5 Years Post and T-Minus 19 lbs to go til…..

RFLKRNEW852The other evening, I was passing some time here with the cats and in the course of the chat, it dawned on me that there is an annivesary coming up before my ‘oil change’ with Steve the Cardio.  And it’s this…I am 5 years out from the medical diagnosis that changed quite a few things. Such as the diet, getting away from stressful circumstances as well as making sure that the time on the hourglass is quality time, instead of it it being an era where I am more or less complaining on the way to God’s waiting room.

Now to some this may not be a big deal…and that I can see in the vein of if there were other things that were going on for the person in question or, this is compared to the major problems in other sections of the planet. To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart from ‘Casablanca’ : ‘The problems of one person does not amount to a hill of beans in this world’ . Ok, that may seem incredibly terse, but when the congestive heart failure here is placed in the broader perspective, it can seem like a minor issue. But to the person it happens to, especially if it is something that was not expected, this becomes a matter of how is this going to be treated, how much time [if one were to look at actuarial charts] one can expect to have on the big blue marble and how to deal with that time in a quality fashion and with whom.  With all of that said, this is a little bit of time around here to if not celebrate, than to be of the mind of WOW…another landmark has been passed.RFLKRNEW858

By the by for some 5 years post would mean 5 years out of the GRS, which hey…that is a great thing, if this is something one wants. The perspective here is that the post here was in that the treatment was a  necessity, because without the medications, the sonograms. the angiogram. the ‘riot act’, the diet, the treatment for gout and stage 3 renal failure…well yours truly would have been meeting with St Peter by now. And if the choice is between an operation [and treatment of same that would be an option], guess where the heart here is going?  And if I did not do all of the above in the sentence which mentioned all those wonderful things…well I would not be posting here..let alone to others, playing with the cats or playing air guitar bass to ‘Ashes Are Burning’ in the tea or cheese aisles at the local Kroger.

When one mentions posting others, it is the fact that there are people out there who, whether they believe it or not [no, they are not named ‘Ripley’ and this is also outside of my sis and her kids] had a major hand in keeping this person sane.  This starts with ****, who as has been said…while things are more like the ‘Socratic Dialog’  that little bit of a lifeline is as important as if it were a face to face [no not a ‘catfish’ situation….especially seeing that around here catfish are something I pick up at the market in the way of other protein for the diet :)] ..and I hope one day there is that in person meeting. Also included here are the folks who are friends, good ones where we know so much about each other, it is like we have been together for decades, vis a vis just in the past couple years. Be it talking about a movie, a program on the telly, sports, music or help for their classes….that has made the major amount of difference in how the positive vibes in the psyche are maintained.  [plus something for others to consider here is that ‘the issue’ , such as it is is like about 1/50th of what is discussed. If one is looking at going to a higher plane of conversation, as well as that of friendship…that is a good way of doing so. Took a while to get to that because if one strictly were to define themselves as same in that regard, then in some ways it places anything else said after in a bit of a bubble. Or in a more visual light, think of the goldfish one has in a plastic bag bought from the five and dime, who while is out of that tank with a multitude of their brethren, has a limited amount of O2 which to survive with, unless they are put in a larger bowl or tank.]. Oh yes…some of those friends who I talk to are musicians and others who I have come to respect and admire over the years…and that has been positive in droves.

RFLKRNEW799Now the T-Minus 19 pounds…well that has to do with the fact that I want to be down to 180 lbs by the time I see Steve the cardio in April.  This is not only doable, but like with the goal set for New Year’s…this will be done ahead of time, with a few to spare. if there is a challenge in this, it will be in maintaining same, but to be direct…..there is an incentive to drop and then make sure this does not get out of hand.  Aside from what has been mentioned above about wanting to one day meet those who I really really dig…the numbers and end results in not doing so would make for an extremely rough ride til….and I do not want to go through that. The busses are laced with those who have let things go and sure as hell I do not want to have that happen here.


That is it for now……barring there being a breaking item on this end, or my cats figure out how to post here…..the next post should be after the April ‘oil change’. And with that….from the land of the colourtini…enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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