Powder Blue Monday and other little things to ponder…

RFLKRNEW1016Yes, it was another Monday here. That being another one in the fall after the bachanalia of American Football that was on most of Sunday. In fact around this flat, it was a day for when it was ‘Breakfast with the Chiefs’, due to the fact that Rae’s favorite football team was on early in the morning here. [this is the beauty or the curse of living on the west coast of the US. As well as being in a secondary market which means TV doubleheaders each week of the season and by ‘secondary’ we are that for the NFC Seahawks and 49ers as well as for the AFC Raiders]. Marty’s team was on as well, so I had the smartphone tuned into the cast for that game.

Catfishing13While We were happy that the Chiefs went back to one of my former necks of the woods and defeated the Buffalo Bills, at the end of same, we were switched to the network cast of Marty’s Chargers playing the Washington Redskins. This was a nailbiter, but not in a good way. This had to do with some questionable [there are other words for this, but this blog is a family operation] calls in the last 1:40 of the 4th quarter by the Charger coach when the Bolts were in the ‘red zone’, but also a rather ugly call made in overtime that more likely led to the Chargers loss. It was then that I mentioned to Marty that yes, I am going to wear Charger Powder Blue on Monday to show support for her and her team. So that is why there is a preponderance of blue in this post [By the by, powder blue is one of three different top jerseys the Chargers have. The others are road white and dark navy blue…which would make sense seeing that their home town is also home to a very strong Us Navy presence; several bases and training facilities.  This goes with the pants which could be white, navy blue and classic yellowish orange with blue bolts down the side. Yes, wikipedia does list this as well, but at times even they can be short on their overall data].

Catfishing12As for Rae’s team, they are undefeated and this sets up a really great Sunday night match coming up on 11/17/13 at Denver. As I mentioned to ****, we are going to be doing a little primetime dinner for this, seeing the game was moved from 4PM EST to 8:30PM [NBC in the US, SKy Sports and others in the rest of the world]. Nothing big, just some healthy fan food, along with organic catnip for the kitties. If what is being planned seems weird, it is part of the sharing [or wanting to do same with the right person] of what goes on here…as in things that are beyond the bubble.

RFLKRNEW1007But enough about the bubble [besides, I will save my creative vitriol for another time. After all, life does not need to be so damn centered on that issue that the rest of the world does not matter. Sadly there are quite a few who are like that, but again will save that for another time]. The tutoring season is back on here and for that, I am really happy. If only because it is what I seem to do best and as has been said before, there is such a charge that comes from helping out. An even bigger one when the person gets a good grade and when this helps them with their educational CV, etc. Which is in a sense having a little bit of a legacy when they go on to their lives and successes. Being a part of that, even if it seems to be a minor part….is a truly great thing.

Speaking of sharing items….the other night on FB, there was a pic shared of the Annie Haslam and the late Michael Dunford of Renaissance, with Mickey flashing that smile of his. The pic was one of the last taken of him before his passing and seeing it reminded me of when I saw them in Rochester, NY all those years back. If you remember, I did post a couple links here to videos of that show because it was Jon Camp’s birthday. The one being shared here is of a song called ‘Jigsaw’ that was from the same album they were touring behind, that being ‘Camera Camera’.

What was so cool about this song and it may not be that apparent in the video, but from where we were sitting, while the intro for same was being played by Peter Gosling, Mickey had that smile going on. The knowing one of that this piece was one of the jewels of that album and of the evening. As the intro was reaching the beginning of the piece in full, that smile then became a purposefuly, pensive ccountenance as he attacked the opening guitar chords on his Adammas. The kitties have seen this video and in the process, I was able to tell them that how the band played that evening more than made up for the version of Frostbite Falls which was going on outside that evening.

Before closing this one out, I did put on the PC a late, live version of ‘Ashes Are Burning’ which had Rave Tesar and Tom Brislin on keyboards last night while winding down. Marty came out to the desk when Tom’s section of the solo came on and that was sweet to see. My cats love what Ren does and has done……what is even cooler at times is that they will recognize certain styles and come by the desk and couch to hang out when their fave parts of songs come on. Makes me wonder what would happen if they were my human daughters and we had a couple Yamaha’s, Roland’s, ARP’s, Casio’s, Hohner’s and others in the place. Hmmm….we could end up like the flat one of my cousins had where he had music and his axes all over the place. That WOULD be a pretty cool thing…..and progressive cats at that *S* 🙂

That is the latest dispatch from here. Nothing about anything from the ‘gang of 5’ this go round because, things have been quiet. If there is something to be said, it is that I do not have to get involved in the Ponzi scheme that has been touted by the current administration for healthcare. If there is anything that can be said about this poor excuse of government policy is that it could be compared to how the folks at the late, lamented and legendary ‘Crazy Eddie’ operated. But with one exception: ‘Crazy Eddie’ and their stores were are least honest enough to admit, in some slightly subversive ways…they were crooks. The fed….well they are not even willing to extend that level of candor.



And there you have it……til next time, from the land of the colourtini…..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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