The 42% Solution and other events….[a post before the end of the year]

RFLKRNEW1009Something says one is looking at the title and thinking that yours truly has actually gone a tad overboard. Or had spent a little too much time watching items on Netflix or BBC America, if only due to the title of this dispatch has the ring of a somewhat obscure ‘Sherlock Holmes’ novel and movie. That being ‘The Seven Per Cent  Solution’  [featuring the great detective working with Sigmund Freud ….with Freud aiding Holmes in curing his substance abuse issue. An odd concept, but a tad thought provoking….the novel for same having been written by one of my favorite writers and film directors, Nicholas Meyer]  and in this case, this has to do with the visit to Todd the nephrologist on 11/26/13. One has to wonder why one would want to go out on a day which is the other side of the infamous coin, known in retail as ‘Black Friday’. However, amazingly enough that part was peaceful. Then again, too….a 3:30PM appointment will do that.

In any event, the title also refers to the current state of the kidneys. That number or even 41% is the best that can be hoped for, in the restoration of filtering function. Considering all that has happened and how we got to this point [and if you have been following along like I hope **** has, then you know that this has not been a easy thing to achieve] this actually is not a bad thing.  This supplementary problem to the one with the heart, as well as the gout is at bay, it signaled as well that the diet has and is still working. Thank goodness…and the number is about 209 lbs there. Pretty darn amazing considering too all that has been going on.  But that is a credit to several things…

RFLKRNEW976One of which being just sticking to the list [be it the memorized one from all the trips to the Kroger or Safeway] or the one that I have written out for same. To be honest, there are times when at the market, I do find myself looking at an item, reading the calorie count, as well as the levels of Sodium and sugars and saying: ‘hell no, this is not something I am going to get near’ and it has worked. Yes, there have been a few momentary lapses into the very old patterns, but is only a guilty pleasure that lasts for that evening and then….it’s back to the strict litany. This goes along with being around really positive folks where there is a dialog that seems to be more centered on being somewhat more mired in the malaise or the ongoing funk that has been mentioned in this space via several posts , vis a vis seeing that these issues pale in comparison to those of others where the daily struggle is not about an optional chemical cocktail [not being short on this…but compared with blood pressure or uric acid lowering medication which are needed for the basic functions to operate, among others…yes it’s an optional deal]or which hyper-revealing outfit to wear to a club or setting that is about as well lit as a subway tunnel in the middle of a blackout. For those in that regard..other parts of the world, it’s an issue of trying to get to the next day, worrying if there are enough resources just for  a simple existence.  Not trying to say via a long, compound sentence that all are like that…there are a few folks who operate in real time and real space and deal with the real world and that is a major credit. But there is something akin to a cloud crossed with the big white blob from ‘The Prisoner’ [look it up in Wikipedia or otherwise online. CBS imported this program  back in the 70’s, which was about a spy trapped in a world that even Kafka would have to say ‘WHOA!!!!’] that many seem to want to be a part of.  Commonality is a great thing because it can…in theory…bring people together, but it can hinder progress of the person involved, if they want to be able to look above ground. Long story short, a positive atmosphere does help, as do positive people who know that who you are is 1/xxx of whatever the hell is going on.

Speaking of hell going on, the situation with the family business has taken on a taint what would be more apt to be seen on a higher, intellectually toned version of the talk show ghetto that does exist on weekday TV in the US. For one, due to some other issues….the court case about the estate has been pushed down the road. More like the NYS Thruway. At some point, the attorneys will need to have their end financially covered, which will allow for that to proceed. This is assuming that the visceral and ugly level of bullying of the one person who was keeping the place going…that person being my oldest nephew…ends. Lord knows why his mother-my sister…along with my niece and the egg donor have launched into this very ugly campaign of smearing, attacks, threats, illogical actions and schoolyard tactics. There is something about a bad spirit corrupting even those who are trying to do the right thing. And they are corrupted either due to their belief that the end on this will justify the means [Sidebar – this is close to the same level of behavior that some LGBT people or even those who are involved in ethnic or religious identity issues. Either bullying others or lying is seen as a correct and righteous tactic if it results in a ‘positive end’. That is something that does not work long term, in fact it calls into question the maturity of those who want to engage in same, seeing that they will have make by proxy, a list of enemies about as long as the list of persons who have played 3rd base for the Mets or the number of changes that the Chicago White Sox have had to their uniforms since they joined the American League of Baseball]. What they fail to understand is that others are watching and should the shop that the old man started and wanted to keep going passes on before it’s time, those vultures will fly high.

RFLKRNEW978If what was mentioned in the last paragraph seems to be a little on the dire side, it is. And one would have hoped that because of the history of ‘minority operated or owned’ businesses in the US is what it is that none of this would be going on. Since these records started being kept in the last century, less than 50% of those in the US make it past the first generation of operation. After that, much less than half of the remaining number survive. Should one think this is hyperbole, here’s a task to verify the information: if one has access to the libraries of the best business schools in the US….be they Columbia, Wharton, Harvard, NYU or even those in the better state run systems and read through the statistical data and stratum that does exist about business start ups, as well as those who created same and then their overall longevity. You will see, in some rather ugly detail that this is somewhat more common than others are willing to admit or will lie about in order to ‘keep the idea going’ about this not being true. It is though, that is the fact. Indisputable and in black and white, pardon the pun.   Considering that my sis does understand that, why she has turned to the dark side and become an embalming version of Darth Vader is beyond me. One has to hope she does wake up and see that the true puppet master on this has been causing problems in the family for YEARS. If the alarm clock goes off on time, then yes…..things can be reversed.

Well that is about it for now. I did forget to mention in the positive attitude department that the cats as well as music helps. As has been said before, that combination is great….and the fact that Rae and Marty love Renaissance as much as I do….heck that makes the day [this goes hand in hand with their love of football as well *S*]. But if they ever do make it out this way on a tour, it would be difficult to get TheRoyalBadnesses tickets. Still, they share quite a few of my interests and that is a beautiful thing.


Yes, that is it for now. The next post will be next year…..and here’s hoping that it’s a darn sight better than the previous. So til then, from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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