At long last, it could be called ‘It’s a Winner!! [with complications]

RFLKRNEW967Those who follow this and know yours truly [and this includes ****] fairly well, know that from time to time, I will use some selected sports metaphors to describe a situation. In the title of this dispatch, there is a quote from one of my personal faves when I was growing up, that being the late Jack Buck. He was the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals…and as a kid, when the Mets would be playing a late game in the land of the Gateway Arch, I would be listening to him on the AM radio thanks to KMOX.  There are some who on the net are using this phrase now to describe when the Redbirds are winning. [and no, I am not wearing red here in honor of that. It’s what I wear when I mean business] Well this can now be applied to the current situation, although it’s a tad complicated.

Sis was up in NYC this week to make sure that the requests from those of us who want to see the family shop were heard and that the main antagonist was read the riot act. Gone medieval and Brooklyn on. And for the most part that is what happened. While I am not at full liberty to discuss the entire road forward here is what will be in process soon:


– A reestablishment of the line of credit, which has been sorely needed.This will happen after several papers are signed and that the corporate bank accounts are restored.

–  The securing and licensing of a logo, which in turn will create a unique visual signature for the shop Which in turn will lead to new commercials…several of which I have in the works [with music clearances to go with same]

– The long planned improvements in the physical plant, which in turn will allow the shop to be one of the largest in the borough.

– Restoring the good morale in the firm. After the Hector Camacho service, it was thought this would put us on the map. Which it did…just that we were dealing with dad’s widow…Cruela DeVille’s cousin by way of Lucretia Borgia, mixed with some of the poor attitudes of those on Jerry Springer or Jeremy Kyle. [Decency forbids me from using even more colourful metaphors]

And there are some complications, no different than what happens with families that have this type of story featured on 60 Minutes. The main ones dealing with the aforementioned bad attitudes, but unlike those which show up at 7PM on Sunday evenings in the US [barring NFL Doubleheader games], these have ripened like the stench of bad fruit that has been left in a bag, in a car, in the Mojave during a heat wave. This along with a possible streak of mental illness on the part of the egg donor and the brew is there….one which makes life in the business close to unbearable. And this is not a good thing when someone is coming to our shop and their day has already been a bad one…..we are supposed to ease that pain for them and show their loved ones love and respect as part of the final ceremonies/parting/services.

RFLKRNEW969There are those who may be blase when the situation is mentioned [not trying to be jaundiced here, but at times, it seems that unless the business or line of work….no matter how legitimate….is not on this list of places ‘acceptable for a transition or is ‘diverse’ then it is not looked at kindly. Odd, considering the ones making said comments are not all that liberal or diverse, but I digress], but judging by current and statistics going back about….oh 20-30 years, we are a rarity. A business in our community that has made it to a second generation and will more likely….should the breaks be what they are…a third. Yeah, it’s not hip, not cool, but…it’s been there when others have gone the way of being corporate [see what was mentioned in the last seasons of  ‘Six Feet Under’] or have gone the way of the AMC Marlin [kids, ask your parents]. And with my sis and her oldest at the helm, that is not going to happen.

If you are wondering where I fit in re: this business…that is another one of the complications. Right now, my thing is to consult on some IT items, as well as contribute ad copy [done as a labor of love….the work with ‘my kids’ keeps me busy and as has been said before….the payment there is when one gets one hell of a grade or is on the way to uni with flying colours]. But because of how other issues do work..there is a little bit of a ‘gray market way’ that I remain involved. Again…there is no ego issue in this, it is a legal issue that is rooted in some rules created by some folks less decent than I. And because if the old man’s legacy is kept around, I will be happy. My cats will be happy as well, because the old man loved cats….and those stories about how the family Siamese and the family German Shepherd hung around the old man make Rae and Marty feel like they are a part of that family grouping.

RFLKRNEW971Where do things go from this point? Well that is an interesting question and a partial conundrum. Although to be honest, I can probably fly back east every now and then and maybe have a bull session with the relatives who are down with what is going on here and me being down with their issues. What is interesting is that when one looks at communiques in other places over the past few years, it seems that there is still this idea that one is only supposed to go to ‘supportive businesses’, work for ‘supportive employers’, have an ‘accepting physician’…you get the idea…but here it’s an issue of…’ok…we get this one…what the hell else can you do????’ I know that for the shop [other things being equal] there is a lot of room now for contribution and satisfaction in doing same. That is a good thing too, because it also means that one does not have to wallow in the malaise, dwell in the mire, etc. Plus who knows, maybe [and it is a fervent hope]  there will be something coming out of this to travel and meet those folks who mean a lot to myself, including a certain someone [As things have it, Rae was looking at a pic of **** the other night and she gave her approval. Rae is never wrong about how she sees humans and her perspective brought a few tears to the eyes. As though momcat has chosen who her successor would be…human wise. 🙂


So there you have it. Yep….Jack Buck was right…..’It’s A Winner’….even with the little issues that seem to make this as nail biting as a late innings tie between the Cardinals and Mets. Which is part of the fun…and the process of reclamation now will commence. So til next time….from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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