in the interim, when there is good news, a virtual celebration will have to suffice. Which *S* accounts for the pic that is here:Celebrate1 Sparkling Cranberry Juice, Chocolate Chip Cookies and some organic catnip. OK the last part of this was for the kitties [see the first paragraph], however, this would be part of a party if the right party was here. And yes this would go for those who are a part of my twitterfamily…the same ones who I love to talk to, tutor and share what I have learned down through the years. I love doing that, it is amazing charge to the soul to engage in same ….because it means that there are things which will live on.  And as long as that happens, there will always be a legacy. It may not be a legacy like oh, stock in AGFA or Kodak or Microsoft being passed down….but it is a legacy nonetheless.

So now it is on to March or so when I see Steve the Cardio. I am hoping that the shock on his face when he sees that the ‘riot act’ did work will mean that he has made an impact here. As well as helping to insure I see more mornings and sunsets.



With that, this brings our post to a close. Til next time…..from the land of the colourtini…..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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