Amazing….54 and for some odd reason, still kicking…..and other thoughts…..

RFLKRNEW985Well it seems that I have gotten a little bit lucky. As in yours truly has made it to 54. Which is a miracle in itself, considering the riot act I was read by Steve the cardio a couple years ago. As the pic shows, the diet that was inspired by my Iowa Bro is still in effect.  To be honest, I am rather proud of that fact. And yes, while there is once in a while a tad bit of cheating [a certain poultry strip item from the Kroger]  every once in a while. I still stick with this. There is something to be said about consistency. Be it this…the nightly postings from the front to ****, the routine I keep to when I log on in the morning, how I look up info when there is some tech work to be done or even the research for the legal issues we are still dealing with c/o the egg donor and her minions. The consistency about how all of this is done is part of a nice routine. While I am sure there are those who may consider it to be something out of the obsessive-compulsive playbook, I can assure you it is not. If it were, heck someone in the ‘gang of five that keeps me alive’ would have said something. And did something.

So let’s start with a little recap, in no particular order since the last missive. There was an eye exam with someone who’s name bears a resemblance to the internist I used to see in NYC all those moons ago. He is a decent person, do not get me wrong, but for some reason….how the medical office he works for does things is a little bit on the side of an assembly line. Now if one has something that is a tad serious optic wise, this may not be the best thing for them to go through, but if one is going in to make sure they can pull the ‘ACME Eye Test Chart….US REG PAT OFF’ joke [ancient ‘Bugs Bunny’ reference….kids, ask your parents]…then this works. Oddly enough, the eyes have not changed any since last year.  This includes all those funny little lines and dots, which were the result of the sarcoidosis from many years ago. Heck even the spot where some cryrosurgery on the right eye is still holding up. AND THIS IS AFTER CLOSE TO 30 YEARS!!! Plus when it was asked if I am taking the medication which, while it can take care of the illness has close to 32 different side effects, I said no….but I keep the bottle of the last script for it within eyeshot.  This is to remind me never, ever EVER to get near that again. And if I do so….I had better have the head examined. In it’s own twisted way, what happened here may have helped this to not become undone.  The issue now for the eyes is to get a new set of honey and green contacts. But the fact that this is still consistent is something to be very happy with. Suffice it to say, there was a mini celebration when I got back home…

On the RFLKRNEW987issue of the ongoing court case, we were able to via a miracle or divine intervention find funding to cover the main attorney. Do not ask how this little miracle happened, the fact that it did means we are back to rocking on all legal cylinders. There are other fronts going on, which should another issue clear by mid October [which ironically is when I have a ticket to see my second fave band, that being ‘The Moody Blues’ when they play the Keller Auditorium in town…sans an orchestra…..darn …..but with Norda Mullen on flute….YAY!!!], we are going to be back to improving things. And for that I cannot wait because, well I have several folks who have given me permission to use their material in ads. Tasteful ones because, in our line of work…that is the only way we can do it [and of all things, one of the folks I do talk to online has a relative in the same business…so talking shop there was a little on the easy side. In case y’all are wondering, this is also going to mean that the person who is causing the problem…that being our version of Cruella DeVille, Lucretia Borgia and Lizzie Borden combined is or will be gone. As in forbidden from walking in the shop. I would like to have the distance be one parsec, but that would be greedy.

Granted what is going on here is being done by the book. It is done in a way that none of us who are named or there via proxy get the short shrift, if only because if one were to take one shortcut, then several of us will have a rather large amount of legal and financial trouble on our collective hands. The reason for bringing this up is that due to some issues in the press recently, one sees an inordinate amount of adults [I am being somewhat facetious in even using the term ‘adults’, due to the rather immature behavior on the part of quite a few] saying it is ok to have the ‘end justify the means’ if it results in getting what one wants.  Well let’s see: if that is the overriding mantra that is being used to describe the motives of one or several communities, it does fall into line with the stereotype that the outside world has of said group. And when this happens and is repeated enough times, then it would become practically an article of faith. Or in some cases, can confirm that even if the Springer crowd were to somehow climb from under the sewer and manage to get into the mainstream, that they can do even more damage. As in that laws or oaths when taken before they are assigned to work do not mean anything, because they are above the law. However what is interesting if others were to do same, then there is not this rather strident defense of those folks. Almost as though George Orwell was right that in the ‘Animal Farm’ some animals are more equal than others. And if they are of the right hue, have gone to the right vet to have had the right amount of fur or other item augmentation and only eat at the swankiest of troughs, then they are lionized as though they were the second coming. This can make someone wonder….

RFLKRNEW990Now to some the above may seem a tad mean. Which was not so much the case as it is a commentary about what kind of an example we are setting for others. Especially those who are looking at this through the prisms of race, creed, colour, LGBT or any other part of the societal spectrum. And while no one here is perfect [Lord Knows I am not], there is a need for us…no matter what to set a better standard for others. A better and higher bar….almost like what was said in the very famous ‘Twilight Zone’ script ‘A Game of Pool’, written by George Clayton Johnson.  Rather than recapitulate the entire script here…..if you look it up online [YouTube has the complete version and it is available via Netflix], it is worth watching and taking notes. The life lessons in same are there for anybody….ANYBODY….to watch, learn and use.

So if one is wondering what will happen today….not a lot. Just chores and spending the time with TheRoyalBadnesses, as well as online sending out missives and mashnotes to ****. While this was being typed I did have Renaissance on the DVD player…giving the girls a play by play [not like what the late Marty Glickman would have done…..but still it was in his style *S*]. Of all things, my Marty walked out and was looking up from the catnip dish to see Jon Camp playing the ‘Great White’ on the screen [that is a Dick Knight/Rickenbacker hybrid bass…..and Jon is the one out there who can make that 4 stringed baby sing like no one else] and it gave me a chance to talk about the tour this was from. Rae was looking up to see the full band rip into their pieces. Yes….I have trained the kitties pretty darn well.


And we have now reached the end of this 54 years on the planet edition. Still it does not feel or look any different….as long as I still get carded at Target and Office Depot, I will be happy. So with that…..from the land of the colourtini…enjoy the words and thoughts as the pics fly through the air.


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