Going Brooklyn, Medieval and heading to a resolution…..YAY

RFLKRNEW858Yes, the pic to the left does run a little counter to the title for this piece. But there is a reason for this, which has to do with what is at times the ongoing, sickening soap opera that is going on back east.

If you…like **** and others have been following along, you then know that in the last post, it looked as though the system had done the right thing. As such the papers were going to be in hand, the cretin in question who caused the problems and her cadre of contempt laden scum were going to get their just deserts. Well just as we…sis, her kids and I..along with the shop employees…. were on our way to rebuilding the shop and marching towards the future, the demented hydra showed it’s deranged head. And we are now having once again to play defense. Or for that matter…..going Brooklyn as well as Medieval to protect the integrity of the shop.

To that end, the is being aided by some advice from folks in the county of dad’s last residence to turn the heat up, as well as a federal agency. Due to the fact that I am not going to try this issue out in public, if only due to the fact that in all honesty, it serves no purpose in doing so. Those who do know and are in the confidence here because they can be trusted [more about this later on] do understand why yours truly has been stressed out to no end, as well as who has been brought in to put out the fires. And in a sense, this new fire is being handled by a government division that shares it’s initials with an organization the folks at Viacom, I mean CBS have a connection with each fall and leading up to March Madness. From what I have seen of the papers, this will get somewhat vicious and ugly soon. Which to me is not a bad thing….it is being done honestly….and in this case the overall end will more than justify the somewhat visceral means.

RFLKRNEW855As to those who are a part of the confidential gang who I have let in on about some details I have not mentioned here directly or otherwise,  if you were to look at my page over on Facebook,  you will see something that is there by more or less accident, but it is a pleasant one. Which is this…the people who I am close to represent the best of what the planet can offer and the first 9 on the main page are a part of that, from Anggirka to Tartan….this is no different than the folks who are in the ‘gang of five that keep me alive’ . Not planned diversity, not something that would be more akin to the America song ‘Tin Man’ [if one were to get beyond the grammatical errors in same, the meaning  has to do with the collection of friends for the rather odd need of feeding the ego], but it happened. And as such they are the ones, outside of **** , as well as TheRoyalBadnesses  who get the updates, as well as have talked me out of doing something to a few folks back east that would make Tommy D from ‘GoodFellas’ look like a saint.

The other reason for mentioning this is that again, in some other corners folks who talk a good game about the diverse nature of the human experience seem to talk through their posterior about same.  Granted, this does not rise to the level of a potential threat to all of mankind like fluoridated water does, but it calls into question the overall maturity of some out there. Not all are like this, so in no freaking way am I condemning all folks who want to be that hypocritical. After all, that is their right under the concept and idea of free speech. But by the same token there is a need for intellectual honesty about this idea of diversity. While I have railed about this here before, it bears repeating. After all, the other reason for this wonderful group of friends has to do with….what if Rae and Marty were human and the example I would like to set for them. Be it how I am dealing with the issues of not getting on that oft-mentioned cocktail, or the holy grail of makeover work. Then again maybe it is just me, but at times….a new grille on the front end of a ’64 Plymouth Sport Fury does not change the fact that at it’s base…..it’s still a ’64 Plymouth Sport Fury [those of you who know the car know…..hell yeah, it’s a freaking great set of wheels from that era, but it’s now an extreme collector’s item].

RFLKRNEW856Also one other item that should happen after items calm down, is that I am looking at taking online classes, to maybe down the road get a master’s. Before someone thinks or even says ‘why don’t you get something that would help “the community”?’ Well gee, what I want to do is something that would benefit many in the overall COMMUNITY. As in the ones we are supposed to have a social contract with. To that end, I am looking at transportation planning, which would be design, understanding the placement of right of ways, cost of easements to obtain same, what the cost per rider would be, cost of traction equipment and other items with same. Plus seeing that I do bleed Brooklyn Dodger Blue, that also implies that being a subway fanatic is part of what one has as a birthright. Hence, wanting to study this and then maybe one day before there is that ultimate sunset putting it to use is something I want to try. It will just be no different than the tutoring, reviewing papers and writing ad copy.




So there we have it from here, at least until the top of the month. Not all that crazy about what that time would mean, but as long as I can still get carded at Target, I am happy. So til then….from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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