Longhair, Herr Undichtlieber lives and Maybe Getting additional work done…

RFLKRNEW987For one I have not lost my mind with that title. This is a nod to **** seeing that a while back, she had written a blog post with puns about the lousy weather across the pond, as well as other items. I did promise to try my hand at doing a little of same, so there is that little bridge between the long hair and ‘Herr’. Get it?? But for those who are not….shall we say… ‘hip to the jive’, allow me to explain…

The ‘longhair’ has to do with the fact that I wanted to go long because of the cold weather[altough for some, it could also mean those books that seemed to have been written by prehistoric geeks. Or a reference to an old WB cartoon featuring Foghorn Leghorn…and yes, that achracter had a problem with geeks and wiseguys…that one is for another time]. In addition to the fact that it helps me feel a little bit better about being carded when I am either at the doc’s or at Target, it’s just a look that flatters. This is one of the beautiful things about learning from the folks I have become very close to on Facebook over the past few months. That is a pretty darn cool place to be, as opposed to others being rather snarky about the length or color not fitting in because of some rather odd, if not somewhat narrow view of style or other items for that matter. But enough of that, the cold weather made this a wise choice and my mood overall was good as a result walking into the Oregon Clinic Offices.

I have become very very familiar with this building because it is not only where Steve the Cardio practiced before opening the new Providence practice in Oregon City, as well as being across the street from where Courtney has her office…but it is on the way to yon local Kroger. So I know this place like the back of my hand and it helped with walking in, getting the ID taken care of and other nice little issues. Then came the screening/exam. This was done by an LPN named Mary who was as professional as she was honest about…well….what could be done. Done as in as a gastrointerological exam. Yeah……that type. Something which many of us are not happy hearing about, let alone be in the process of getting. I was trying, hoping, wanting to see if they had the newer type that is being used for the upper GI. As in a capsule. If one remembers an old episode of ‘The Jetsons’ where the capsule was voiced by Mel Blanc making it sound like ‘Marvin The Martian’…then you understand what I wanted. But this is not being done and worse of all…..insurance will not cover it. Well let me rephrase, they will not cover it unless it done in conjunction with ______. And that brings us to where I wanted to speak with one of the surgeons there about if there was a way this could happen.

This is where the ‘Herr’ comes in. While I forgot his name, I will remember his voice for YEARS. WHY???????? It’s because his voice, accent and pattern bore an incredible resembelance to that of the main character in ‘Dr Strangelove’. This was a shocker. He did explain the options again, although I did expect him to say:


Which if he did, I would have been in tears laughing and close to scared. Nothing was scheduled and I did tell the nurse and the doc that I will speak with Courtney about this soon enough and make a decision. And while it is true that when one gets past a certain age, these types of things are recommended, I am still a tad shy about wanting to have this work done. The prep for same is something that would even give the most hardened of folks wince and run away.

RFLKRNEW856There is something else here that was a major surprise. ‘The Issue’ was not a big deal. Far from it. As in 1/xyz not a big deal. This is a major break…but not unexpected. After all, they know me, they know the record and I do not walk into any of the doc’s offices saying:

‘woe is me, I am not on the cocktail…have mercy on me and please write out a script for same so I can be on the way to being whole’.

if only due to this. If one has been through all that has happened here in the past 5-6 years, the last thing one is going to do is foul up the good that has happened. After all, there is not just a lot of money that has been invested in this, there has been time, effort and concern. And I have too much respect for the members of the ‘gang of 5’ to do anything detrimental or to lay what they have done to waste. Plus….living FT without the benefit of ______ it is not a bad thing. It’s nice to know that one is doing so, without the remorse, regret or for that matter the questioning about if ‘the final cut’ was or was not the right thing.

In some way, shape or form….that last sentence brings into the conversation music. Progressive Rock Music. Yes, I did reference Pink Floyd and that last collection of work written by Roger Waters could also be apt for other reasons, even though it was about the state of England in the years after WWII [secondary title was ‘A Requiem for the Post War Dream’]. However, the progressive music I want to bring into this is ….again….Renaissance. It has to do with the following [and if you are following me on Facebook, you know the story….and the cats insisted I mention this because…they were happy their mom was able to find another person who digs this type of rock]:

Here’s one to put a smile on the face of the progressive rock fans on the list…

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that one of the folks over at the Kroger and I had a chat about music and concert which in the course of same, she mentioned she had heard of Renaissance. Nope there was no prodding in this, she had heard of my fave band. So a few nights later during another errand run, I gave her a few CD’s of their material….spanning the ‘Classic 5 ‘ era to the newest, being ‘Grendine Il Vento’ . With a few live concerts thrown in, including the Carnegie Hall show with the New York Philharmonic and the Beacon Theater concert from the mid 80’s [that was the one I took my sis to and it was a night of greatest hits, as well as fantastic musicianship].

When I ran into my friend this evening, she mentioned she loved the music. As well as having that smile. If you are a Ren fan and went to their shows, you know this smile. It’s one of ‘Hell Yes, this is some seriously beautiful material’. And this means too…..heck yes….there is another fan on this coast *S*

Seeing the classic era was just discussed, here is another from the ‘Sight and Sound’ program called ‘Touching Once’. It comes from ‘Novella’ and there are several versions floating around, including one with an amazing sax chart on it, from the WNEW-FM Christmas Show from 1976 [which I would love to get a video version of]. So once again here are Annie Haslam, Jon Camp Michael Dunford, John Tout and Terence Sullivan…with another reason why there are folks who see the band have the look that says ‘WOW FACTOR’


And with that…til next year or another ‘oilchange’ [whichever comes first]….I do apologize for the puns [after all **** set that standard on, so this is sort of like a ‘call and response’ *S*].Once again….from the land of the colourtini…..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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