Even with the denoument of the year pending, partially back to normal

RFLKRNEW1009Without putting a metaphorical or blatant time stamp on this post, yes..it is getting to be that time of year. In this household, for the past couple turns around the sun, it has meant that one of the kitties fave teams gets into that celebration of parity, which is the NFL playoffs [and in turn means that I have to purchase more and more organic catnip to keep things calm]. And outside of the flat, the season of greed has gotten into full swing. Of course this means that many of the stores have more mentions during the crime report section of the news than there are reruns of ‘COPS’ in some markets. [And here I stayed away from it, but did do something for the little ones…to be mentioned in a few].

Also this time of year means that there are a couple more visits with one of the ‘gang of five’ and an appointment to set up a procedure requested by same. I will not mention what that is, not happy about the prospects of it, although the point is going to be made, in rather graphic detail from this POV we are not going to do anything that is so invasive, that the nightmares will last for a while. There are different ways around this, different ways to treat and to remedy same, if need be. If there is something not too satisfying about this, there is always getting second or third opinions.

RFLKRNEW1007Now if the above results in yours truly being put on the DL for a while, that is fine. One of the few concessions to the ‘season of greed’ that was made on this end had to do with replacing the DVD player for the kitties and I. We have had a rather bad streak of luck with the multi-play units purchased via other means, so when the folks at the Kroger had a SSony for sale, single play which was cheap, it made sense to at the very least pick one up. [Plus there is the ulterior motive of making this place a little more inviting so that if at some point a certain human does make it this way…HINT HINT….then there will be this to help with the atmosphere]. Seeing we do have more than enough material to view and listen to, should I have to be home bound for a while, that will be there.

Even though I did feel better about the purchase making the home feel more like one [as if the smell of a little home cooking during the holiday did not do that already], there was still the feeling that the ‘season of greed’ that has come upon us has gotten more coarse. More visceral, less about what the time of year really does mean and more about the latest .5 upgrade to a game system, a phone or even a slightly different version of a particular doll. I know that us kids were a little different way back when …because even though we did have the toys for the indoors, we also went outside and played. In the winter, it was more two hand touch football out in the middle of the street, or bike riding on the asphalt coated with ice. Foolhardy, yes…..but yeah….it was pretty darn cool nonetheless. And yes if there were disagreements or heated discussions, those were handled in person, not via text or vicious picture representations.

What is worse, is that some of these habits, these items the younger generation sees as being worth using were learned from us. I know it has been said from here before, but this time of year, there needs to be a reminder, especially to those who say they have been maligned by others to not lower themselves to the bargain basement of discourse. The other term for that is ‘bullying’ and be it done by someone who is a juvenile or a person well beyond the minimum drinking age…it is still something that is unneeded. Doing so does not make one more important, more of a higher up in identity politics….be it based on race, gender, religion, gender expression, etc. What it does bring about is that the person doing so never matured, or let alone was ‘rewarded’ for not being mature. The meaning of ‘rewarded ‘ here has to do with having friends who are wanting to belong to an ‘in group’, even if said group is dead wrong in their points of view and actions. There is a twisted perk in being a part of something that gives a false sense of security, as well as ego gratification and any good in same rings about as hollow as a baseball bat that is about to be corked. As we all know, someone who has a bat along those lines, they ALWAYS get exposed for the cheaters that they are. The bullies and their minions, eventually due to their own actions will get their exposure as well. And when it happens, it will be longer than the longest shutter setting on an old Yashica film SLR.

RFLKRNEW1011Enough of trying to sound like a borderline, latter day Dickens here. That DVD player did get christened last night. There was only one way that could be done. With Renaissance…..from the ‘Classic 5’ era. It’s a DVD of their BBC ‘Sight and Sound’ concert, from around the time of the release of ‘Novella’ . This was fitting….and after the fact that sadly the Chiefs and Chargers losses on Sunday….it helped to calm the kitties down *S*  Here below is snippet from same…the opening track from the show being ‘Carpet of the Sun’:





RFLKRNEW1013With that….til next time, be it after the appointment on 12/10 or the turn of the New Year….Happy Holidays and from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air….


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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