There are things which get better….and others one has to shake the head and wonder….WHY???

RFLKRNEW993It’s been another month and this is the time of year when again, as has been mentioned before this is that time of year when yours truly feels a little more needed and a little more than just, shall we say an observer in life. Which is to say the research picks up, the tutoring goes on….the smiles are on the face when someone does very well, or the research has confirmed the best possible outcome for someone. Yes, in that regard life is good.

Speaking of good….physically this has been an amazing time. While there is no way the body will ever be at 100% [and with age, on occassion…the odds of that happening are like the odds of Ford bringing back the Edsel], those times when I have to run for the bus have been good ones. Not feeling winded, not feeling anything close to that. Just that kind of ‘good tired’ that many of us get from a bit of exercise. Which of course means that all that happened as a result of the riot act, the diet and passing up on those wonderful purveyors of fast food which are nearby the flat have paid off. And that leads into that for some reason, I have lost my love…albeit temporarily…for pizza. This may have to do with a trip a few weeks ago to yon friendly convenience shop to get something as a change of pace for dinner, which lo and behold was not a good slice of pizza. Or even up to the level of what would have been something off of the menu of a 3rd rate shop in Brooklyn. Hence, for the time being….I may be staying away from that…aside from the issues about the salt content, etc.

RFLKRNEW992Another bit of good, even with the ongoing legal battle is that business has picked up. While I will grant that this statement could be seen as being somewhat ghoulish….and I do get that….it is now a matter of all of us insuring that even with that other issue…the legacy does go on. My sis has taken more of an active role in overseeing the day to day operations, we speak everyday, as I do with the oldest nephew. So as long as we do have more of a positive energy being the key force or M.O. of the place, then the legacy will continue. This should be getting a boost soon, due to the fact that some of those ‘missplaced’ records will show up at some point. When those are revealed, then all of us should be in a better position….and that will mean that the previous plans, which had to be delayed can move forward. Thank goodness…besides those clearances I have for music for the ads should still be in effect.

As for the other part of the title here, sometimes the motives, if not the insanity of human behavior escapes me. Be it from the issues with the egg donor [which to my mind and others makes the case for some folks to be given thorazine], or some of the musings or lack of logical same online. In the case of the former….that is going to be taken care of in it’s own time. A person cannot in any way, shape or form do the inordinate amount of evil deeds and harm to others and expect to get away with it long term, if only due to the fact that the universe has a nasty habit of getting even with someone. Whether one believes that or not, it is how things work out. It has happened with me, others I know of…hence….this person has one hell of a bill due for malevolence. The latter case from above is what, at times gets to me.

No way I am going to single anyone out here or blatantly vent. After all, **** in the nightly emails, as well as the cats are getting those anotated and unexpurgated versions of this. But what does bother me is that the lack of empathy, logic as well as the social disconnect seem to be in vogue. Almost to the point that if one is a part of the last letter in that alphabet soup social amalgamation of LBGT, then there is a need to socially selfish, egocentric….but to hell with the rest of the world. That is, unless the rest of the world bends to the view of what is becoming more and more at times a somewhat restrictive, as well as bullying group of persons. Before someone gets the wrong idea…no person in their right mind, least of all me….is going to say that one should not fight against what are injustices and imbalances in life. After all, there is a need for fairness. But when those fights become an issue of minimalizing the rights or struggles of others, so that those with an elitist or myopic view can prevail, there is something seriously wrong. Be it in the arenas of employment, education, healthcare, religion. You get the idea. There is not enough space in terrabytes to give the litany. It’s almost as though the ones who did complain about the bullying towards them as children have felt they need to get even with others as adults and if it means doing so in the arenas I mentioned above, then so be it. End justifies the means. Then again, it does not….many of us who understand that one axiom, that the end does not justify the method are practically left out of the conversation. In the same vein as heretics….

RFLKRNEW998None of this happend overnight and the cures for this are not going to be overnight either. While, to paraphrase a line from ‘Soylent Green’ about humans always being rotten…it seems to have accelerated in the past 2 generations. While some of this could possibly be rooted in the fact that they are also symptoms of some mental health issues [I am not, nor have I chosen to be a professional nor an expert in that field, so if you disagree with this fine. But it is based on what can be considered ‘informed observations’], some use other issues to mask or cloak same. So if someone does say that one has a possible mental disconnect, which is compounding the other issues, they are called ‘haters’ or ‘bigots’. Which accounts for the somewhat ‘ginger’ approach at times on this, even though it would help to have a frank and honest exchange about what is going on. That discussion would need to also bring in why there are divides based on race, creed, religion that seem to also cause some of these said same myopic types to again, be rather dismissive. ‘Dismissive’ barring that someone gives in to avoid a fight with a bully. And as long as there is a profit….economic or social [‘social’ being that cult of personality which feeds the ego even more than fuel injection does for a stock car], or the thinking that things happen only to one group which is to be coddled, yet if they happen to others, then they ‘deserve it’ …the situation may not change at all. Unless there is an epiphany….something like what Scrooge went through, but turbocharged on top of turbocharged, [Perhaps some tough talk from mental health professionals who are not afraid of the PC lobby may help as well….after all, this will take some stones to get people to think]

Enough of that for the time being. It is also getting to that time of year, when on the CD player I have an old Ren concert, featuring the Classic 5 lineup. It’s the WNEW Christmas show from 1976 and it makes me happy to hear them when for many of us, it was the music. From what I know through Facebook these days, there are still a few of us out there who feel the same way. Plus, it’s neat to hear one song in the concert ‘Touching Once’ featuring a sax riff for the ages.

And with that we close this one out. Before that…about the pics: I thought in some way I would revisit a set done a while back, but now there is a better overall take on same. More or less because the diet works….and that is still a good thing.

RFLKRNEW999So from the land of the colourtini……..til the next dispatch….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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