Some good to balance out the weird and profane news otherwise…

RFLKRNEW961The title is correct on this. As in there has been some good news that did come out recently, which balances out the spate of weird, strange and profane that has plaguing the family over the past few weeks. The cats have heard that in detail. **** has seen this in the nightly dispatches from the western front and my online family at Twitter and Facebook has seen the postings that give the impression that yours truly is lucky she has not lost her mind.

Out first bit of really good news had to so with the last set of tests that were done by Dr. Nall last week. This was a cholesterol/lipids panel, which was to follow up on what Todd had ordered. In straight English, this was to check not just the HDL and LDL numbers, but also to see if the other chemistries were in balance etc. I called Courtney’s office the day after and was told the numbers were great. Now to some,  at times the adjective ‘great’ can mean several things, but for this exercise, it meant they are ‘great’ …..all things considered.  Considered as well as what has been going on over the past couple years. Hearing it on the phone was one thing…..reading the numbers otherwise was a major wow. A major boost because life around here, for the most part was and is a tad spartan…food wise. The blessing of the ‘riot acts’ and then following some rather solid advice and counsel. [In case there are medical professionals reading: HDL-59, LDL-97 Chol/HDL Ratio 2.9…..Bilrubin Total – 0.4]. Granted, it took a few readings of the numbers to understand the significance of this, but after the 4th time, those sank in.

To think all that was done was to stick to….with very very few exceptions [and those exceptions are a couple treats, every now and then from the freshly cooked and safe deli section of the Kroger] the diet, exercise [which includes long walks to the bus, bet the bank, Target and Subway, as well as in town proper [which means walking more between buildings than taking the LRT, unless needed]. Now when the heat does arrive here for that lovely 2 week period in July and one week in August, it may mean a change to the rigor, but that is ok. All will be back to a little bit of normal afterwards.

RFLKRNEW963Another bit of news to boost the ego happened thanks to one of the folks I tutor. She got an 83/100 on her final, which we were working on a couple weeks back. When something works out, that is fantastic. When it’s in the form of a very high grade, yeah….this is a wonderful thing to read and to be a part of. Of course, she did the work, my part in this was tutoring. was to help with the logic on  parts of the exam. This was for an English course and it was interesting to see and hear that the old methods that the BBC used to broadcast via shortwave and over regular wireless across the pond all those years back were still in vogue. This also got me to give Rae and Marty a little lecture about how languages were taught, as well as what some of us went through to get our old-fashioned FCC licenses.   Plus another person I tutor on papers put together one of the most brilliant explanations of how American Sign Language works.  These sets of eyes checked it for little things, however …like with Mary….Stephanie did the work. Amazing work, which the professor will see. But all in all, to say I am proud of Mary and Stephanie would be mild. I was over the moon, because like all of my kids who I help out….they have brains and the skills which will take each one of them very, very, very far in this life. Which means, even though they are not my natal kids, they are a legacy I will leave when that time comes [which we know ain’t gonna be for some time].

RFLKRNEW960This does balance out the fact that the weirdness that has been going on back east. Unlike others out there, I am not going to try this issue on the blog or do so in a way that would be and is out of place, because it would not be fair to my sis, Irene….her kids….the shop employees…as well as shorting myself on this issue. But I will say this: it is sad, if not sickening that one can get away with federal, state and local violations, sans penalties due to a rather sickening form of political correctness. while the rest of us who actually try to do the right thing by playing by the rules [especially if the court tells one to do so] are either in the minority or we get the shaft in doing so. This also applies in it’s own way to those funny little things going on in that community I am a part of. On the latter part of that statement, while I have said it before…it needs a restatement. Which is that unless the issue facing someone who is in that alphabet soup amalgamation is one that is part of the ‘feel sorry for me’ litany or is a medical one that goes way the hell AMA[‘Against Medical Advice’] so that someone can fit in, then other things like what is going on like what the family shop is seeing in the real world is considered a joke. Yes, something like a bizarro version of  ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ but on the HRT. But I am not going to get snarky here, after all there are others who are doing that on their own. Also in stating what I did in the last sentence, I am not going after those I care about [like ****, I would never say anything about her that is detrimental or to malign. That is not what someone does with someone they have a deep crush on, even if it is at a great distance]. The remarks were for the adults who, for some sad reason still act like this is the asphalt of the schoolyard

RFLKRNEW962As for the pics in this post,  this was inspired by other one of the folks I am close to online. I love the fact that our chats are diverse, wide ranging and even inspiring. In this case, to be a little more out of the box, fashion wise. Gee, now if only the Kroger sold those lovely, flowery crowns to place on top. Although, I am sure some may think I was going back to the 60’s….wanting to meet Timothy Leary’s brother …….REALLY LEARY. Ok…’s an old George Carlin joke, but this would be closer to the lyrics by Ray Thomas of The Moody Blues about the LSDmeister.

Well this has been a long one, but when there is good news that overshadows the bad, that makes it all the easier to be a Paddy Chayefsky on the blog……*S* The next one should and will be around the beginning of July when the next hearing is due to happen. Which hopefully will  when our attorney will go all R. Lee Ermey mixed with ‘Blake’ from ‘Glengarry Glenn Ross’ on the egg donor.


So til next time….from the land of the colourtini……enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air….



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