Good News….Powder Blues….Chiefs Red and Gold and the Moody Blues…

RFLKRNEW989 Let’s start off with the good in all of this. The first of those aforementioned papers arrived this past week. Well, at least the initial ones that were expected and as this is being typed, my sis is doing the research, The cross referencing to make sure not only are these still active, but if the accounts were consolidated into others. When I saw the preliminary list of this, one thing stood out, which were multiple accounts with one firm [whose name I will not mention out of discretion]. But I did mention to sis that if this is what I think it is, then the account was pretty well funded for a while.

Reason being is that the company in question was making some rather hefty investments in shopping malls at the time of the account creation. One in particular, I remember seeing their name on a pylon/girder plaque leading to an extension in same. Remembering this …..the lightbulbs went off. And then a few other bulbs went off, due to the fact that this company, along with the leading management firm in same were linked to several other stuctures throughout the US.  As such, it’s as though for all of the fights, disagreements that the old man had with sis and I, we were being looked after on the sly. Which also means, as has been related otherwise…he did not like the egg donor either. Plus assuming again that the preparation was the case…hell yes….sis, her kids, her grandkids and I were being looked after in advance. And of course stay tuned….

RFLKRNEW998Now about the Powder Blues: YES….Marty’s team won this past Sunday. For those who are wondering where the nickname of the jerseys come from, it has to do with the fact that years ago, the main color for the San Diego Chargers was a light blue. Something akin to the powder blue that would be in towels or even in the sky at times when the sun is really bright. Granted…they were playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are one of those organizations that is known for an inordinate amount of futility of late. Well, uh…futility is kind, but seeing this is a family operation….I will not use the other words for it. All in all, Marty was happy about this…

RFLKRNEW1001And then there was the fact that Rae’s Kansas City Chiefs won later on Sunday afternoon, against the Houston Texans, in front of the Arrowhead Nation, as well as about 60% of the public watching sports that afternoon.[Hence the Chiefs Red and Gold….or in this pic the red dress *S*] This also included the Portland market and it was worth yelling at the screen. Worth the nailbiting…and as I told **** after in email..more than worth watching, if only because that look on Rae’s face of her knowing the team won was precious. She was content and so were the 78,000 plus in the park. 7-0 is one heck of a feeling. Oh yes, I am still hoping before the time does run out that I can do that roadtrip so the kitties can see Arrowhead and the Murph.

Moodies5As for the Moodies…..I saw them this past Monday night and this was a major rarity. I wish that **** was here and we could have gone together, if only due to the fact was that this was something DIFFERENT for the Moody Blues. The opening song was ‘Gemini Dream’ which they opened the show for ‘Lond Distance Voyager’. BUT this was done with an EDGE. They came out HARD and for the fans. It was as though they were putting us all on notice that yes, they are progressive rockers, yes we work with and continue to do so with orchestras. But we can still rock with the best of them. And the crowd agreed, hanging on every note. The opening set was good….the second set….that rocked like mad. Several standing ovations, especially for their flautist, Norda Mullen, who is the equal, note for note of Ray Thomas.

Moodies2By the way, like what Renaissance has done and a few other prog bands, they are now running with two keyboardists. What was striking to me was that the rigging on stage left [in the pic, that is on the right] looks like what Jason Hart of Renaissance [and currently with Camel] is running at this point. Major comfort factor here…if only because this explained why the orchestral parts that were played on same was like what Jason has been doing for Ren on their recent tours.

During the standard closing for them….the place which was already going insane, went truly out of their minds in a positive vein. ‘Night….’, ‘Question’ and ‘Ride My SeeSaw’ still ring as good as they always have. It’s a shame that the show had to end. So what if there was no new material, that was and is way the heck beyond the point. They came, they played, they kicked some major gluteous max.

If there is something rather telling in this, which was a slight dose of how the world, well the US has more or less come apart was the overall blandness of the crowd. No, I do not mean in enthusiasm…far from that. It was that the Moodies have been about and always have had a major following from all stripes. Which made the last show I saw of theirs when I was living in NYC back in ’88 all the more special. Young, old, black, white….all creeds. That was heartening, wonderful and sufficiently blew the mind. So much so, this is one of those images that comes to mind when I hear others use the ‘D’ word and yet, put it as much in practice as let’s say Mike Ditka did good manners on the sidelines when he coached the Chicago Bears. Makes one wonder…really wonder. Then again, at times it seems as though that even going to a show like this could be considered a slightly revolutionary act, because…well it is not something that ‘the community’ does, unless it’s to be an ego trip of ‘look at me, etc’, which shows up in pics after the fact. I know, some of their fans who are not from the alphabet-soup contingent were doing same, but there is a difference between fandom and blatant ego gratification.[By the way….this is not a knock towards those who I am close to online. I would not trade the relationships I have with my close group of buds….as well as aunts and uncles to the kitties FOR ANYTHING. This is meant as a comment towards those adults who talk a good game, but sure as heck cannot in the least put it into practice or be called on same. That is without the argument back being some standard lines which seem to be parroted from a bad playbook. Even worse, these are adults…makes one wonder what is being passed on in the bloodline].

So yes Virginia [and ****] …there y’all have it. Getting the papers ,,,at least the intial ones has been worth the wait. Seeing the Chargers and Chiefs win with TheRoyalBadnesses was worth the screaming at the screen and the organic catnip being used after [BY THE CATS, NOT ME!!!!!] and it was worth going to the concert, seeing the Moody Blues rock out and put people on notice that they are STILL RELEVANT.


With that…..til next time…from the land of the colourtini…..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…..



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