To start the year…..a good ‘oilchange’ and ‘208’ is not a bad number either….

RFLKRNEW1021If one is wondering about the pic at the left, as well as the title…..this has to do with a couple issues. The pic is to show support for the junior partner’s fave football team, the San Diego Chargers. During the last weekend of the NFL season, Marty’s Bolts beat Rae’s Kansas City Chiefs in overtime to get into the playoffs and that is not a bad thing in the least. Although, here in the flat it was touch and go during that game, because if the Chargers did not get into the playoffs…the NFL version of the ‘big dance’, then the local urgent care clinic would have been the next call. And the top is in navy blue, a Charger alternate color. If one looks at the team page or over at Wikipedia, they would see the Bolts do have 3 different jersey tops, 3 different types of pants and 3 different helmets. At the risk of showing my age, this is no different than what the Pittsburgh Pirates had during the 70’s. In effect, like the Bucs, the Chargers have technically 27 different combinations and can go over 1 1/2 seasons and not wear the same combo 2x. Of course these little facts are not why y’all are reading…however…you can share them during the next poker game [or if you are **** and you are reading this, in the office. Besides, I am more than someone who will speak on and on about Renaissance, the cats and what goes on during those abnormal psychology grad courses, also known as trips to the Kroger *S*]

However, enough of that for the time being. The last ‘oilchange’ of the year yielded a consistent result. That being a 2.24 creatinine level. While this may not mean much to anyone else here, barring they have gone through with someone or are themselves dealing with renal failure….this actually is a good thing. It means that the kidneys, which while they are damaged are still working. Putting up one hell of a fight to be blunt. Also while the failure is still at a [and once again, this is dependent on who’s scale one is using] a high level 2 / low level 3…the filters have not gotten worse. For that I am extremely happy, even with the fact this news came over the phone in a message that was a tad on the cryptic side. However, if one does their research and does know how to translate from medical speak to standard parlance, then they are able to get the overall gist.  So the New Year’s Eve mini ‘Twilight Zone’ marathon the kitties and I had here on DVD was more like a quiet celebration as a result.

RFLKRNEW1022As for the mention of ‘208’ this has to do with the weight. Yes, you read that right and compared with what it was last year, when I was shooting for less than 198 and came a little close, this is not bad. I realize too, that much like the debate about hair or eye color in some places [Biology lesson time again folks: thanks to that wonderful chemical known as ‘DNA’ and those funny initials that make that up otherwise…A,T,G and C along with their peptide bonds, these are resident in all humans. It depends on circumstances during the pregnancy period as to how things match up, etc, with the end result being arrived at the usual way. The rest of this in some detail will happen in this space at another time….but the general idea is there], the weight one is another that causes considerable rancor. In the case here and those who are loyal readers [HINT HINT HINT] then you know that when Steve the cardio read the riot act, I listened. It was not easy and during the holidays, the temptations to forgo the diet are omnipresent. But….because of that exam and bloodwork with Todd, I wanted the numbers to be clean, as well as the weight to be down.  Plus, there has been an investment over time in outfits and tops that now really flatter due to same. Again this is not to brag…..far from it and if anyone took this as same, I am sorry…that was not the intent. But this being down and stable…like the creatinine….means I may be around for a little while longer. As well as having to be able to have a visage that says something about being confident, vis a vis what seems to be more present in media than anything else. As in the cartoonish, out of control one that says the kg/lbs are high, but the IQ’s are low….if you see what is meant. [And if one is offended by that, it was not meant to be that offensive. It is that in this flat, in this life here….that does not work due to what can result over the long term as a result of not keeping things in a healthy status. Especially if there has been an investment in time and effort in same by others, more like initially strangers who actually give a damn].

RFLKRNEW1022So with that being the beginning of the year, along with the Chiefs and Chargers both making it to the dance, it would seem things are on the upswing. One can hope. The current situation back east took a rather dark, sinister and sickening term thanks to someone trying to play Perry Mason, without realizing they are really acting like a low rent Dan Fielding. Yes, those are TV lawyer references, but in this case they make sense. Sadder still, is the pettiness that has arisen out of this on the parts of those who want to keep things hidden and blame the issues at the shop on those who actually were helping to bring more business in. If that makes sense to you, please clue me, my cats, my oldest nephew and others who are doing the right thing in this on what the rhyme and reason is in this insanity. If only because, sure as heck….we cannot figure why some people are acting this way, barring they were absorbed by a blob of ignorance and greed that would have been at home on a n episode of ‘The Prisoner’ [kids, on that reference….really ask your parents. It’s one that even took me close to 20 years to figure out what it meant…and some adults from that same generation are hardcore fans of the CBS/ITC  program and have a better handle on the meanings in same than I, as well as getting to that much sooner].

Before calling this one to an end, something to consider from a post before NYE arrived [and this was on my FB wall]:

“Happy New Year again all….and something to consider for the next 365.

A while back, there was a documentary on HBO about someone who to this day, I still hold in very high esteem for many, many reasons. One of those was related by someone who worked for him and this has to do what what was said on day one:

‘Gentlemen, we are going to relentlessly ……and I mean RELENTLESSLY pursue perfection. We will never achieve perfection, but along the way, we will achieve excellence’

The person who related this story was Bart Starr. The man who made the statement was Vince Lombardi. What he said was and is true in any walk of life and means even more when one knows what Vince’s background was. And unlike those who were his coaching colleagues on other teams….and even compared to those in other lines of work/sectors of society…Vince did not put a qualifier as to who was acceptable on the Packers [or even the Redskins that one year], based upon a societal construct or for that matter, social pressure brought to reward a select few. If one was willing to work hard and was a good person and treated their fellow person, not just in the locker room or the field, but also in their community with dignity and respect….Vince was their strongest ally. Along the way, he did teach them the above lesson…which is something anyone can relate to. One has to wish that others who have developed a myopic, semi-Orwellian based focus as mentioned in his second most famous book, would learn this lesson from a Brooklyn Original as well.”

So there you have it……some of the above not being a  bad way to start the new year. Yes after the playoffs, there will be pics with the jersey color of the team that the kitties root for that advanced. While I have a sense of who that would be, at least let’s let Marty and her Chargers have their moment in the sun.


So til the next dispatch……….from the land of the colourtini…..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air….



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