An Oilchange with food for thought…..

RFLKRNEW987Ordinarily, when one has a followup examination with their doc [and in the case here, a member of the ‘gang of five’] it’s not really news, per se. After all, one is going in for a routine exam. Which here means checking the last blood work numbers to insure that the uric acid levels are low, that the creatinine numbers are not high, as well as making sure that the bones are not acting like the broken spine of a book. And yes, age has caught up with me [the physiological, not the mental] and there is a little crackling in the left thumb.

Now this is not a major cause for alarm. Wai mentioned this is going to happen, not much that can be done, barring cortisone shots and exercise. It is a part of the ‘maturing’ process and it just needs to be dealt with, outside of the aforementioned treatments.  With this said, there is something about the former listed that was sort of a ‘Cliff Richard Cue’ [thanks to Jon Camp for that term *S*] into a little discussion about a couple of medical urban legends. Which has to do with that funny, previously discussed in other posts from this desk cocktail of the HRT.

To be frank, it has been tried before under the auspices of my long ago previous internist, but because of some family issues, we were very careful about what was being done. So it was low dosage, the patch form of same…and a couple of minor in-jokes about ‘it would have been easier if your background was Nordic’. To some, this would be offensive…to me, it’s a matter of explaining that there are some rather scary issues that come into play due to ethnicity when one goes on the HRT [and mind you, this is when someone ‘elects’ to go on same. There is a difference between choosing to go on a medication which is not a necessity to live and breathe vis a vis if someone has high cholesterol and they are told that if they want to see the next year, they are told to take Lipitor or Carvedilol or Crestor. If that point is upsetting to you, then think of what happens when one is a drug addict and they make the choice to poison the system with a drug that is less needed for life and is more wanted for a ‘high’. Get the picture?? Plus in some cases, the HRT can hasten the feelings of depression or anxiety …but one needs to have a frank chat with their doc about the side effects…not doctor shop so that they are considered a part of the ‘in-crowd’…but,enough of the digression here]. So it was less of a dig at yours truly…it was something that needed to be mentioned, in that cardiovascular, weight, liver and even locomotive problems could arise.

As such Wai and I had another version of the above type chat, with the upshot being that if I were to…and while it can be couched in ‘choice’ the question would be:


That was the gist. And yes I did mention that in the email to **** last night, in that while it was a blunt and direct view of this, it makes sense. Considering that Steve the Cardio, my Iowa Bro already said something very similar, but in a more visceral vein [as well as the facial expression, which was akin to the ‘Nicholas Marshall’ character from the old CBS late night program ‘Dark Justice’], this made a hell of a lot of sense. Now if the ‘gang of five’ who know me and my medical record infinitely better than others who are pushing the urban legends about the cocktail utilizing a rather sick version of ‘groupthink’ [from the book ‘1984’ and one may want to read through same to see that ANY group or government can engage in the same type of behavior, especially if they say the end will justify a bullying and detrimental means], can say this with a level of authority that is legitimate and proven, then guess who I am going to listen to??? Yep….the ‘gang of five’ and even though the visits are not as commonplace, these folks have my best interests in the forefront.

Speaking of the:


department, apparently the clowns who are working on behalf of the egg donor have been at it again. This time it has to do with some of the trust funds being depleted or the info on same gone missing. In this case, though the ‘WTHWYT?’ question applies, something says that in time some may also be said. If only due to the fact that one can only commit levels of financial fraud and stupidity, as well as be financially rotten and despicable to relatives for so long before they will be called into account. My sis is taking the steps to make sure this happens, my oldest nephew and I, as well as one of our uncles is chiming in. The issue will be corrected, granted the time that has been spent trying to do so should allow after the fact to get things really on track.


And that’s another dispatch from here… til the next ‘oilchange’ or the Kansas City Chiefs get to 15-0….whichever comes first, from the land of the colourtini, enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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