While we are now approaching the clubhouse turn….it’s close, but issues are being settled

RFLKRNEW979If the pic looks like I am a tad on the ticked off side here, there is a good reason for that. It has to do with the fact the issue of dad’s living will and asset list finally coming to light and that it took way too darn long for this to happen. Now if you were following along here, you know the story to this point.  For those just joining in after the previews were shown on the screen, there has been and continues to be a battle of sorts, having to do with the dispersal of dad’s estate. These include his will, order of succession in the business as well as the usual items that are connected to what happens when the patriarch passes on and there is a business connected to same.  But a smooth version of this transition would work if we were the Cleavers or even the Huxtables. But we are not and it has not been that, which is a darn shame.

Well more like a damned shame. The conduct on the part of the egg donor [and I cannot even in the most liberal of veins say ‘mother’ without adding the commonly associated suffix to describe same] has been most despicable. Over the past few weeks, lies have been told about where the corporate papers were, about the status of who was supposed to be next in line, embezzlement of funds, falsification of data associated with the bylaws of the company. Now if this were to happen to folks who were, let’s say akin to the folks in the movie ‘Fargo’ [not knocking the area, I lived there for a couple years and while Minneapolis-St Paul can be very very cold and cruel in winter and has aircraft carrier sized bugs in summer, it is still a nice place with good people, so this is for illustrative purposes], this would have been resolved without all the ‘bloodshed’ and horse-hockey that has gone on. Heck, it would have made it to ’60 Minutes’ or ‘Dateline’ or even ‘BBC NewsNight’ across the pond. But sadly, there is something about those who do not have a slightly paler hue and their business issues not raising flags. Well that is unless it’s in what could at best be considered a ‘socially acceptable’ [re: stereotypical] business. And to be honest, I could not see dad or any of us in the younger generation doing something that would be that in the first place.

RFLKRNEW977Yes I know that last one would ruffle some feathers, but we are in that kind of a society, where…thanks to social conditioning via other means….folks seem to expect that based on some immutable characteristic that this is the line of work you should be in, this is the way you should speak, dress, this is the food you should eat…etc. You get the picture and it is not a pretty one. The odd, if not telling issue here is that we were doing what would be called the ‘normal’ thing, which in it’s own way was taking a part in what is or used to be called ‘the American Dream’. And that is what dad had on that part of Liberty Ave in Queens…not too far from  the elevated ‘A’ train terminal. So what is going on here is nothing new, but you would be amazed at how at times, this is dismissed by others.  No different than how some other issues are, if only due to things like race, creed, religion etc.

And this type of discounting by others in it’s own way fits in with the rather sorry societal narrative that has happened in the US due to the trial of the killer of Trayvon Martin. I will not name the person who killed him, he has enough in the way of brain dead defenders who have no idea, concept or understanding of what it means to be a suspect from day one, even if you are someone who has a value structure and the worst thing one does is walk to the store for skittles and iced tea,   But the type of dismissal of Trayvon’s untimely demise also manifests itself in ways of where in business, politics [yes I know we have Obama, but it’s apparent at times who he really has worked for and who he has been somewhat placed on the ‘to do later’ pile in this society. But to out these folks would be rather mean spirited and I will not engage in that] and in other places is sad. In recent weeks, more disturbing than anything else. Which also in it’s own way is even sadder, seeing that these values…or lack of same are passed on to the next generation. And so on…and so on.

Hence, a lot of true colors of people have been coming out, be it in our case v. the egg donor, as well as in Florida. When we localize ours, the chats I have had with my sis and her kids, it is almost as though at times, we understand that when folks see the myopia on the part of people like the egg donor, it practically gives permission to others to go ahead and treat like others in a fashion that says we are not worthy to be a part of regular society. That is not meant to sound defeatist, there is a rather visceral reality that is associated with this. The reality that the US tries to hide when we try to engage investment…be it financially or in human capital [re: asking students to consider taking their undergraduate and graduate level courses in the US at some of our famous universities]. And when folks do see this reality, well….they either wall themselves off from it or after their schooling is done, go back to their home countries because, the US is not as hospitable, liberal or even for that matter as decent as the ‘positive noise’ would impart. Again with all of the good that does exist and there is that in many places, there are many other items that we have yet to  remediate or redress. Unless they are, of course….hip and popular.

RFLKRNEW976So back to where we were: the next hearing that is coming up will not be for a while. More like around the time of the next oilchange. And that is not a bad thing. We get the papers in the interim….hopefully….and then we can move on from there. Ads,  facility improvements, copyrighting the logos….the usual that any business would do. On a personal level it means that my chats would not be monopolized by being a little on the short side due to stress. And the folks who have put up with this….with the cats being first, **** being next and several folks who I am very close to, at least in the online vein next up in the batting order. Which leads into the following: even though I do decry some of what does go on, be it online or in the general society, I know that there are those who I count on for being and keeping things on the plane of reality. And if one were to look at my Facebook page, they would see from page one of the friends section that this is a good, diverse and better than decent group of people The ones who I talk to on an everyday basis, who know me as well as the cats or ‘the gang of 5’ do are the ones who make it more than worthwhile to vent, to chat, to talk and yes get ideas from. That is something one does not get via purchasing the goodwill of others….it just happens. Thank God for that miracle….


With that, there you have the report from here for now. Hopefully in the next post, we should have the aforementioned business issues settled. More likely it will be around the time of that next celebration of a trip around the sun. [If anyone is wondering what I would  like for that day….it is not a thing or bauble. It would be just to hear some words from a particular human, one who my oldest cat has even said after seeing her pics ‘mom I want you with this person’. Rachel does have good taste  *S*] So from the land of the colourtini…..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…..


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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