‘High Noon’ or how sticking to one’s principles is the right thing [even if others don’t see it that way]

RFLKRNEW955No this is not about the famous movie, let alone about settling issues in the modern day like folks did back in Tombstone or Dodge City. very far from it. This has to do with sending to it’s final rest [funeral home pun there…but those who know me, including **** know the reference] the long standing problem of that trust that for some reason, or lack of same….the egg donor decided to mess. Perhaps ‘mess with’ is a little too short an adjective. A better way would be to say ‘falsify and obfuscate facts pertaining to the final disbursement of my father’s last will and testament, as well as his trust’. Yep, that one works.

In any event, this has been the issue which since the last posting has caused more angst and anger among my sis, her children and I than anything else. And it is something that, yes….some relatives are going to fight over the last will, etc of a family member because, well there is that in the human condition. But with that said, there are some who are fortunate enough to have this settled peacefully, others where there are some fights, some where the details end up on ’60 Minutes’, ‘Dateline – NBC’ or on the front page of ‘The New York Times’. And then there are those where the situation is because of those who are involved, seem not to have the same credibility, due to some weird societal factor. As in ….oh the fact that the hue of those involved does not seem to bring about the same level of gravitas to the issue. While that is a tad on the cryptic side, those who know me and the situation will be able to verify what the statement means. For that matter, they will also mention that yours truly is not off her rocker about this issue.


So where were we? Well an initial read of the papers that were SUPPOSED to have been distributed a long time ago indicate that the shop and all that is associated with it were going to be taken care of. This along with the heirs to same, meaning myself, my sis, her kids and all great grandchildren [which right now are the two my oldest nephew has…but all future ones will be covered]. As for the business, there are some major issues which will be taken care of. Refurbishing to be implemented, market share to be regained, trademarks to be secured, commercials to be written and aired. Basically, getting back to business as usual. And this should commence, or will at the very least have it’s regenesis by the close of court and business today.

Along with what was mentioned in the last paragraph, the mental toll that this has taken should be over with as well. Which is a scary thought that we had to go through something like this. But in some cases, unlike folks who are into situational ethics, the right thing is something that one knows, learns and sticks with. Even if let’s say…the accepted conventional wisdom is to go against that because well either ‘one only lives once’ or’it’s my life and I’ll be as destructive as I want to be’. You get the gist.  And the fight [which it should not have been in the first place] to do this in the shadow of dad’s passing is no different in it’s logic than the issue[s] mentioned here before, about the medical advice I am getting from the ‘gang of 5’ running counter to the group mentality of the hormones, SRS, etc. This is not to brag or run anyone down, so let’s get that off the table. HOWEVER…it is to compare the fact that doing the right thing at times means one walks with very few companions. It is after the event, after the fact and in some cases after the late in the game epiphany that others see the damage, but are left with little time or even resources to correct same. This is the same in health as it is in business. And we have time now to correct the missguided and malavolent attempts on the part of one person to tank a legacy.

RFLKRNEW949There is some good that did happen in all of this, which is a twisted way of looking at a benefit from the stress. For one…the diet is holding. Amazingly enough, the net loss here has been about 76-78 lbs and that has stayed off. While a lot of this has been the diet, with little tweaks to same [such as no soda or even highly processed grains…but more fruits, veggies and seafood] and some really neat and amazing emotional support. This is the beauty of the internet, when it works for the good, it can be a rather nice bounty of emotional well being. Not that one gets that from a flatscreen monitor per se, this is referring to the words, as well as the friendship [be it in the Socratic Dialog vein or otherwise]. And in that regard…there is a lot of thanks owed to the following:

E*** ***E [who I am smitten with and gets daily updates about life in this corner of the universe], Grace H.[one of my best buddies as well as one who is really easy to talk to about what goes on here and is like my twin because of how we see the world] Wendy [another best buddy who is a close friend of Grace H., as well as one of the first people I became close to on Twitter], Grace V. Peggy B., Jon and Janet Camp [yes the same Jon Camp who is my fave living musician, the bassist for Renaissance during the classic 5 era…one of the inspirations for my air guitar bass sessions while selecting tea at the Kroger and his wife who are fellow catparents], Terry Sullivan [the drummer for Renaissance who is a pretty darn cool dude] Elena Mi[one hell of a good person], Elena A.[anyone who can quote Shakespeare and be direct about it’s meaning is aces here], Gabriela A.[another person who I swear if we were in the same place it would be like stereo because we are in synch on so much], Mercedes O. + Kimberly J. + Naya A. -my FB online daughters, Dian A., Ana [who is the hardcore Linkin Park fan *S*], Maria K., Reni L. [my comrade in arms…she and I do think alike on a lot of issues],Justine H, Jessie C., Tartan Kawaii [one of the folks who is like my style guru :)], Anjalee M [a fellow geekette], Gemma K.[another geekette *S*], Stephanie A. [another person the friendship shows great minds do think alike], Val M [who is a musician…and we trade notes about that all the same] Mariel C. [one of those who gets my debate points in a jugular vein], Bella B.[same ballpark as Mariel], Kath C.[who puts up with my bad puns, etc on FB], Rubi K.[who I dig because she is no nonsense about what she does and is O.G. in her style], Tom Brislin [he played with Yes, but also worked with Renaissance and that means he is in the book for being that cool *S*], Sarah-Jayne G., Mickey Simmonds [just like with Tom, played for Ren years back…also Mike Oldfield and has a wicked sense of humour….and that has brought smiles to the face here], Mariann K, Darlia C., Karen S [who I trade a lot of posts with and we see eye to eye], Renee R. [who for some reason puts up with me], Niyya C.,Sky C., Jenny J., Kyara L.,Michaela B., Karina M, Mira R., Anastasia G., Rita P, Daisy C, Rachael A. …and many others over on FB. As well as a lot of folks from twitter including Ally, Cleo, Ella, EllaBTW, Romany, Jess B [who is also on FB and yeah cool too *S*], Katie, Mihaela, Lisette, Simone, Britt, Alain, Koda, Hilda, Alyssa, Denis [cool guy who has published some of my writing], Laura, Petra, Amy and ad infintem. And by the by….not a one of these folks would want yours truly to be ….for lack of a better term, wallowing in the malaise as it were. That has been a blessing.


Also it goes without saying that my cats, TheRoyalBadnesses…….Rachel and Marissa have done more than yeoman’s work in putting up with me. And when this crap is over with, they are getting a new kitty condo…along with more premium catnip to grove out to Ren, the Moody Blues, Yes, Rush and of course….Pink FLoyd…as well as mellow out to Bird.

Before this does finish…my sis mentioned over the phone it looks like this issue with the will, the asset allocation and other items is now on the road to resolution. YAY…..finally. And to quote L. Sprague DeKamp: ‘Lest Darkness Blessedly Fell’.


And with this done…..from the land of the colourtini, til next posting…enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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